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Still Procrastinating: More Minecraft Millenaire/Redpower2, Anime

I performed some vital revamps to many of the devices I spoke about yesterday and watched some anime, but otherwise I'm no closer to working on Game Maker than I was yesterday.

Oh well, Minecraft and watching anime is still a better use of my day than Internet forums, and it makes me sad to say that knowing just how many days I have spent that way.

Maybe I aught to get on the treadmill, now that the Christmas tree is out of the way of deploying it...

Minecraft, Millenaire Meets Redpower2 Game: Automated Chicken Coop Mk 2

Following my advice from yesterday, I moved the transposers from the sides to the ceiling and added two more of them.  Now, I have a nice plus-shaped area in which everything is retrieved except for a turf in the very middle.  That same turf has a deployer throwing eggs down into it.  It's on a timer this time, so egg retrieval and throwing occurs whether or not the chickens decide to walk somewhere.
From the roof of the same structure.
A second machine of this factory is in the floor.  It's basically two chicken-activated stone pressure pads hooked up to an AND gate.  When activated, an incinerator ignites one turf of the room, some distance away from the pressure plates, in hopes of just killing off the "extra" chickens when I have a good population going.

However, I soon learned that these chickens were descended from moths!  Minecraft chickens really like being in well-lit areas, and the open flames from the incinerator were stiff competition for the torches in the room.  Despite my cautious approach, this is pretty much guaranteed to eventually kill all but the two chickens activating the pressure pads!
The inside of the structure.
That's a higher mortality rate I was hoping for, so I hooked up a lever to the third AND gate input (it was previously an always-on redstone torch) and now I can decide (depending on the position of the lever) whether the coop is in "breeding" mode versus "roast chicken" mode.

It works like a charm, and it's relatively reassuring to know that, even if I did accidentally leave the lever on, it's impossible to kill the last chicken due to both pressure plates needing to be pushed in addition to the lever in order to activate the incinerator.  (It should be two chickens, but my previous chicken coop somehow managed to kill them all off, even with a separation of pressure pad and incinerator tile, but this was without the benefit of an AND gate.)  Maybe the solution is even more pressure pads?

A final innovation of the mk2 coop is making access to the coop done via a hatch in the roof.  Those pesky chickens seem to relish escaping the chicken coop if you dare use a door they can reach, but they can't climb ladders or fly upwards out of the trap door.

Minecraft, Millenaire Meets Redpower2 Game: Speedy Wheat Production Factory
A simple enough device: combine newly-planted seeds with bonemeal using deployers, and use a block breaker to harvest the resulting wheat and seeds.  Naturally, the seeds are filtered back into the seed deployer.  A stock Minecraft redstone repeater assures that the bonemeal deployer activates a split second after the seed deployer.

This factory seems to be able to produce wheat quite quickly.  One wheat per second is a comfortable pace, but I see no reason why it can't go even faster, provided there's still enough seeds in the seed deployer (the pneumatic tubes take some time to deliver them).

Bonemeal is currently manually loaded into the bonemeal deployer, but that's alright, I'm probably never going to have more than 9 stacks of 64 bonemeal to worry about anyway.

Minecraft, Millenaire Meets Redpower2 Game: Moat Improvements

With the aid of these simple water channels, my moat is quite capable of swallowing mobs from up to 7 tiles away.

I tried digging just the channels at first, but discovered mobs have a bothersome habit of standing on top of the nearest dry block instead of obligingly where the current can sweep them into the moat.

I was considering hooking up a pressure plate on each of those nearest blocks that leads to a trap that knocks the mob over the edge, but eventually I realized I could just use their "get to the closest block to the player" behavior against them by making that closest block be in the water current.  Putting solid blocks down like this glass assures they have no other choice.

I'm considering building a top layer of my outer perimeter fence that is basically a line of cacti.  This should be sufficient to rebuke the one remaining threat against my base: those pesky wall-climbing spiders!

Minecraft, Millenaire Meets Redpower2 Game: Other Minor Tweaks
  • My "mob punishment device" had a possibility for drops to come out of a bottom edge.  I moved the timer and activating wires down a level so as to better enclose the kill area with solid blocks, which should hopefully prevent the drops from getting outside of the fetch range of the transposer.  It could be a matter of the Minecraft engine dealing with a 1x1x2 confined space. 

    I'm considering giving the mobs a larger area to wander around, each one connected to an igniter, and maybe activate the igniters with a battery of randomizers: I may have trapped you, but it'll be fickle fate that finishes you off, wandering monsters!
  • My automated farm had several minor fixes.  Its pneumatic tubing has been moved mostly underground, which is mostly a cosmetic improvement.  The redstone wires have been moved to the back of the blocks instead of the top in order to facilitate putting solid blocks on the top because I discovered that the water harvesting method could cause seeds or wheat to be knocked out of the water transport channel.  The timer has been replaced with a third sequencer because, as cool as it was for the timer to just move the water-obstructing block, I was having timing issues with the timer leaving the block out of alignment because timers are not based off of the time of day like sequences are.  The longer duration of sequencers makes it so the block remains attached to the sticky piston, but I need to use a NOT gate to assure that the piston is activated constantly.

    Speaking of timing, I think perhaps the best setting for the wheat farm is 600 seconds on the first sequencer, 150 seconds on the second sequencer, and 37.5 seconds on the third sequencer.  This should assure for 2325 seconds worth of time for the wheat to grow.  According to the Minecraft Wiki, in 37 minutes, 4 out of 5 wheat will be full grown, and 2325 seconds works out to 38.75 minutes.

    These improvements remain "minor" because I'm still only processing 5 squares of wheat.  Good luck living on 1 1/4th piece of bread every 40 minutes!  Welp, as long as I'm willing to invest the redstone, I can continue to grow this wheat farm design out as far as I like, but there's not a whole lot of necessity when I've got the speedy wheat production factory I mentioned above.
  • Finding myself in need of a good source of water to fill my inlet channels, I built a small unlimited water source block generator.  (It can be seen on the left side of the Speedy Wheat Production Factory screenshot.)  This is simply a block surrounded by three or more water source blocks, and thus only required digging a hole and using a bucket to fill the source blocks.

I've been visiting Crunchyroll a bit lately, and have added a few animes to watch to my queue.  So far, I'm partway into Polar Bear Cafe and Student Council's Discretion.

Polar Bear Cafe is a very laid back slice-of-life comedy that makes great use of the idea of realistic-looking animals walking and talking.  It won't make you laugh out loud too often (the humor is too mellow for that) but it will make you smile a great deal of the time!

Student Council's Discretion is fairly typical popular high school shonen TV show, laden with bodacious girls and trendy anime pop culture references that will go over many peoples' heads.   Where's the appeal in something so common?  Perhaps it's that the characters have an interesting dynamic.
    Though I could oversimplify them to the basic tropes, they seem to each have a trait in direct defiance to these tropes:
    • "Obnoxious pervert" Ken is counterbalanced by "hard-working, genuinely interested in everyone's happiness."  
    • "Token loli" Kurimo is counterbalanced by "likable leader who takes her responsibilities seriously even if she's prone to distraction."  
    • "Cold, calculating dominatrix" Chizuru would seem to be counterbalanced by her brain occasionally switching off and her having these moments of being a barely-verbal, somewhat pliable thing of adorableness.
    • "Athletic tsundere" Minatsu would seem to be counterbalanced by forthwith integrity without the usual brainlessness to be found in a jock character.
    • "Introverted yaoi and gaming nerdette" Mafuyu would seem to be counterbalanced by... actually, I'm not entirely sure, but I guess she's quite a different creature than Konata from Lucky Star who is similarly NEET-like.
    And so on.  The mangaka behind Student Council's Discretion would seem to have a goal of keeping the viewer guessing despite keeping some trace of the easily-identifiable tropes to be found everywhere in anime.  It somehow escapes the "harem" genre trope by having Ken generally snubbed, and enters a "high school slice of life" genre instead.

    If I ever see these animes through to completion, I'll probably have something more comprehensive to say about them.


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