The Internet Continues To Fix Skyrim: Mod Compilation #2

Mod: Undying Companions
Rating: Recommended
Why you want it: Your companions in Skyrim have a nasty tendency to get accidentally killed by you, resulting in an annoying reload of a save.  This mod marks them as "essential," making them much harder to kill.
Why you may not want it: While quite a few companions are covered, not all of them are, and you will need to disable this mod if you're doing some quest that requires you kill a companion.  Also, certain mods you may already be using, such as Epic Endeavors, will have already done this for you.

Mod: Exalted Magic - Indefinite Buffs
Rating: Recommended
Why you want it: Use this instead of the competing mod, Invested Magic, to allow certain buffs to last for a long time without need for recasting them.  Unlike Invested Magic, there's not all that extra junk tacked on, such as destruction spell balance changes and extra perk(s).  (It may also not have the Muffle bug, but this is unconfirmed: I think there's something about Muffle that is throwing mod creators off.)
Why you may not want it: Unlike Invested Magic's slick "cast once to activate, cast again to deactivate" mechanic, you need to use a custom spell to remove your toggled on spells.  Of course, if you prefer this mechanic, it may be a plus instead of a minus. 

Mod: Cheap Wards
Rating: Optional
Why you want it: In vanilla Skyrim, the ward spells are meant to be shields against magic, but their default costs are so high that they're more effective at draining you of mana than they are protecting you.  This mod significantly reduces the cost of the wards without making them completely free, allowing you ample time to charge up a ward for use against hostile mages.
Why you may not want it: Of course, if you're of a mindset that wards should be prohibitively expensive to use, by all means pass on this mod. 

Mod: Follower Trap Safety
Rating: Highly Recommended
Why you want it: Your companions in Skyrim are generally too stupid to avoid setting off traps, resulting in hilarious accidents that become considerably less funny when you are caught in the trap with them.  AI is hard to code right, so this mod does the next best thing: makes it so companions are simply unable to set off traps.
Why you may not want it: Schadenfreude. 

Mod: Longer Blessings
Rating: Highly Recommended
Why you want it: Shrine buffs are so short that you hardly get any benefit out of them.  This decreases your Dovakiin's divine obligation to visit shrines to once a week.  It also fixes a glitch with the description of Talos's shrine buff.
Why you may not want it: Role-playing excessive piety. 

Mod: Artifact Balance Overhaul
Rating: Highly Recommended
Why you want it: It seems the Skyrim developers were oblivious to the idea that the loot from completing long and arduous quests should be superior to any old junk a master enchanter can cram a soulstone in.  This mod addresses that by making artifacts seem truly artifact-like.
Why you may not want it: Sheer enchanter craftsman's pride. 

Mod: Enchantment Balance Overhaul
Rating: Highly Recommended
Why you want it: Free-casting spells with a -100% mana reduction is rather boring, removing the excitement of casting magic.  Adding insult to injury, those end-game spells are rather weak.  This mod kills two birds with one stone by switching the mana-reduction enchantment with a fortify effect enchantment, meaning those destruction spells will be cast at less discounted cost but far greater potency with the right gear, essentially allowing enchantment to do for spells what smithing does for weapons.  It also adds a number of additional enchantment effects.  This is considered a "sister mod" to the Artifact Balance Overhaul, so the newly balanced artifacts will not be unbalanced by this.
Why you may not want it: If you prefer enchanting exactly as it is.  (Rather broken.) 

Mod: Lightweight Potions And Poisons
Rating: Optional
Why you want it: Potions have a sneaky tendency to accumulate, completely obliterating your inventory space and leaving you to wonder where it all went.  This mod makes them all weigh 0.1, allowing you to carry far more before you feel the pinch.
Why you may not want it: Many balance advocates would say that the weight of potions is supposed to be the cost of having their benefit.  Personally, I'm of a mind that obtaining them is all the cost you need, as any character that leans over-hard on potions for support will be consuming them at a rapid rate.


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