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Poking, Grinding, Pining Over Space, And Other Typical Human Pursuits

You know, I think I'd like to buy Stardrive.  It has just the right focus for what I want to get out of a space 4X game:
Great ship design emphasis where you can take 45 minutes decking out a space station in really cool weapons and other tech (or, if you're feeling like saving time, just load an existing design).Good combat that puts the player in complete control with great fidelity of the finer details (such as sectional damage) without being overwhelming or awkward (being a 2D game).Moderately well-featured diplomacy screens that are highly reminiscent of Master Of Orion 2 and also feature powerful espionage support.A nice galactic scope size, handled with a reasonably functional GUI.A humble tech tree, maybe you don't agree with how the sections are put together, but it is easy to understand the benefits of each technology, and each technology unlocked is palpably powerful. The only trouble is, I have no idea when I'd have the time to play it.  I simply have too …

Enough Overthinking About DC Universe Online Altoholicism To Please Even Brainiac

No sense logging into Planetside 2 every day to see what's on sale: my station cash is spent.   About half of it went to DC Universe Online, purchasing all the DLC packs that are currently out, and now I'm trying to justify that.
My first DC Universe Online hero, a concept I took to level 30 in beta, was a Gadgets/Martial Arts/Acrobatics Batman-alike.  Over the past few days, I took a character of that same build, the ExoEliminator, to level 30... it would only have taken about three days, had I focused entirely on him, but this is a character I initially created months ago.  Well, now I've reached "the real game" that starts at level 30 (the highest level of the game)... and it largely involves queuing up for the instances on the on-duty menu in order to earn "marks" that let you unlock gear that grants up to 60 more levels worth of "combat rating."   Unfortunately, something seems to be slightly off about the ExoEliminator, I couldn't qu…

Procrastinating Unto The Depths Of Space

I am such an accomplished procrastinator that there are times in which a few days go by and I wonder the how and why of it.  Let's see if I can piece it together.
Since my last entry about DC Universe Online, I had played all of one day of it, whereupon my fickle preferences (which bewilder even myself) settled upon at Batman-like character after all, and he went from about level 10 to level 18 in a single day - DC Universe Online is a game where you can hit the level cap inside of three days if you stick to the same character.

I have doubts I should even bother, because I know the end game of DC Universe Online is going to turn out to be the same as every other MMORPGs' end game: grind for gear while dealing with the typical elitism to be found in the established higher-level players.  In a way, this is a testament that the DC Universe Online developers knew what they were doing well enough to not only innovate upon what the MMORPGs that came before it did, but also to bring …

Hard Light Binding Meets Hardcore Grinding

Has it really been four days since the last entry?  It feels more like two.  I was just recovering with the aid of antibiotics when I caught an annoying, rather garden-variety cold.  I still had a few work appointments I wanted to make so I spent a lot of time doped up on Dayquil generics in order to keep the cold symptoms to a minimum.  I suppose it's really no wonder that I lost track of time: suffering a cold alone would have done it, the decongestants just sealed the deal.

The last few weeks played out with the frequent disruptions of free time suitable to responsible adult, but this upcoming week is looking like it may be more like an irresponsible student's spring vacation.  Considering these pesky bugs I've been suffering, this time off may prove useful to fully recover.

So far, my free time over the past couple days mostly involved browsing forums and watching the Angry Video Game Nerd.  That was fun, he even had a few new ones, but I should really get back to what…

They don't make spandex in my size anymore

I am surprised I never had an entry about DC Universe Online.  After all, I was a huge fan of City Of Heroes, and you can bet I was chomping at the bit when I heard about Champions Online and DC Universe online being in development.  What happened?

Well, Champions Online went wayward during development.  I arrived in beta just in time to see they had retooled the system to be something completely different than their original aspirations to have a completely-open-ended character design system (like the Champions RPG did).  Bill Roper did his best, I'm sure, but what was delivered was probably no more satisfying than whatever came before it, and the resulting limitation in flexibility in character generation ultimately made the game seem silly.  What's worse, Champions Online had none of the depth in the central gameplay mechanic that the original City of Heroes did, focusing on being more casual-friendly and dumbed down.
Last I checked, Cryptic Studios (now a "wholly owne…

In Socialist Life, Diversion Gets You

A week since my last entry about finishing Bioshock, I have not done anything else with my free time, because I'm rather prone to diversion.  How prone to diversion am I?  So much so that I came down with diverticulitis.  Yet, despite feeling the solution was in better time management techniques, it turns out that what I really needed was antibiotics.  Go figure!
Actually, I have a pretty good excuse not to have blogged anything in the last week: I was actually working!  Well, not quite full-time, but I had as many hours in the last week than I did the entirety of February, and the end of March was not looking too shabby either, so that's a definite improvement of my life situation.  Honestly, I was out of work for so long before landing this substitute gig that it's not even so much about the money anymore... I'm just glad to be a contributing member of society.

It is still not enough to live on.  One day, I may gain sufficient job experience to be promoted to regular…