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Caught Between Warring Guilds And Natural Selection

Procrastination is in the air.  No progress is being made on my creative endeavors for the past two or three days, and I've a lawn to mow today that, as 1pm, I've thus far failed to start.  I haven't even bothered to get myself a morning meal yet.  But, first, I'm taking a couple comments I made on Rock Paper Shotgun and posting them here on my blog.  Because they're my comments, and this is my blog.  So there.

First, about Guild Wars 2. A TotalBisquit impression video followed by my RPS comment.

I concur [with the original RPS article] that here’s a game that somehow manages to captivate even a repeat MMO burnout like myself. That’s no mean feat. How does it do it? Well, off the top of my head, It’s just different enough to be interesting:
No big massive variety of redundant abilities, instead a small selection of useful abilities that change depending on what your character is holding (sometimes current weapons/shield, other times you’re holding some kin…

Regarding Imitation Versus Motivation

Immediately upon embarking into my bold claims to not be so very bold via imitation, I encountered more trouble in that it's harder to make a game the way I wouldn't normally make it.

It's the trouble with blind opposition coming to resemble the converse of whatever it is that they are opposing; an opposing idea is an idea even further distanced from reality than the original idea by being one more idea removed from reality.  Reality -> Idea based on reality -> Idea based on opposing the idea based on reality.

Consequently, the more you think about a thing, the crazier you get via having distanced yourself from reality all the more.  Sometimes, this results in tragedy.  Other times, this results in the great inventions of our age.  Are you a scientist or a madman?  Whatever artifact your toils produce will convince people which you are.  Or, like me, you can produce nothing at all, and be a typical, everyday, boring failure.

In terms of the game I know I want to make…

Regarding Reinventing The Wheel

I'm a hardcore PC gamer of the, "You can have my mouse and keyboard when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands" variety.

However, I'm sick of clones.  No, that's not accurate, because I was sick of clones when I played perhaps the second or third clone of a particular genre and I've probably exposed myself to dozens of clones.  So it's more like I'm sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick of clones, give or take a few sicks.

That's a lot of sickness.  Thus, my primary motivation when designing my own games is to avoid cloning previous games in order to give myself something different to play.

In short, I decided my design methodology would be to reinvent the wheel.
 Reinventing the wheel is hard.   But this you knew.  What might be surprising is to explain why it's been hard for me:

It's not because I can't come up with something different.  True, when I'm experimenting with game …

What To Do While Lusting Over FTL

Ugh, it's the bad old days right now.  I'm thoroughly dispossessed about what I want to play and meanwhile seem to be fighting a bit of a cold that makes me just want to lay down.

Given my general fuge, I ended up blowing all my entertainment dollar on games I may not even play.

The Secret World - I still think this is an alright game - I particularly like the contemporary setting - but I have to say that the combat mechanic has worn thin.  The main problem is that the nine different weapon types don't feel all that distinct.  Since they're not distinct, I really can't decide between them.  Since I can't decide between them, my progress in the game has been stymied.  Having not exactly burned out from the game, I could try to exhaust the content before my first month of subscription is up or I could just come back later after spending $15 for a month.

Awesomenauts- TotalBiscuit highly recommended this game on the grounds that it's just plain fun, and if that …

The Final Frontier In PC Gaming

1000 channels and not a thing to watch.  This is a fairly apt comparison to the situation I find myself in now: plenty of games to play, but not a single game appeals to me much.  Times like this, I wonder if I aught to be doing something productive.  Which brings me back to game development as opposed to game playing.

My efforts in BYOND have been stymied.  The free development suite has a lot going for it because it takes me about 3/4ths as far as I need to go in order to have a cool persistent state online game before I even write the first line of code.  BYOND may not be the most popular suite out there - indeed, for some reason it seems fated to remain rather obscure - but I don't brook a lot of importance on popularity anyway.  No, what stymied me the most about BYOND is that I reached a point where I wanted to develop a game that had several maps that are swapped out rapidly - such is necessary to simulate a compellingly large universe - and I encountered a Input/Output err…