Mired In Sloth's Shadow

The holiday season sales are upon us, but between my ridiculous Autumn splurge, five early Christmas gifts from my bro (Don't Starve, Penny Arcade 3, Primordia, Din's Curse, and Dark Souls) and three holiday sale purchases of my own (Dishonored, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Mass Effect 3)  I've pretty much all the games I could possibly want and more for the time being.

I'm just a tad ashamed about this, because I'm fairly bad at actually committing to playing those games.  That, and I probably shouldn't be playing games when I should be using my newly-purchased copy of Game Maker Professional to try to make my own and gain some useful skills for creative expression in the process.

Oh, poor baby Geldon, you have to play games or make games, what a sad downtrodden life you must have, it looks like you may have to willfully schedule time to procrastinateyou spoiled brat.  Seriously, how have I fallen so far that can't even procrastinate properly anymore?

I've my theories about that.  A poor diet and insufficient exercise can sap a fellow of even the basic energy needed to enjoy himself.  Worrying about my unemployment after being out of school for years can depress a fellow to the point where he doesn't get much enjoyment out of the things he used to enjoy.  And then there's one of the lowest level of procrastination of all: aimless Internet browsing, Internet forums among them.

Theories aside, it is certain that I've wasted too many entire days on Internet forums.  It's a deadly cycle: post messages, check back later to see how your messages were received and, while you're there, post more messages.  If the habit becomes too deeply entrenched in my daily routine, I'll not only waste a tremendous amount of my limited time here on Earth, but I'll also wear out my welcome amongst the regulars: familiarity breeds contempt, after all.  I know the solution: stop posting anything at all for a week or two, and I'll no longer need to worry about replies, and the cycle is broken.

Enough about my personal problems: anything at all interesting happening in gaming for me?

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Well, I played Scribblenauts Unlimited, having grabbed it while it was marked down 33% on a Steam Sale, and I have to say that the game really makes me feel old.

The idea that you can drag nearly anything in the dictionary (and some things not in the dictionary) into the game world and try to solve puzzles with them would seem to be rife with creativity.  Each new version of Scribblenauts seems to improve on this idea even further, adding adjective support and even the ability to edit the properties of things and invent your own words.

Only trouble is, the puzzles were apparently created to challenge only a child's grasp of vocabulary.  I tried to challenge myself by picking out words that were unusual or comically strange, but still blew through the entire plot in a 5 hours!  There's still a few maps left, in about the "35-50 'starites' to unlock" range, but little sis has already been freed of her rocky tomb and the challenge generally isn't ramping up.

In short, I had thought Scribblenauts Unlimited was going to be a game the whole family could enjoy, and it is even advertised as such, but in execution I find it to be less that and more geared towards kids.  In fact, I was rather surprised to see my sister bring home materials related to a Scribblenauts Unlimited-themed fast food kid's meal that she had fed the nephew with on the way here for a holiday visit.

Oh well.  Now what am I going to play?  The Minecraft Tekkit server I was on only had me playing, which is sort of boring.  Defender's Quest is almost finished, and getting a bit overly grindy in the last few hours.  I know I'll enjoy Dishonored, but I'm actually sort of hesitant to launch it knowing that it will be over quickly and I'll miss it when it's done.  Hmm, maybe Mass Effect 2 (again) then 3 with the resulting saved game?  I'll think about it.


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