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Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 2: I Lost

As mentioned in the update of the last entry, my technical issues are behind me and Sims 3 is back to acting like a champ. Although it seems setting up a junction from the My Documents directory made next to no impact on the time required to load and save saved game files... perhaps having a second logical drive for handling the save game/cache files while the SSD handles the main game installation will provide more an advantage?  At the very least, the save games will be on a more secure drive.
Trouble's Abrewin...
So, back to the ongoing saga of the Whovian Challenge, it seems Dr. Whom was now an elder with a new corner of his mansion.  He had completed his lifetime wish and had more happiness points than I knew what to do with but, in order to complete this challenge, he needed to have outlived a soulmate for each life state, and here he was in the last stage of his "human" life state without having had a soulmate yet. 

I had yet to define a condition for when I drink the fountain of youth elixirs I bought from the alchemy consignment shop, so I decided to do so now: I'm not allowed to reset the age on Dr. Whom until he has selected a new soulmate.  In order to qualify, she would have to move in to his household and be in at least "romantic interest" status.  Technically, she'd have to be a little older than him so she could die of natural causes first, giving Dr. Whom (who does not cheat) a chance to seek his next soul mate.  Despite resetting his age, I'm not yet changing Dr. Whom's life state, so I'm setting the condition of that being I can only change Dr. Whom's life state when the soulmate has completed her lifetime wish, which is a requirement for the the Whovian challenge.

So, to break that all down, the Whovian Challenge now looks like this:
  1. "Story Progression" and "Aging" (preferably standard-length) must be enabled.  No cheats, everything must be done using in-game means (happiness points, elixirs, potions, mummy curses, whatever).
  2. Start a "Dr. Whom" main protagonist sim.  He (or she) is not allowed to take any lifetime reward that disables aging.
  3. Have him find a soulmate amongst the sims in the world.  "Dr. Whom" is an honorable gentleman and is only interested in women who are not already in an existing relationship... but he will relent as long as they're not married and there's no other choice available.
  4. The "becoming a soulmate" thing is official when they move in to the active household and have romantic status.  Only upon obtaining a new soulmate is "Dr. Whom" allowed to drink a fountain of youth elixir or whatever else works to get him back to "young adult" stage.  (Optional) Give "Dr. Whom" plastic surgery and a midlife crisis lifetime reward to minorly tweak his traits.  Go for that full "New Doctor" experience!
  5. Complete the soulmate's lifetime wish.  "Dr. Whom" must now change his life state to something other than he has been before.  The soulmate's lifetime wish must be completed, and you're not allowed to deliberately make them younger, but you are allowed to have them make themselves younger via autonomous behavior (which Sims 3 may not even be programmed to do).
  6. After Dr. Whom's life state has changed, the soulmate becomes focused on making Dr. Whom's life a living hell, but does not move out.  Guess they liked Dr. Whom better as whatever he was before!
  7. The soulmate continues to live on Dr. Whom's lot.  Wait for that soulmate to die of old age, and keep the urn on the lot.  If her ghost shows up, that's excellent, as it establishes that Dr. Whom's misery has only begun.  Do not deliberately cause the ghost to move on to the netherworld.  The goal here is to have lots of ghosts tormenting Dr. Whom before the end of this.  (Optional) Keep a statue and/or painting of each soulmate Dr. Whom has had.
  8. If Dr. Whom dies, or a soulmate dies before they complete their lifetime wish, the Whovian Challenge has been failed.  If Dr. Whom has survived being through all his life states and has an urn of a soulmate for each, the challenge has succeeded, and you can make him immortal with your favorite Lifetime Reward trait and set him up with your favorite life state and appearance if you want.  Otherwise (Dr. Whom lives but has yet to go through all the life states) go back to step #3.
Alright, so I was on step #3 and Dr. Whom was already an Elder (that's what I get for focusing on completing his Descendant Of Di Vinci lifetime wish first).  After testing the waters quite a bit, Dr. Whom was halfway through the last stage of being an Elder and had thus far been largely courted by three or four women who already had a partner.  Despite his advanced age, he received a love letter almost daily.

He then discovered an interesting romantic prospect in a ravishing looking fairy by the name of Aubrey Oviedo.  Plumbing her extensively with his "Get To Know" smalltalk, he discovered her first three traits were, "Genius," "Dislikes Children," and "Hot-Headed."  Oh my, gorgeous and smart?  It appears this firebrand won't have a lifetime wish involving having kids for sure!   And she was single!  Can you believe it?

The grey-haired Dr. Whom hit it off with her immediately.  After dinner and a movie, she agreed to stay the night with her good friend Dr. Whom which allowed him to sculpt a statue of her (one of his wishes).  By morning, things had progressed to the hot and heavy stuff.  She then accepted Dr. Whom's proposal to move in...

She wasted no time in attempting to incinerate him with her fairy magic. was then that I discovered that her other two traits were "Evil" and "Insane."  Her lifetime wish was Gold Digger, which meant that she wanted to see a wealthy spouse's ghost.  (I'm now reading that her lifetime wish was randomly generated, probably from a pool of four choices based off of her traits.)

All in all, Aubrey Oviedo is a very interesting sim, she's even a level 8 magician, which means she generates 2,000 simoleans every week just laying around the house, far more if she actually booked magician gigs to do.  No wonder she travels everywhere in a limousine!  I would have loved to see Dr. Whom stuck with her just to see the constant trouble she drags him into.

Unfortunately, her lifetime wish made her completely incompatible with the Whovian Challenge because:
  • I'm required to see the soulmate's lifetime wish complete.
  • Dr. Whom is not allowed to die.
  • Aubrey Oviedo's lifetime wish was to see her husband die.
All that extended courtship with various ladies to try to find one whose lifetime wish I would not regret being stuck completing, and I get this.  Do I know how to pick em, or what?

I did entertain some alternate solutions:
  • I could change her lifetime wish... but no, that's too much of a slippery slope.  A large part of the challenge of the Whovian Challenge is having to roll with whatever strange aspiration the soulmate has.  If she wants to be surrounded by family, so be it.  If she wants to be a world-reknowned explorer, that's what Dr. Whom is be there to help her to achieve, every step of the way.
  • I could have Dr. Whom agree to help marry Aubrey to some other wealthy guy, then help her bump off her spouse.  There's a few problems with this.  First, the good doctor is supposed to be a good guy, he does not conspire to commit murder for money.  Second, the housing situation of having a spouse for Aubrey to bump off gets rather complicated, it might even be required to move her out in order for her spouse's wealth to be properly recognized, and that conflicts with point #7 above.
  • I could have Dr. Whom drink a ghost potion and appear as a ghost, which (it turns out) does satisfy the conditions of the Gold Digger lifetime wish.  But, frankly, I find this solution to be an utter copout.
Alright, so here's what I did instead.  Technically, I lost the challenge, but I kept things going by inventing a bit of drama.  The parts inside the brackets are based on actual Sims 3 emotes and actions.  It's not escaped me that I'm essentially just playing with my dolls here.

Dr. Whom: Oh my, Aubrey, that was glorious night.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful romance. [Complement personality]
Aubrey: Oh yes, Garius, 'til death do us part.  It's a pity you're so old, though, we should cherish what little time we have together while it still lasts. [Flirty joke]
Dr. Whom: Actually, my dear, I suspect I'll live far longer than you realize...  [share secret]
Aubrey: (Yeah, right, in your dreams old man.)
Dr. Whom: [Drink fountain of youth elixir] Surprise!
Aubrey: (Noticing he just defeated her scheme to see him dead for his wealth.)  You. Little. Bastard!  Well, I've got an surprise for you, too!  [Hothead fairy spell]
Dr. Whom: Ack!  What's the meaning of this?!
Aubrey: [Performs several nasty "mean" interactions on Dr. Whom, fulfiling an evil wish or two in the process]
Dr. Whom: You... you're INSANE!  [Accuse of being insane] And EVIL! [Accuse of being evil] I'm... I'm going to wash off all this soot, and when I do, I want you to be gone!  [Ask to just be friends]
Aubrey: [Heckle]

Aubrey then proceeds to steal several of Dr. Whom's paintings while he's in the shower before I move her out of the household.  Sims 3 obligingly gives me everything in her inventory when she is booted out, thereby defeating the purpose of that final touch.

Frankly, evil geniuses like Aubrey are not soulmates, they are the mortal enemies of the good doctor!  So I guess what I ended up with was an excuse to use my fountain of youth elixir without having to complete a soulmate's lifetime wish first.  While I'm at it, I might as well go full on "Next Doctor," get him some plastic surgery so he has a new appearance, and buy the Midlife Crisis reward to perform some tweaking to his traits:
  • I've decided as a result the Aubrey debacle that Dr. Whom needs two more traits: Good (to simulate his being firmly against the antics of evil sims) and Hopeless Romantic (which makes his seeking a soulmate all that more sensical, and will massively increase how much he bereaves them when they pass on).  
  • What to swap out for them?  Well, if I remove Loner, I no longer need Friendly either.  While I enjoy being a bit of an introvert myself, I have too admit, getting my Sims 3 out to mingle (hopefully to disastrous results) is quite entertaining.
  • I'm tempted to swap out Savvy Sculptor, but it's sort of an interesting unique hallmark to have, and I doubt I've seen all of the different kinds of statues he can make.   
  • Genius is still somewhat necessary for Dr. Whom to have some resemblance to Dr. Who.  
  • As for his last trait, Unlucky, if I had bad enough luck to have Dr. Whom end up with Aubrey, I think it's clear that we both deserve it.
Overall, while this Whovian Challenge deserves to end, failed, by a really strict enforcement of the rules, I say let the show go on.  Part of the reason why I'm giving myself a pass here is I just invented a new condition, the "you're not allowed to use a means to return to young adult until after you've found a soulmate" part.  I wasn't playing as though that was a rule, and just wouldn't have had enough time if I tried to find a soulmate and complete their wish when Dr. Whom was already an elder.


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