Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 5: Landlocked

Awesomemod is pretty awesome.
Awesomemod installed without a hitch, and was awesome nearly immediately.  Running "fixall" from the console fixed 739 sims with bad skill gain modifiers, incorrect dead/alive types on 10 sims, missing/incorrecrt miniPartners on 16 sims, 29 dangling consignment entries, 1 phantom butt, and a bad descriptor on Bai On.  If you don't know what half of that means, you're not alone!

Later, my household travelled to China but nobody made it.  It seems I'm landlocked.  This caused me to uninstall Awesomemod in case it was what caused this but then I learned it's not Awesome Mod's fault, as this link shows, the issue has been going on since at least October 2010.  I found a potential fix that does not work for everyone.  I may just try starting a brand new game on a new map and importing my household... not unlike Dr. Who and his TARDIS going somewhere else.

Anyway, I have to say that the mod does so many cool things that I'm even willing to resort to saving more often in order to cope with more frequent lockups (seems to act like a script looping) happening with awesome mod than without it... then again, who could say that's really more frequent?  I could have just been unlucky, considering Sims 3 does that lockup thing anyway.

So what happened while I was playing today?

Bonehilda, my skeletal maid, earned a spot on my lot permanently by beating up a burglar.  She doesn't do laundry, but aside from that she keeps Dr. Whom's mansion remarkably spic and span.  I should get some pets so she could pester them endlessly socialize them for me.

A zombie sim died on my property, attracting the reaper.  Deedee flattered the heck out of the specter of death, but he escaped before I could see if I could ask him to join the household.
Sherman Landers may have been wondering why Deedee Wynn came by this
morning, dragging him out of bed before he even had a chance to change, just
to schmooze her way into instant boyfriend status and give him a massage.
Not for long.
People started dying off, and Deedee Wynn went in for the kill.  Her old boss of many days, Sherman Landers, already had a maxed relationship from her frequent socializing at work, and didn't have a chance to avoid becoming a plus one boyfriend to her Heartbreaker achievement.

While this whole idea of having a ghost chick who becomes someone's boyfriend the night before they kick the bucket was pretty cool, it was making progress to get the Heartbreaker achievement take forever, so I decided to have Deedee start hitting on any dang guy she saw, ask to go steady, then dump him a second later.

Fortunately for the male population of Moonlight Falls, Deedee was too busy with other things to enact her plan.  She managed to max out her cooking skill and charisma skill under the influence of the same wish enhancing serum.  It took me two tries, but I guess that's one benefit of having to revert back to an earlier save due to a lockup.  An extra 10,000 happiness points is a pretty good use of the serum, I think!
Cram, Deedee, Cram!  Your wish enhancing serum will run out soon,
and I need you to finish mastering two skills within 24 hours!
A lot of the household income came from Deedee having things thrown at her now that she was actually a five-star celebrity (I guess it pays to schmooze everyone you meet).  The gifts included three luxury hot tubs worth five figures!  She also completed a number of opportunities.  In one of them, Deedee was tasked with creating a perfect group meal but, despite having 10 cooking skill, couldn't seem to pull it off.  In the final stretch, I tried having Dr. Whom tweak the best possible oven to have good cooking quality and giving Deedee the Born To Cook lifetime reward, but no dice.  Thus equipped, later on she succeeded to make a perfect meal, but by then it was too late to complete the opportunity.

Deedee was getting cold moodlets I could not remove, until I googled the solution and found resetsim was the answer.

I'm thinking Deedee is basically a penultimate hypocrite.  Good and Friendly traits, so she's supposed to be a nice sim, and everybody likes her.  But then she has that Heartbreaker lifetime wish, she wants to have ten boyfriends and leave them all cold.  What a hyprocritical ghost.  Now that she's mastered the culinary profession, I'm considering making her a Ghost Hunter.  Maybe she'll make them her boyfriends before convincing them to move on?
A second garden, because if it's worth doing once, it's worth doing twice.
The kitchen has been moved upstairs to the right "pod."  In the lower-right
you can see the garage I've built to contain the household vehicles.  It's
larger than most pods and I've built a nice exercise-room, bathroom, and
study on the second floor.
Deedee this, Deedee that, what about our supposed protagonist, Dr.Whom?  Well, he's been up to some boring but vital stuff.
  • Upgrading the equipment in the household with his handiness skill.  
  • Crafting a lot of paintings and sculptures.  
  • Managing a garden that has doubled in size today.  
  • Making slow but steady progress in his scientist career.  
  • Autonomously, Dr. Whom asked Deedee to "just be friends," breaking off his romantic interest with her.  Apparently he prefers it that way.  I can't say I blame him.
He hasn't had a lot of opportunities because one of his slots is locked up with Oh My Ghost! and another slot is locked up with a simbot creating opportunity.

I'm thinking of removing the Hopeless Romantic trait from Dr. Whom.  He keeps getting pestered by sims to go out on dates, and this is probably why.  I'm considering giving him No Sense Of Humor in order for there to be some friction in his social interactions.  Did Dr. Who have no sense of rumor as well?  Actually, doing a bit of research on that, it may be important for a Dr. Who spoof to have a sense of humor, this is often how the character contrasted with the villains.  Well, that Savvy Sculptor trait is largely vestigial as well, considering there's really not all that many sculptures.


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