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Reassessing What Maturity Means To My Gaming Habit

Once in awhile, an individual is given exactly what they thought they wanted, and this provides the necessary background to better understand what it was they really wanted all along.

I thought I wanted good games to play and, technically, that's still true.  But here I am with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, a game which I think is undeniably good, and charming besides.  Yet, I unlocked the second location in the game ,I just imagine that here is a 3D platforming game full of all sorts of hand-crafted content and realize, to my chagrin, I find I really don't want to play it anymoreWhy?  I have what I thought I wanted, but it apparently is not what I want at all.
Maybe it has to do with my tastes maturing with age.  When I think of the kind of people who would be interested in playing a platformer, I have to take a stab at what the game offers and why it would appeal to those people.  Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is charming, and I think being charming appeals to people of…

Time Compressed, Space Expanded

Though I've been bemoaning having worn my bank account down to bedrock by buying this Nintendo 3DS XL, this has otherwise been the best month I've had to be a library substitute.  Summer brings two major things:
Nice climes, enticing the incumbent staff to take their vacation (which is the classic reason why you would even want a substitute around).A ton of kids on summer vacation, and the library is a great place for voracious young minds craving stimulation (which means you need more staff around the library to counteract the damage of idle young hands, which means more hours for substitutes). Kids, don't try this at home.  (Your parents would want to sock you!)
As part of my employment conditions, this substitute is normally limited to so many hours a month but, for three months out of the year, I am allowed to take as many hours as I can get (provided it does not trigger overtime).  Given the limited number of substitute opportunities available, it's improbable I wi…

Rambling Through The Midnight Oil

I don't know what I was thinking drinking a ton of cola at 8pm.  Here it is, 12:30am on a Sunday morning, and I'm wide awake.  I've got to be up for work at 7am by Monday!  Stupid!  Guess I'll be hitting the sack early the night before and resign myself to a lot of tossing and turning - it's a method that has worked in the past.  As for now, I'm too wired to sleep, so I'll write write a blog entry and feign productivity.

Contrary to the wishes at the bottom of a couple entries ago, it does not look like I will be buying any hard drives any time soon.  Fortunately, it seems my broken hard drive is indeed under warranty - expires a couple months from now, in fact - and, thus far Seagate has been rather good about honoring warranties on broken hard drives.  (I imagine those early Barracudas turned out to be a bit of a shortfall for the company.)  Provided everything goes according to plan, I will at least be able to rebuild my RAID1, which is a good thing cons…

My Early Foreys Into The 3DS Library Continue

Although I have enjoyed this kind of game in the past, I don't think I'm going to make it to a full year (game time) of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.   I put another week (game time) into the game, and my little farm persona's routine is the same as it was from the start:
Wake up.Water the plants.Run around the forest and mountains grabbing everything I can stuff in my bag.Dump it all in the harvest bin in town.  Maybe save a few things for storing at home.Visit the shop to stock up on anything I might need.Perform the second daily plant wateringBed. Eventually, my first turnip crop was ready for harvesting.  Did that.  Found out that turning them into soup was more profitable, so I turned them all into soup before chucking them in the bin.  Soon afterward, my potatoes came in.  I made a fair amount of coin from shipping all this out, but it seems I can already make a decent amount of money just running around the forest collecting bugs and bric a brac to sell, so why bot…

A Surprisingly Effective $300 This Has Turned Out To Be

I'm so deep in the poorhouse right now that it's not even funny - I vastly overestimated my disposable income when I shelled out for a Nintendo 3DS XL last week.  However, as it turns out, this device is not only trying to improve my body and mind, it's actually doing a better job than anything else I've encountered for years.

There's a Play Coin function that allows me to earn up to ten coins a day that can be spent in various Nintendo games and other applications.  How do you earn these coins?  By walking around with a Nintendo 3DS in sleep mode, triggering the pedometer function.  (I could cheat the pedometer, sure, but that's not how I roll.)  Earning the full 10 coins is only 1,000 steps (1 coin per 100 steps) and that's rather weak considering that the ideal goal these days is ten times that, 10,000 steps a day!  Still, they say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and just 1,000 is more than enough to get me to take my 3DS …

Capsizing Leaves Crossly

I'm weak; I just could not wait for some GameFly games to get here, and my Brain Age title was programmed to only want to see me for maybe a half-hour a day, so I decided to download another full-fledged Nintendo DS title of my own in the form of Animal Crossing: New Leaf
This is a game I have bought three, maybe four times:
I bought the original Animal Crossing for the GameCube, released in 2001, and fun times were had by all.  It was a game where you move into a procedurally generated town filled with talking animals and sell the fruit, fish, insects, and fossils you collected in order to upgrade your house, whose decoration is your only long term goal.I wanted to get Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS, released in 2005, but I'm pretty sure I did not actually get around to it (I might have been thwarted by it not being available when the inclination to buy hit).  It was pretty much the same game the original Animal Crossing was, but now it was portable, and yo…

The Kind Of Mid-Life Crisis Spending I Can Get My Hands On

Well, I feel sort of sheepish about mentioning how sporadic and random my work schedule was last week because, quite suddenly, substitute work has nearly dried up completely, and I find myself with a glut of free time to fill.  (I suppose, technically, randomness should reflect the occasional lack of time.)

To these ends, I have made a rather radical move of spending $250 on a Nintendo 3DS XL and the only 3DS game I now own, Brain Age: Concentration Training.  I'll be living on a shoestring budget for awhile but, hey, if I did not spend it on this, I probably would have spent it on two more hard drives to complete a RAID 1+0, and is a moderate speed increase to my existing RAID 1 array really less frivolous?
Brain Age: Concentration Training is a bit of an odd duck, and is better witnessed instead of listening to anything I have to say about it - take it away, IGN!  This game has pretenses of science in its design, but do they really hold water?  Well, I'll tell you this much: …

Indy Scrolls

Fresh on the heels of my considering giving up mainstream gaming, I've picked up a few indy games, and it only cost me a quarter as much as it did when I tried to get into Marvel Heroes and Neverwinter.

For a limited time this week, Indy Royale is offering something they call "The Arclight Bundle" which is the complete collection of games currently released by Arcen Games.  Ironically, the two best-received games of this batch, AI War:Fleet Command and Titalis, are the two I am the least interested in.  This is on the grounds of me being generally tired of 4X space conquest games and never much of a casual puzzler fan.  Still, it only cost me $8, so it's really hard to complain: I blow more money than that getting fast food.

So far, I only have made time to play one game from the Arclight Bundle, A Valley Without Wind, whose take to being side-scrolling roleplaying game is rather unique.  It's a small part of Metroid and a small part of Terraria thrown in a blen…

Another Run Down Funk Alley

My free time has come to mirror my work schedule: random and spontaneous.

As a substitute, I don't work regular hours.  The day before yesterday was a split shift, the day after just 4 hours, today I have off, tomorrow will be another 4 hours.  Today, I have to day off... probably, I might yet be needed, and herein lay the spontaneity.  Next week will be completely different.

It's a bit jarring; when you have a full time job, you can be a creature of habit.  I cannot, and I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse, because it's not like habits are necessarily good to have, it's just easier because you have a pattern of knowing when you should be doing what.

In the present, I am facing that I seem to be utilizing my free time poorly.  A few days ago, I was wondering what the heck I'm doing with my free time and, what with how this week has went, I still have yet to figure out exactly what's going on.  However, following that last blog entry, I was feel…