Hardcore Minecraft Adventure Log 5-4-12

The earlier started games today (some in the wee hours before I hit the sack) ended mostly in testing phases (to discover how to restore the spawns as discussed in the last entry).  One of them ended to a Milleniare bug: the Japanese village I was assisting failed to save properly and went inactive.  I decided (unfortunately after deleting that saved game) that if that happens again I'll just ignore it and find another settlement, trying to remove the broken one with a wand of negation if I find it.

This last game I prepared to be quite epic by taking a full two game days to survey a large continent, finding about eight Milleniare villages (four of them in the same hamlet) before claiming an abandoned fort for my own.  Things were going pretty swimmingly. I had set up a Thaumcraft crucible and infuser in a tainted area simply to get myself those nice Boots of Striding.  I had found a great tunnel leading far down.  I had found several stacks of redstone.  I spent quite a bit of time reinforcing my fort defenses with a moat.  About the only thing I still needed to get my hands on was gold, diamonds, and glowstone.

I lost it all trying to find the gold and diamonds because I stupidly dug down to get at iron vein and fell into lava.  Surrounded on all sides by two block deep stone, I panicked in my mad scramble to get out.  I should have tried dropping something beneath me - perhaps the very iron vein blocks I was mining.  Instead, I poured the water out of my bucket somewhere, wasting it somehow.

Lava is surely the deadliest thing in the game, at least as far as my play skills are concerned.  I think easily over half of my hardcore games end that way.  It's reached the point where I'm quite paranoid about it, dumping my water bucket on every single bit of exposed lava I see.  If I could reinforce that paranoia to realize that digging through stone when I can hear lava is risky business, my odds of survival would increase dramatically.

I've had enough Minecraft for one day.  I think I'll give Starfarer a spin.


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