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Amalur? I hardly knew her.

Here is a game that initially fell under the radar because it is yet-another-fantasy RPG, and I have a ton of those already that I can not make adequately time to play, so why buy another?  However, following a Rock Paper Shotgun suggestion to play Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning, I gave the demo a spin, and almost immediately fell in love.    And why not ?  The game was excellently reviewed, even if the developers themselves were worried it wasn't that fun, and sadly the studio is finished so we won't be seeingmore of it.

Putting that aside, however, let me tell you one little thing about me: I hold the quality of the central game mechanic as the most important thing about the game.  What impressed me so much about the Kingdoms of Amalur demo is that I was able to identify that it did several things better than Skyrim, and I'm not the only one to notice this.   First and foremost to my concern, however, is what you (as the player) will be doing for the majority of the time a…

Attack Of The Top Down Sci-Fi RPG-Ish Games

Life's funny.  One day you're puttering along unable to harness enough motivation to make your own Sci-Fi roguelike game, the next you're practically drowning in them.

I received an email advertising the release of The Pit, which is apparently a Sci-Fi Roguelike game made by the makers of Sword Of The Stars.   That immediately got me excited because I thought maybe this was going to be a roguelike where you explore the universe as a single member of a universe-spanning race as they vie for domination.  So I downloaded the Demo and found...

...The Pit is actually just a fairly vanilla roguelike game (turn-based, as they usually are) in that you're just working your way to the bottom of a single dungeon.  Its main distinction amongst the roguelike genre is having a Sci-Fi setting, having a crafting system, and having both graphics and sound - individually, these aspects are not hard to find, but having all three together in one package makes it relatively unique.  It als…

Retreading Old Games... In True 3D!

Contrary to what I've said about it over the last coupleentries, I have not completely given up on Planetside 2.  It's quite the game for the price of zero moneys down, and the only game in town if you're looking for a truly massively multiplayer first person shooter, so I can humor quite a bit of fault of the game.  Heck, that it makes me feel so miserable to play it may actually be proof of how much I'm enjoying it.  I'm still waiting for a Station Cash sale so I can put down what I deem to be a reasonable amount of money to have "paid to win" by buying some decent guns actually worth investing certifications into unlocking their attachments.

But, though I've not quit Planetside 2, it has fallen to a lower priority to play because I've just received my 3D Vision 2 kit in the mail and Planetside 2 is somewhat incompatible with it.   I've tried it, there's some limited compatibility with the general terrain, soldier depth, and icons (such …

Planetside Smanetside

Of course, there are other problems with Planetside 2 than the ones I discussed in my last blog entry.

Major Problem #3: Hax

For example, there's a certain problem with cheaters in the game.  For the most part, I think the cheaters are kept to a minimum and rapidly banned, Smedley hates them almost as much as I do, but being a free to play game just means banned cheaters can just start another account, and the fundamental problem Planetside 2 has is that the game simply is not coded to prevent cheat software from working.
Warning: Though shown here to establish some proof hacks exist in Planetside 2,DO NOT DOWNLOAD what this video links to.   It's as likely to be a hack as it issome trojan that steals your SOE accountinformation or worse, and I cannot beheld accountable for that.  (For starters, my pockets are far too shallow tobe fun to sue.)

A long time ago, SOE caught some controversy from players for including software in EverQuest that scanned their customers' systems f…

Conquest In Pay To Win Land

Given my decision to take a break from Sims 3 for awhile, I found myself once again spinning my wheels on a certain fandom's forums, partly due to pending drama of said fandom and partly due to just plain not particularly caring to play anything.     Of course, after a couple days of forum-going, it was clear to me (once again) that just about anything else I could do would be more productive, even if that involves playing a game.

So I played a bit of Crawl and became slightly better at it thanks to reading a strategy guide that suggested something the game doesn't bother to tell you: when starting, turn off all skill gain except for your most important killing method for awhile.  That definitely boosts a character's chances of survival, albeit in a game created to block the most prevalent exploits in a formula designed to fiendishly kill you in a wide variety in procedurally generated manners.

For the greater bulk of "well invested" time, however, I played Plan…

Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 7: The Whovian Challenge Sucks

Even with a dog and an alien waifu running about Dr. Whom's swank mansion, this Sims 3 game has largely boiled down to being ridiculously simple.  I've all the marvelous accommodations I could want to keep everybody in the household elated at all times.  (Granted, all the puppy does is run around, eat, pee, and sleep so all she needs is a dog bowl, bed, and an encouraging word from time to time.)
I begin to see that there's there's three things that make Legacy Challenges truly challenging that the Whovian Challenge lacks:
Standard game length and everybody dies.  You're not allowed bring them back from the dead with the science opportunity or by feeding ghosts ambrosia.  You can't carry around a death flower to ward off unexpected deaths.  You're not even allowed to extend their lifespan one day by eating a life fruit!  So death is inevitable, and every dead sim can no longer be leveraged in terms of the skills they've learned and job income they made.Y…

Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 6: More Ado

Today's day of Sims 3 begun with a great many technical problems, about five hours spent mucking around with it that I will try to break down into some relatively simple points:
After reinstalling Awesomemod, I decided to start a whole new game but import the Whovian Challenge household into a new map.  That likely will allow me to continue the challenge without all the overhead of many, many weeks behind my household, and probably will fix that messed up travel problem I'm having. The household refused to export from Edit Town.  Every time I tried, it said "processing," and that was it.  Apparently this is a longstanding issue.  I later learned that "processing" was doing something; it was exporting Whom Mansion without exporting the people with it.I had so many of copies of Whom Mansion now I had to delete the extras, but it still was lacking in occupants.  So I tried to export Dr. Whom and Deedee Wynn directly, without their home, and this generated a &qu…

Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 5: Landlocked

Awesomemod is pretty awesome.

Awesomemod installed without a hitch, and was awesome nearly immediately.  Running "fixall" from the console fixed 739 sims with bad skill gain modifiers, incorrect dead/alive types on 10 sims, missing/incorrecrt miniPartners on 16 sims, 29 dangling consignment entries, 1 phantom butt, and a bad descriptor on Bai On.  If you don't know what half of that means, you're not alone!

Later, my household travelled to China but nobody made it.  It seems I'm landlocked.  This caused me to uninstall Awesomemod in case it was what caused this but then I learned it's not Awesome Mod's fault, as this link shows, the issue has been going on since at least October 2010.  I found a potential fix that does not work for everyone.  I may just try starting a brand new game on a new map and importing my household... not unlike Dr. Who and his TARDIS going somewhere else.

Anyway, I have to say that the mod does so many cool things that I'm e…