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Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 4: Needs More Awesome

The developers sent one of my sims a gift!  If I wasn't relatively certain that none of them
read this blog and that this was just an automated process handing these out, I would probably
think their sending me a gift that helps someone to die faster was trying to tell me something.
I didn't have a whole lot of energy to play Sims 3 today.  Part of this might be because I've been playing the game for about five days straight now, and I might be getting bored of it, but it doesn't help that I only had about five hours of sleep last night, either, partly because I stayed up a little later last night and made a simple Skyrim leveling duration plugin, but ended up making the pesky thing three times because I had to double-check numbers and deal with things being added to the plugin just because I looked at them without actually changing them.

So what happened?  Starting from where we left off yesterday, Dr. Garius Whom and his first soulmate, Deedee Wynn, were both suffering from heartbreak.  Dr. Whom's heartbreak was from being broken up with so Deedee could nail adding Ayden Van Gould to the boyfriend count of her heartbreaker lifetime wish before he died the next day.  Deedee's heartbreak was because her new boyfriend was now pushing up daisies.
Deedee Wynn and Aubrey Octavio really didn't like each other very much upon first meeting.
That surprised me because they had so much treating Dr. Whom like crap in common.
I later added a second professional juice bar to try to eliminate some of the line that
tended to build up in The Velvet Lounge.
I tried to cure Deedee's "ghost" state with a potent cure elixir, but all it did was give her the "cured" moodlet.  Guess I'll need to learn to make Ambrosia if I want her to be a non-ghost girl.  I did, at least, give her the "Stone Hearted" lifetime reward, because chances are she's going to see more boyfriends six feet under before we're done with meeting her lifetime wish.  It seems I can't get Deedee to use any of the life state changing elixirs, so that kinda sucks because it seems my curing her if witchdom when I was trying to cure her ghostdom was a one-way street, and Deedee's a bit more boring as a sim as a result.

Since they were still living together, I had Deedee patch things up with Dr. Whom.  Asking an ex-boyfriend to "just be friends," is apparently good for one's relationship level.  Then she told Dr. Whom to take out the trash.  I was surprised to see she had the "woohoo in shower" option available while they still had a fairly low relationship score.  Well, both of their hygiene and fun moods needed improvement, so what they heck, go forth and woohoo, little sims.  It seems this catapult them into "romantic interest" status, so I guess it wasn't just a "friendship with benefits" thing.

Suspiciously, at the very moment Deedee was busy rattling Dr. Whom's plumbing, she suddenly had a wish to become a vampire.  Soon, she met up with Tristan Van Gould, a son of her ex-boyfriend, at his home and schmoozed the hell out of him. However, though she ended up on extremely good terms with him, the "Ask To Turn" option never came up.  If I had to guess, it's because Tristan was a vampire, and so instinctively knew when he'd met someone who was more a parasite than him.  I then had her "confess to cheating" just because I was curious what would do... well, he remained a romantic interest, but he wasn't particularly happy with her and told her get the Hell off his property.
Dammit, Deedee, I put those sprinklers in the garden to keep the crops irrigated, not so a grown, ghostly woman
could strip down to a bikini and play in the sprinklers for the entertainment of the cars passing the front lawn.
Deedee managed to get her "Super Friendly" Charisma perk unlocked, which made her going on the warpath to convert the entire town to being her friend significantly easier.  I did not notice when it happened, so I'm not sure if the requirement to get that is 20 current friends or 20 friends made over time (so "old friends" would count), but I'm inclined to suspect it's the second case because counteracting relationship creep is tough.

Dr. Whom, on the other hand, completed the Athletics skill for no reason other than he wished to.  His garden was coming along quite nicely now, and it seems I'll have a good amount of alchemy reagents available if I ever get a sim who knows how to use it.

Welp, I'm bored, I think I'll go see if I can get Awesome Mod to work.  Looking down a list of things it does, it's basically just Sims 3, but fundamentally improved in a plethora of ways, so why wouldn't I want to run Awesome Mod?  Well, aside from the fact that Sims 3 hardly needs any help installing things that will make it less stable, and I can only blame myself for modding it if it starts crashing with wild abandon again.  Of course, I'm going to back up my sims directory and save game files, just in case, but otherwise I'm going to try to continue my Whovian Challenge game.

Oh, I think I'll revise the rules a bit, though.  Again.  Because, hey, I'm a wannabe game designer, this is something I do:
  • Aging and story progression modes are required.  No cheating allowed.
  • Create a Dr. Whom sim.  He can't die, or the challenge fails.  Feel free to keep him young through any means possible.
  • Dr. Whom wants a soulmate, but you can't just generate one, you have to go out into the game and have him meet someone to be his soulmate.   Upon meeting a new soulmate, reset their age to young adult with a youth elixir or something.   However, this is the only time you can reset their age, and this is important due to the next rule.
  • The soulmate moves into Dr. Whom's household, permanently.  Now, achieve that soulmate's lifetime wish.  If you can't do that before they die, the challenge fails.
  • Upon achieving the soulmate's lifetime wish, Dr. Whom becomes, "The Next Doctor!"  Because science.  Find some means in the game to change him to a different life state, of which there are many.  It can't be any life state he's already been.
  • His soulmate hates the new him, and becomes his mortal enemy for the rest of the challenge, seeking to undermine him at every turn.  She will continue to live on the home plot for the rest of her sim life, and when she dies her remains need to remain on the lot so she can continue to torment Dr. Whom as a ghost.
  • Previously, Dr. Whom needed to wait for that soulmate to die of old age, but that's boring, so I'm revising that.  As soon as he undergoes his new life state, Dr. Whom is free to find a new soulmate.
  • If Dr. Whom manages to get all the different life states you have available, and has as many soulmates' wishes achieved for each, you've beaten the Whovian Challenge.
  • Things to try for bonus points: Don't reset the soulmate's age with a youth elixir upon acquisition.  Have a painting and/or sculpture of each soulmate.  Have a themed room for each soulmate that reflects their personality and interests.
Now, to install Awesome Mod and see where things go from there.  Dr. Whom's misery has only just begun, if I have anything to say about it.


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