What To Do While Lusting Over FTL

Ugh, it's the bad old days right now.  I'm thoroughly dispossessed about what I want to play and meanwhile seem to be fighting a bit of a cold that makes me just want to lay down.

Given my general fuge, I ended up blowing all my entertainment dollar on games I may not even play.

The Secret World - I still think this is an alright game - I particularly like the contemporary setting - but I have to say that the combat mechanic has worn thin.  The main problem is that the nine different weapon types don't feel all that distinct.  Since they're not distinct, I really can't decide between them.  Since I can't decide between them, my progress in the game has been stymied.  Having not exactly burned out from the game, I could try to exhaust the content before my first month of subscription is up or I could just come back later after spending $15 for a month.

Awesomenauts - TotalBiscuit highly recommended this game on the grounds that it's just plain fun, and if that isn't a reason to play a game, what is?  Well, it turns out that I like a bit more depth, too.  At only $13 (including tax and the sound track) it was not a bad gamble, although it was just enough to stop me from being able to afford pre-ordering Natural Selection 2 or getting Endless Space, either of which would have made more of an impact on me.

Elder Scrolls IV: Dawnguard DLC - Having taken a few weeks off from the Skyrim, it's fresh enough that I could try to give it another run.  So I bought Dawnguard, despite Rock Paper Shotgun finding it doesn't quite take advantage of its potential.  I'm starting a brand new character and ditching most of my plugins in hopes I'll avoid a conflict with this expansion.  Basically, this expansion adds a slew of new stuff (weapons, creatures, quests, spells, shouts, two supernatural skill trees, and more) and really, that's enough for me.  Would have been better if I had waited for it to come on sale, but hey, $20 is still less than half the price of what I paid for The Secret World. 

Well, that brings my entertainment dollar down to the bottom of the barrel.  It's time to pinch my pennies and save up for FTL, which is due out in a month or two.  I'm betting it'll cost $10-20.  Really, considering how successful the kickstarter was, the guy should just give the game away for free!   (There's one kickstarter I wish I had participated in, as I can no longer buy into the beta test.)

But what is FTL?  FTL (short for "Faster Than Light") is a really cool looking starship simulator that has neatly pulled it off.  Not since PSI 5 Trading Company have I seen another starship simulator that pulled off a convincing narrative behind simply piloting a starship.  That it has a roguelike focus to its content generation just makes the whole thing that much cooler.

How much am I looking forward to FTL?  When I was feeling ill yesterday, I spent about 8 hours of the day laying down and watching YouTube videos of people playing the game on my iPad.  (Mostly skyorrichegg's stuff.)  This is a game I wanted to play so badly I spent years trying to create my own - before hearing about FTL - in BYOND.    It's going to be a long freaking 1-2 months for me.

Speaking of BYOND, I was thinking of doing a bit of development again.  Seeing how FTL did it gave me some good ideas about how I could go about making my multiplayer starship simulator.  Another thing I was thinking of making was a persistent state System Shock like game.  These two game concepts tend to get mixed up a lot for me, and I realize now that it's better to keep them separate: make the FTL-like game a starship simulator, the system shock-like game the RPG.  Of course, both being made in BYOND, we're talking 2D graphics.


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