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It's Too Cold A Day For Neverwinter

Some decisions are best slept on.  For example, the decision to borrow some money in order to give Cryptic Studios $60 for a Neverwinter founder's pack under the understanding that it's a limited time offer and they are already well-overdue to pull them.  Then the morning comes, I'm $60 shorter, the founder's packs are still for sale, and I'm not entirely sure I want to play Neverwinter anymore.
No promise this limited time offer will be available by the time you''re reading it, but this is what it looked like.
Why not?  Well, this particular matter feels like a bit of a muddled mess in my head, let me unload a few reasons I can fish out of the stew:
  • I have to deal with trying to decide on a character I want to play, and this is usually an epic undertaking without much satisfaction, so now it feels like a chore.  So much so that I unlocked an additional three character slots, for a total of five, and (currently) there's five classes.  Yes, I don't think I'm going to bother deciding; instead, I'll just roll up one character per class, play whatever I feel like and, so long as I don't delete any of them, I'll eventually hit the end game, right?
  • Neverwinter snuck up on me, and now I am late to the party.  Neverwinter is released, how could I not know?  Neverwinter is not actually released yet, didn't you know?  Actually, Neverwinter is having a "soft open" where it exists in a state of being released, and not yet released.  There's already more characters on any of the servers at maximum level than I can list, and the list ends at 100 people currently online.  There will (probably) be no wipe, and so those characters are here to stay.  New virtual worlds are almost like a land run of yore, be the first on the server to accomplish something.  Thanks to the way Cryptic is handling this launch, by the time many people will have heard of it, they won't find a land run, they'll find the same boring civilization they thought they left when they were logging in.
  • Neverwinter is the same old scenario of 99% of all existing MMORPGs out there: a mad dash from level 1 to maximum through theme park-style content.  After an indefinite number of times doing this, a certain primordial sense asks me why, of all the finite time I have on this planet, do I want to spend it doing this?  Without a satisfactory answer, I am plagued with so much self-doubt that it makes it rather hard to become invested in this game.
  • I have other things I could be playing that are just as good, maybe better.  Marvel Heroes, I like, despite it going a little sour for me as of late.  Planetside 2, despite everything I hate about, I still like enough to want to play.  Yet, all my games, Neverwinter included, have the same problem: there's only so many hours in the day.  What ends up happening is I prioritize doing what I feel I want to do the most, and everything else simply does not get done.
One thing you should notice about this list is at no point do I suggest that Neverwinter is actually bad.  In the last entry, I wrote that I think the game is alright, on par with TERA in terms of overall quality, most popular game on MMORPG.COM right now.  All of this is true.

There's nothing particularly wrong with Neverwinter... well, maybe the classes are a bit bland and samey... and there's too few classes currently in the game... and people tend to run through dungeon delves knocking all the mobs off cliffs because it's a cheap and easy way to kill them and they still get experience and the mobs are balanced in such a way that most people rather not defeat them in a fair fight... and then that astral diamond exploit fiasco happened... but when all is said and done, Neverwinter's still a pretty solid product. 

So it's strange that I still have to invest effort in getting myself to play it.  Well, like it or not, the bottom line is that I gave Cryptic Studios $60 for Neverwinter, and I am not a rich man.  I am obligated to at least try playing it.  Eventually.  Just as soon as I exhaust all other options... oh, hey, I know, lets make every post I write on a pony-related message board a haiku!


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