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Sims 3, Whovian Challenge Day 6: More Ado

Today's day of Sims 3 begun with a great many technical problems, about five hours spent mucking around with it that I will try to break down into some relatively simple points:
  • After reinstalling Awesomemod, I decided to start a whole new game but import the Whovian Challenge household into a new map.  That likely will allow me to continue the challenge without all the overhead of many, many weeks behind my household, and probably will fix that messed up travel problem I'm having.
  • The household refused to export from Edit Town.  Every time I tried, it said "processing," and that was it.  Apparently this is a longstanding issue.  I later learned that "processing" was doing something; it was exporting Whom Mansion without exporting the people with it.
  • I had so many of copies of Whom Mansion now I had to delete the extras, but it still was lacking in occupants.  So I tried to export Dr. Whom and Deedee Wynn directly, without their home, and this generated a "Failed to Share Whovian Challenge" error.  I split Dr. Whom and Deedee into separate households and tried again: Dr. Whom saved, Deedee didn't.  Now we're getting somewhere: if I had to guess, the trouble is that some sims cannot be saved, but it's unclear if it's because there's a glitch with Deedee Wynn or if she's considered protected Sims 3: Supernaturals content that the game is coded to not allow me to save to my clipboard.  Whatever the case, it would have been nice if Sims 3 was coded to tell me why the household could not be saved.
  • So Dr. Whom took his TARDIS home to Riverview, a rather pretty map.  It was then that I discovered that he wasn't allowed to be Edit Town'd back into his home again, he needed to buy it, and Deedee Wynn had taken too much house money with her when I split the household in half.  
  • So I went back to the old save game and tried again.  This time, I thought I'd just have Deedee Wynn use her tombstone to go back to the netherworld.  It was then that I discovered Deedee Wynn didn't have her tombstone in her inventory anymore.  If I had to guess, it went missing when I had to ResetSim her due to that warming glitch.  I've now a pretty good clue why the game wasn't allowing me to export her.  I had Dr. Whom check the graveyard, but Deedee's tombstone was not there, either.
  • Having been left with no other choice, I moved out Deedee, kicking her ghostly ass to the curb.  She took 20k with her, but that was a great improvement from the 85k she was taking before.  Time to evict the new Dr. Whom, $60k richer than he was before, and probably able to afford to move into his own home in the next location.
Off goes Deedee Wynn, to fate unknown.  Oh, whatever, she's a 5-star celebrity that
has 15,000 simolean hot tubs gifted to her randomly, she'll be fine.
Though I had went back to the old saved game quite a few times, messing with exporting the old household, things finally seemed to be working.  Dr. Whom had made it to his new neighborhood in his old home with $9k simoleons in his pocket, not that he really had a hard time affording rent anyway.  Having moved it into a ritzy version of town, 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive of Riverview, I had even gained a nice 60x60 plot upgrade from my previous 39x39 sized plot.

However, there were still many problems to deal with:
  • All the food in the fridge was spoiled.  This was the least of my worries.
  • My mailbox was glitched because it was full of gifts from people who no longer exist.   (When someone tried to "Get Mail," they'd just teleport away to a nearby position.)  So I had to re-export the house yet again... and it still didn't work, because the mailbox on the original house was glitched, too.  That would have been it for the good doctor, but fortunately turns out there's a fix of this as well: Delete the mailbox, "Save As..." a different map and load that, the mailbox is back, without the glitch.
  • Deedee Wynn wasn't able to make it.  Oh well, her "heartbreaker" lifetime was pretty much in the bag anyway.  I suspect that, once I made her a ghost hunter, she'd simply talk ghosts up to being her boyfriend and then convince them to move on.  Thus, she was just six ghosts short of having her lifetime achievement met.  About the only way that wouldn't work is if Deedee wasn't allowed to be a ghost hunter (since she was a ghost herself) or if ghosts can't be made to go steady - but you can wahoo with them, so you can probably do anything with ghosts.
  • Disappointingly, none of my sculptures or paintings from the previous household were kept.  I checked my old save game file and they weren't there, either, so I probably lost them when I was aggressively purging my cache earlier to try to reduce slowdown/lockup issues.  Because I was hoping to keep sculptures and paintings of each of Dr. Whom's "soulmates," that the sculptures and paintings cannot survive being exported to a new neighborhood may mean that Dr. Whom's travels are over and here (in Riverview) he shall stay.
  • My alchemy cabinet that I had stocked up with many reagents and elixirs made it to Riverview completely empty.  Winter had just set in, and it'll be a long time until my garden would be producing some more reagents.  Far more expensive to lose was the elixirs, which included nearly all of the transformation ones (which cost over 1k simoleans each).
Going through all this hubbub is why it took me about 5 hours to get Riverview up and running with Dr. Whom and his mansion alone.  However, now that that's behind us...

Our adventures in Riverview finally begin!

The Sims 3 Store Live Team did a fabulous job of keeping Riverview viable.  There was an elixir shop and a weather stone (Supernatural content), the Cannery had been modified to be a festival ground (Seasons content), a cafe, and even a Karaoke Bar for a live show venues (Showtime content).  This place was actually better equipped for expansion content than Moonlight Falls, the map that shipped with the last expansion!
Dr. Whom's adventures in socializing bring him to the local karaoke bar, where
a live venue was hosting a Simfest.  This magician's show was surely the best.
However, I did break out Edit Town to change The Water Hole Juice Bar to be an actual Late Nights-applicable watering hole, which was just a matter of changing the lot type and replacing the juice bars with a professional juice bar.  I prefer visiting sims have to actually pay for their food and drinks when visiting public venues.

Being a lousy Whovian myself (I've nary ever watched an episode of Dr. Who), I didn't know a whole lot about the doctor for whom Dr. Whom was spoofing.  However, I took some time to read up on him in the Wikipedia and found it's really inappropriate for Dr. Whom (my Dr. Who knockoff) to have the Hopeless Romantic trait.  To replace that, considering Dr. Who is always going on adventures, I decided to give Dr. Who the Brave trait (which is essentially a more practical version of the Adventurous trait).  I finally got rid of Savvy Sculptor and replaced it with Good Sense Of Humor, but it caused strange broken things to generate when I tried sculpting, so I had to switch it back.

Upon arriving in his new neighborhood, Dr. Whom immediately became more social than he had ever been before, visiting all of his nearby rich neighbors in Riverview and several social clubs.  Before long, Dr. Whom knew who lived in most of the houses on the map.  In all the time I've played Sims 3, I've never done that before.

It is very easy playing The Sims 3 with just one character, but with the resulting lack of challenge and ease of total control comes general boredom.  This household needed new members.  I started by adopting a puppy from a neighbor.
Welcome to the family, Piggy Little Dog.  That's the default name, I'll need to invent a better one for her.
A Hunter trait at the puppy stage is very promising: this dog will earn her keep when she grows up!
By the rules of the Whovian challenge, the good doctor had to find someone in the existing Sims 3 populace to invite to join his household.  Here's some of the prospects he ran across as he got to know the neighbors:
  • Shirley Lin had a fair chance to be invited in as Dr. Whom's next soulmate because she was single and had some interesting traits.  However, turns out she was scared of Bonehilda, which tells me that she wouldn't be well suited as a traveling companion on the Dr's adventures.
  • Henry McGlum was apparently turned gay by Dr. Whom asking him if he was single.   I was just trying to fill out the relationship data card on him, but Sims 3's wish fulfillment engine took things from there, and Henry kept sending Dr. Whom gifts and asking him to go out on dates after that.  Still, I was tempted to add him to the household as a platonic companion.
  • Hannah Jones, Yvette Grisby, and Ruby Breckenbridge were all very married, many of them with children, but it didn't stop them from wanting to be romantically involved in Dr. Whom.  Sims 3 really needs to be programmed to respect fidelity better.
  • A sim by the name of Consuela Bruno looked like a pretty good contender.  Excitable, Daredevil, Loner: now those are the traits of an adventurer!  I don't see her in the Sims 3 wiki, which suggests she may have been recently added.  She looks somewhat like a maid.
It's not actually possible to get romantically involved with Bonehilda,
but that didn't stop Dr. Whom and her from developing a mutual attraction.
I wonder if I could better specify who goes hunting after Dr. Whom's affections if I used the computer to create an online dating profile for him?  That'd make a lot of sense.  Oh well, maybe I'll give that a try next time I'm in the game.

In the end, I decided to take a chance and make a visiting alien, Ahliac Vejjer, into Dr. Whom's next soulmate.  An alien life state, how exciting!  (And how like a sci-fi doctor spoof to go after that!)  It was not very difficult at all for the doctor to invite his long time "Best Friend" down from the home world and convince her to move in.  My initial interview showed me the artistic, over-emotional, and party animal traits.  Interesting!  I wonder what kind of lifetime wish this sim could have?
Ahliac Vejjer may have come in peace, but I wasn't going to take a chance that Dr. Whom would get
impregnated with another alien fetus for their amusement, so I had Dr. Whom chuck an elixir of potent
friendship at her. His newly-annointed best friend suddenly had pressing business elsewhere.
After she moved in, it revealed that her traits were pretty much randomly generated: Artistic, Coward, Friendly, Over-Emotional, Party Animal.  Lifetime Wish: Rockstar, basically rank 10 in the Music career.  What a wild space gal, but that "Coward" trait's going to cause some trouble with Bonehilda around.  I might have to spend her first 20,000 happiness points on a midlife crisis reward that does away with it.   (Either that or, heaven forbid, do without a maid service.)

With a household up to three members now, hopefully things will be a bit more interesting than just the doctor puttering about.  The game would seem to be running marvelously well now with no sign of the kinds of slowdowns and hiccups I experienced in Moonlight Falls.  It might be because I created the game fresh with Awesomemod installed, or it could be because Riverview is that much less machine intensive.
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