Enough Overthinking About DC Universe Online Altoholicism To Please Even Brainiac

No sense logging into Planetside 2 every day to see what's on sale: my station cash is spent.   About half of it went to DC Universe Online, purchasing all the DLC packs that are currently out, and now I'm trying to justify that.
The ExoEliminator, my first DC Universe Online character to hit level 30, if you don't count beta.  He's a cross between somebody being mentored by Batman (dig the "dark, edgy" cowl) and a technology-based hero (thus, the power armor).  I don't know, it doesn't seem quite right, maybe I'd have been happier with a ninja?
My first DC Universe Online hero, a concept I took to level 30 in beta, was a Gadgets/Martial Arts/Acrobatics Batman-alike.  Over the past few days, I took a character of that same build, the ExoEliminator, to level 30... it would only have taken about three days, had I focused entirely on him, but this is a character I initially created months ago.  Well, now I've reached "the real game" that starts at level 30 (the highest level of the game)... and it largely involves queuing up for the instances on the on-duty menu in order to earn "marks" that let you unlock gear that grants up to 60 more levels worth of "combat rating."   Unfortunately, something seems to be slightly off about the ExoEliminator, I couldn't quite identify with his concept, he didn't "click" well with me... so I suppose the hunt for an ideal character continues.

The craven Altoholic's ultimate method: alt, but with a strategy in mind.

At this point, the ideal character is actually looking to be at least seven characters.  Why so many characters?  Because each of the iconic mentors in the game have unique missions offered at the beginning, middle, and end of a character's climb from 1 to 30. Each of the two sides (hero and villain) have three mentors which correspond to the source of a character's powers being technological, magical, or metahuman.  So, in order to see all the missions in the game, I will need to have at least six characters.
All the mentors in the game: Wonder Woman (magic), Superman (meta), Batman (tech) for the heroes, and Joker (tech), Lex Luthor (Meta), and Catwoman (magic) for the villains... wait, Catwoman?  Catwoman isn't a mentor in DC Universe Online!  They replaced her with Circe, Wonder Woman's nemesis, but guess who they figured would sell more if they put her on the box?  Me-ow.
A choice of character also involves a choice of one of three roles: tanking, controlling, or healing.  (All characters are capable of doing damage, the fourth role.)  I think I should have at least one character of each role per side ("side" again referring to heroes and villains).   I already have two "controllers" on the hero side and I currently don't plan on deleting either, so this is what pushes me up to seven characters.

I might just do even more than seven characters because there's nine (soon to be ten) different power sets in the game, so I might as well suffer a little mentor and role overlap in order to try them all out.  I think that, some time after I have taken a character to level 30, I will run three of that character's six tier one daily challenges with one side of their power set's power tree and then respec into the other side's power set for the other three, and from this experience come up with a "perfect" power respec that draws powers from both.

But in order for this to work, I need a method that imposes a limit on my alts, and that limit is that I am only allowed to have one character per power set.  So, no matter what, I am limited to no more than nine (soon to be ten) characters.  This particularly makes sense in DC Universe Online because you are able to cheaply change the weapon that the hero uses, and the only other distinguishing factors are the side they play (hero or villain) and travel power they use (acrobatics, flight, or super speed).

So I suppose that this is a solution to my altaholicism, of a sort: play them all to level 30 and set up a "perfect" power set layout for them all.  This method would not even be possible, but it only takes 3 days to take each character from level 1 to 30 (the max).  If I were to have all ten characters (one per power set) then that's no more than a month spent getting them to 30... assuming I could focus on playing only one game every day for an entire month, which I doubt.  The ultimate goal is pick a "main" via researching all the way all the characters play in order to find the perfect one and then decide which to take up to equipment level 90.  (Although I doubt I'll care enough for grinding to really see them to the end.)

That solved, the only real problem I have with DC Universe Online now is this concept of "escrow", which seems really chintzy on behalf of SOE.   In a nutshell, free-to-play players such as myself are only allowed to hold up to a certain amount of in-game money at a time.  After that, the money you earn in game is held for ransom "in escrow" for real money, and you can either get it out by performing micro-transactions or subscribing to a monthly subscription.  I think that's silly because SOE actually makes more money off of their F2P players than they do their subscribers (as a whole rather than average per individual) so such a hamfisted method to force people to subscribe is likely just to alienate this more profitable playerbase.  Fortunately, not a whole lot of things in the game really require more than the pre-escrow money cap my "premium" characters have, but that may well change if I try playing above equipment level 30.


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