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Invadvertant Beta Testing In Minecraftia

Starfarer was fun.  However, it's still rather in the alpha version.  While the combat is very solid, there's not a whole lot to do in the current version other than scenarios, piracy in the open-ended mode, or try out some mods.  I've decided to put the game on hold for new versions to come out so that I don't burn out from it too early.

So it was that I promptly went back to playing my choice of single player Minecraft mods... granted, while I say "playing," I think it's more accurate to say that I was beta testing the newer versions of these mods I've been trying to use.

This most recent version of Thaumcraft (2.1.4) is reasonably well behaved, but there may be some rare glitches involving tainted auras spreading and repairing enchanted items. 

I've isolated that I can get the vanilla hostile mobs in Better Dungeons' to spawn right if I use version 093_3 or earlier.  This is good because it's a fun mod to use.

Millenaire (2.7) is the one that has caused me to restart my games the most from sheer glitches.  The main trouble is that I may have decided to assist a local settlement, only to have it die and go "inactive" because of some kind of file input/output error possibly related to the lag spikes the mod causes.  This, of course, invalidates all the effort I invested in that game.

I was beginning to suspect my hard drive might have been causing some problems, so I got rid of my software striped drive mode and went back to having two basic drives.  (I'd have done software mirroring but it seems Microsoft wants me to spend $80 upgrading windows to get that - harrumph, I guess I'll just backup my files to the other drive, instead.)  This did not fix the problem, but I suppose I'm probably better off without worrying about that additional software overhead anyway.

Recently, it seems I've been able to get Millenaire to behave.  The key was one (or both) of two things.  First, I told Microsoft Security Essentials to stop snooping around my Minecraft folder, which hopefully will prevent files from being locked up at critical times.  Second, (and, I would hypothesize, most likely) I save my game at the first sign of lag and reload it.  Upon reload, this seems to clear up the lag issues Millenaire generates.  However, it could just be I was lucky.

I'm doing without Mo' Creatures for now.  The spawn issues created by Better Dungeons soured me on the idea of tampering with the natural spawn tables.  While Mo' Creatures was ultimately not responsible for the vanishing night spawns, I did notice that it seems to have removed hostile vanilla mobs pawns entirely in some biomes such as the plains.  I also don't like the inventory bloat introduced by crocodile skins, snake eggs, big cat teeth, and so on.  I'll miss the larger variety of aquatic creatures, but that's about it.

I ran into the Millenaire "Hall Of Fame" (e.g. the Pantheon) several times over the last few days.  It's a glorious building, but it really does not belong in hardcore mode, as it's just too tempting to raid it for easy iron and gold.  Thus, the very presence of this building was cause for me to restart my game once.  Fortunately, I found I can disable it by deleting pantheon.txt from the Norman standalone structures.

Minecolony has finally had its Minecraft 1.2.5 release.  I gave it a spin and I have to say that this build (rc19) is remarkably solid.  My only complaint is that the pathing is a bit stupider, but it's also faster, and you can now help streamline pathing by laying gravel roads that the villagers will prefer.  The barracks were probably not intended to be in this build, as they're somewhat incomplete.  Aside from that, it works great.

Nonetheless, I'm thinking I may have to pass Minecolony up again for the reasons I mentioned before.  Millenaire is more what I'm looking for, as it puts the player in the position of being an outsider who can't just take everything he wants from a village (at least, not without a fight) while making the villagers more self-sufficient.

I had to start over my games a lot lately.  In some cases, it was due to dying in hardcode mode (most of the time due to that goddamn lava).  However, a larger number of times it was due to the bugs from these most recent versions of the mods I've been playing lately.  The constant restarts are starting to get mixed up in my head, and it's hard for me to really feel immersed or into Minecraft right now.  I might just take and break and do something else for awhile.
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