Out Of Sync With Planetside 2

Playing Planetside 2 as of the March 1st 2013 server merge was supposed to be fun but, instead it introduced some optimization code that... well, generally makes the game completely unplayable for me.

There's a great big thread about how the issue with de-syncing in Planetside 2 may be caused by various CPU/BIOS issues. Unfortunately, none of those solutions seemed to work for me.  Naturally, I was a tad ticked at SOE at this point because no other game has this problem, and I play a lot of them.  I expect Planetside 2 to be as compatible with my computer as any other game.
The final, glorious insult that put this over the top for me is this "known issue" where my weapons simply stop working.  The thing is, I know I'm already everybody else's punching bag in Planetside 2 simply because I'm a F2P player who, due to SOE's iron grip on decent certification gain rates, is at a significant disadvantage versus paying players.  Now, because my weapons fail to work due to bugs, it's like I'm being handed duds as a practical joke

Well, anyway, fast forward to the next day, and a friendly Internet denizen named Shasbot found out what was ailing me.
It's Asus's AI Suite software.  The solution, as it turns out, is to uncheck the "sensor" button on the configuration
Some homebrew software known as WinTimerTester proves it makes a difference.  With that sensor checkbox disabled, WinTimerTester stabilized at about 1.0 QPC/GTC Ratio after about 50 seconds. With the sensor checkbox enabled, WinTimerTester stabilized at about a 1.0020 QPC/GTC ratio at 50 seconds onward.  Removing the AI Suite II software completely caused it to stabilize at 0.9998 - 0.9999 QPC/GTC at about 70 seconds onward.

SOE's not completely off the hook, however.  I'm pretty sure the server merge hotfix introduced some kind of code that caused this desyncing to occur at a mere 1.002 difference in QPC/GTC ratio when it did not previously.   If it turns out that it was actually some kind of anti-cheating code, I'm not sure who to blame more: SOE or the cheaters.

For now, at least, it seems to be working.  A 2 hour test under heavy load (high server population) is relatively comprehensive, especially when the warping would begin well inside of 30 minutes before.  However, I'll try to update this entry if I notice that the problem returns and if I was just lucky.  [Edit: Two days later, so far, so good.]


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