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Bioshock Infinite's Story Kinda Sucks

I was eagerly looking forward to Bioshock Infinite, and did what I did for the first two Bioshock games and immediately shelled out for it for full price at release.   To its credit, I think Bioshock Infinite was a great romp - a bit short for $60, considering the inflation of gameplay length these days, but a great romp nonetheless.  However, I was rather disappointed with how abruptly it ended, and on what tone.

What follows will be massive spoilers and so I'm going to insert the following gameplay video as spoilerspace protection... this video will work particularly well because the events in the video never actually happen in the game: there's no weird mutating-face politician, no giant ground-based gun emplacements (though there are some mounted ones) and no enemy that throws crows at you.  It makes one wonder how much ended up on the cutting room floor?  Probably enough for a significantly longer game and, as it turns out, this is core to the problem I have with Bioshock …

The Spacing Of The Dead: My Procrastination Continues

Being an on-call substitute is certainly interesting business.  Out of the blue, 16 hours dropped from above over two days, that's twice the hours I got for the first half of the month, and I'm scheduled to come in a few times more before the month is over.  Will this trend continue into April?  I hope so.  After all, I'm training for an additional branch, and that should improve my hours consistently... or so you'd think.

There's also a slim possibility I'll manage to land a full time position, but I am aware I'm a fourth string pick in that regard, as far as seniority is concerned, so whatever will be will be.  Either way, so long as I manage to meet expectations and not get let go for some reason, I'm happy to be working at all considering I was completely unemployed for awhile there.

So, am I feeling as down in the dumps as I was in my last entry?  Well, no - having a reason to get out of the house is always a good way to clear away the mental cobwe…

The Dangers Of Owning Your Own Time Machine

There are times, after a prolonged gaming session, that I realize that gaming only serves one practical purpose - other than the nebulous purpose of "being entertainment" - and that purpose is to burn time.
Though I've really been enjoying Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead lately, and even a bit of Planetside 2 (where I finally dropped my first $10 of Station Cash on the game to get some discount aircraft rocket pods and a basic gun package) I played next to nothing yesterday because I really feel I aught to be doing something more productive with my free time.

Like maybe actually use that copy of GameMaker Studio Pro I bought, write bad fan fiction, or even play something else considering I've yet to touch a lot of the games I bought during last year's holiday sales.  Dead Space 3 is on sale for half-off today, but why bother buying it when I'm achieving nothing, including play all the games I already have?

I have considered looking for work, because this substitu…

Darkest Days, Dorkest Ways

I had quite a few fun days with Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.

My current martial artist character can pretty much take on anything without a ranged attack in a fist fight, expertly deflecting their blows.  He can be overwhelmed if he's swarmed, by aside from that his homemade carapace arm bands allow him to absorb as many blows as he needs to.  Some particularly grabby or powerful enemies can stop him from blocking momentarily, but he'll ultimately get out of that fight without losing to much health.

There have been some pretty close calls... usually because I did not notice I was not wielding my deadly karate fists when confronting enemies, resulting in a failure to block that almost killed this character.  However, I survived and it finally culminated with my crowning achievement, the assembly of a solar powered, electric-engine car. 

Yet, this victory is bittersweet, as I now am not entirely sure what there's left to do in the game.  As I mentioned before, there's …

Darkest Of Days, Brightest Of Gameplay

If you're like most gamers, you're probably sick of zombies by now.  Following the success of Left4Dead, so many people jumped on the zombie bandwagon that it firmly derailed into a ditch where hopefully someone was considerate enough to bury the remains.

Once again, the indie developer to the rescue.  Enter Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, which is essentially what Project Zomboid would be if they weren't bogged down with graphical overhead.  It reminds us what zombie games should really be about: post-apocolyptic survival scenarios where you have the freedom to freely loot the remnants of society and become an utter badass.
Cataclysm gameplay video courtesy of Td30s, whose accent alone makes him far cooler than I shall ever be.
So it's text based but, if you have ever played a roguelike game seriously, you know that you will eventually learn what symbol means what.  Even the prettiest graphics in the world eventually breaks down to symbols in our head, text-based roguelike…

Procrastus Interruptus: Me Whining About Planetside 2 And Amalur

Maybe it's the fact I have not been to the gym for a good while, but I don't particularly feel like playing any games today, and one could just as easily attribute that to me becoming bored of what I have been playing.  Seeing how me being bored about what I have been playing lately is typically the subject of this blog, lets elaborate.

Sameycide 2: Your Persistent Worldly Ganking

Contrary to how it may appear, I really do not like to dump on a game or a developer, particularly SOE's Planetside 2 which, as perhaps the only massively-multiplayer first person shooter to truly be one, is a game I dearly hope succeeds just so it can push PC gaming forward, technically speaking.

Unfortunately, I can only play it for so long before I realize it suffers from terrible game design flaws on too many facets.
The low-visibility combat model just glorifies ganking tactics.

Success in this game is entirely about exploiting the visibility model.  You will only manage to get more kills than …

Out Of Sync With Planetside 2

Playing Planetside 2 as of the March 1st 2013 server merge was supposed to be fun but, instead it introduced some optimization code that... well, generally makes the game completely unplayable for me.

There's a great big thread about how the issue with de-syncing in Planetside 2 may be caused by various CPU/BIOS issues. Unfortunately, none of those solutions seemed to work for me.  Naturally, I was a tad ticked at SOE at this point because no other game has this problem, and I play a lot of them.  I expect Planetside 2 to be as compatible with my computer as any other game.
The final, glorious insult that put this over the top for me is this "known issue"where my weapons simply stop working.  The thing is, I know I'm already everybody else's punching bag in Planetside 2 simply because I'm a F2P player who, due to SOE's iron grip on decent certification gain rates, is at a significant disadvantage versus paying players.  Now, because my weapons fail to wor…