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Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 3: Whereupon I Just Do Whatever

It's been quite the rich day of Sims 3-related procrastination. 

Following Dr. Whom's unfortunate choice of first soulmate, as I thought I should, the first thing I did was take the Midlife Crisis lifetime reward in order to tweak Dr. Whom's traits a bit, swapping out Loner and Friendly for Hopeless Romantic and Good.  I tried giving him some plastic surgery to change his appearance, but it seems I spent about 3,500 simoleans in the wrong place, getting instant gym body instead.  Now flat broke, I decided a change of appearance is not that important.  I at least updated Dr. Whom's wardrobe, since going between Adult and Elder throws it all away and randomizes it, stupidly enough.

Soon, a good friend of his, Deedee Wynn, passed away from old age.  A potential mate, Dr. Whom was rebuffed by the fact that she already had a boyfriend (a vegetarian vampire, at that).  It was then that I had a spur-of-the-moment idea that the good doctor really thinks outside of the box: where most sims in his position of becoming young again and taking a new soulmate every time would rob the cradle, Dr. Whom would rob the grave, instead.  Death in the Sims 3 does not always neatly end relationships, but it does when the sim who passed away did so from old age: Deedee was now a single ghost!
A small grave containing Deedee's remains waits patiently for her ghost to spawn. Dr. Whom
"tastefully" decorated the walls with the flames of Hell and placed a giant ghost lamp in
the middle of the room.  I would be pretty pissed if I saw this upon stepping out of the netherworld.
Dr. Whom being a good friend of hers, The Sims 3 was already quite happy to allow him to "Manage The Dead" from the crypt of the local graveyard, take out her tombstone out, and then place it somewhere in his home lot so he can await the arrival of her ghost!  The plan was to get her to join the household so Dr. Whom could get her ashes, then use his newly-acquired Oh My Ghost! opportunity to bring her back from the other side.

It didn't quite work out that way.  On the first full moon, sure enough, Deedee's ghost showed up.  I was expecting to be able to ask her to move in once I talked her up enough, just like I did with Aubrey, but the option never opened up.  Then I realized I could use my Oh My Ghost! opportunity because I already had her ashes.  Turns out her tombstone and the ashes were the same thing!

Deedee was resurrected and immediately added to Dr. Whom's household.   In life, Deedee was open and friendly enough to disclose all five of her traits to Dr. Whom's persistant inquiry: Good, Excitable, Schmoozer, Childish, Friendly.  Well, with that "Good" trait there, at least there's no danger she will turn out to be an evil maneater like that accursed Aubrey Oviedo, right?  Right?
Occasionally, someone completely forgets to wear clothes.  I'm not even running any mods, it's a Sims
3 glitch related to taking showers where sometimes their clothes are not properly reset afterward.
I'll probably be spared the wrath of the censor here because you'll notice that Sims have no visible
sexual characteristics and, even if they did, Deedee is a ghost so she technically has no solid body at all!
Fortunately, this bug is usually fixed by simply having them take another shower or bath.
Deedee Wynn's lifetime wish turned out to be "Heartbreaker."  She wants to be the girlfriend of ten sims, which requires she breaks up with at least nine of them.  Deedee wasted little time in adding Dr. Whom to her tally, her second victim after her vegetarian vampire boyfriend from her last life.

Good Lord, the Sims 3 is rife with infidelity.  I've had many girlfriends and wives of other sims pestering Dr. Whom to go on dates with him and sending him gifts in the mail, and his first two potential soulmates turned out to be of the "love em' and leave em" type.  Dr. Whom had been through enough, and I decided he was going to go ahead and take a heartbreaking ghost as his first soulmate to commit to in the Whovian Challenge.  At least, this time, Dr. Whom can help her complete her lifetime wish without dying, seeing how "broken heart" is not a cause of death in this game

Karma immediately retaliated against Dr. Whom.  It seems that "Woohooing With Occult" was grounds for a public disgrace negative moodlet (oddly racist for Sims 3's bad-Twilight-fanfic approach to the supernatural).  Also, at about the point where Deedee moved in, Dr. Whom was abducted by aliens and impregnated by an alien he met earlier who fled before he could chuck a friendship elixir at her (a rather caddish move, I admit).  I was tempted to keep the resulting alien offspring and raise them, as that would certainly have made the game a lot more interesting.  Unfortunately, my household funds really could not afford it so I chose the "send back to homeworld" option.  (Oh well, maybe I'll have a time travel disaster later that will get me stuck with a kid.)

To be fair, I did try to cure Deedee Wynn of her ghostly affliction with a potent cure elixir, but it ended up removing her "witch" life state instead.  That's sort of boring, I rather like the witch life state.  I've been trying to get it back ever since, but never managed to find one in the elixir consignment shop.  I've since grown used to the idea that Deedee can float through walls, so I suppose I'll be alright with a ghost witch after all.

To give Dr. Whom and Deedee Wynn something to do besides just completing Deedee's lifetime challenge, I decided it's time they both get jobs.
  • Of course, Dr. Whom could already make a fortune just painting, sculpting, or inventing all day, but I really wanted that level top-level scientist ability to "experiment" on everything, so a scientist is what he became.  
  • Deedee Wynn came with a fairly respectable amount of cooking skill (her bio says that she wants to be a five-star cook, but she has no cooking traits nor a lifetime wish related to cooking).  So I had her join the culinary career.
They were naturals at each.  As of the time of this writing, they're both about halfway up the ladders of their respective careers without a single hiccup.

Dr. Whom already had the "Meditative Trance" lifetime reward as well as a hover bed, so he did not spend more than about a quarter of the day sleeping.  I went ahead and bought "Hardly Hungry" and "Dirt Defiant," too: now he only needs a shower or a meal about once every two days.  This left him plenty of time to go to work, sculpt/paint/invent for money, and start a garden.

Deedee, on the other hand, had no happiness points and no lifetime rewards, having just joined the household, but so far she has managed to get the "No Jealousy" reward, which will eventually come in handy (but "Never Dull" would have been a far easier choice for the same cost).
I should have thought of this before.  By fencing in the garden and locking the fence
to allow the family only, the occasional attacking zombie is unable to harm the garden.
When Deedee was not working or improving her culinary skills, she spent most time ravaging the social scene of Moonlight Falls like a friendship typhoon.  I decided that, to accomplish her nefarious heartbreaker agenda, she was going to learn the charisma skill, and there is a related "Super Friendly" achievement that makes it so her friendship levels never decrease through neglected.  I have taken the "Long-distance friend" lifetime reward before on other sims, which does the exact same thing as this achievement, but found it so overpowered that I decided that earning the achievement the hard way is far more legitimate.  Getting that achievement meant that Deedee will need to have 20 current friends.

Deedee Lynn was now firmly on the prowl, but not for boyfriends, but rather to reach the minimum friend count needed for the "Super Friendly" charisma achievement.  She roved the town with every spare moment she had, visiting various hot spots and other community lots, sometimes even the other sims' home, talking everyone who crossed her path into as high a friendship level as she had time to.  She's currently up to about 12 friends and about 19 friendships made (the difference between those numbers being due to relationship levels neutralizing over time spent out of contact).

It was then that something happened that turned Deedee Wynn into a perverted angel of death.  I was avoiding having Deedee turn male friends into boyfriends because I was afraid it would mess with her friend count... but I then received a notification that one of her friends, Ayden Van Gould, was nearing the end of his life, which usually meant he was going to pass away the next day.

So Deedee Wynn immediately dumped Dr. Whom (leaving him wracked with a -40 heartbreak moodlet for the next couple days) and visited "her good friend" Ayden Van Gould.  Time was short but, but she managed to romantically manipulate him into boyfriend status before he perished the next day.  Mother of God, I ended up with a Gold Digger sim after all, only without the benefit of actually making any money from this.  All this was just to add plus one to Deedee Wynn's ex-boyfriend count.  It was the perfect crime, as no one could say Deedee was anything other than the grieving ex-girlfriend in the end.  (Though it was certainly suspicious that she was still living with her previous ex-boyfriend.)
Deedee visits a Simfest being held at the stage I placed earlier, looking to make more "friends."
The ghostly seductress, Deedee Wynn, had managed her third boyfriend now, but was nearly out of time on this mortal coil.  Going deliberately against an original rule of the Whovian Challenge, I went ahead and had Deedee use a Fountain Of Youth elixir.  I felt this was justified because coming back at a ghost put her at the beginning of the Elder stage, and that's just too little time to complete a lifetime wish.  It would have been cleaner, in terms of still qualifying for the Whovian Challenge, if I had used the elixir immediately upon Deedee moving into the household.

That's not the only rule I decided to revise of the Whovian Challenge:
  • As outlined above, upon becoming a new soulmate of Dr. Whom, they will be reset to young adult (probably via an elixir of life).  This is the only time they are allowed to be de-aged, and is done to set a fair time limit to reach their lifetime wish no matter what it is.  This also helps to make all potential soulmates of any age - apparently even ones that are already dead - viable choices of Dr. Whom's next soulmate.  Bonus points if you can manage to get the soulmate to complete their lifetime wish without the need to use an elixir, and it would palpably pay off in terms of not having wait around so long for them to pass away.
  • Dr. Whom can go ahead and drink the Sims 3:Generations Age Freeze lifetime reward potion.  First, because finding fountain of youth elixirs is easy, so there's no sense in considering it a challenge.  Second, because differences in life states introduce the possibility that Dr. Whom simply can't outlive some of his soulmates.  In fact, a lot of the inhabitants of Moonlight Falls live as long as five times the normal lifespan of sims.  Choose any stage of life you want to freeze your Dr. Whom at, but I chose the regular (not young) adult stage.  Of course, this can be adjusted with Birthday Inferno cakes and fountain of youth elixirs as needed.
Overall, these adjustments to the Whovian Challenge rules are just as whole lot cleaner in execution.  I've yet to reach the point where Dr. Whom's first soulmate's lifetime wish completes, whereupon he'll change his life state and she'll become his enemy, but it seems a lot more approachable now that I've worked out some of the complicating kinks in the flow of whose lifespan does what.

All this Sims 3 binging is making me bored of it.  I might just go ahead and buy that Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim, after all.  But I'm thinking that I'll run a slower leveling mod, because one of the main things that annoys me about Skyrim is that character progression is over well before I've exhausted the content in the game.


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