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My Triple Threat Turned Out To Be Cerberus

 Oh, what have I gotten myself into? I'm actually trying to play these three games:
  • Marvel Heroes, an isometric third person action RPG with that is basically a re-skinned game in the Diablo series (probably on account of how it was made by the original lead designer).
  • Neverwinter, a third person action RPG with a loot system that owes a lot to the Diablo series.
  • Warframe, a third person action RPG with some systems that owe a lot to the Diablo series by proxy of a Phantasy Star Online inheritance.
Crap! Even though you can find parts of these games that have nothing to do with the other two, they still have enough in common that playing one is boring myself of parts of the other two.  I'll actually need to come up with more, less-related, games to play just to distract me from these games enough that they still seem fresh!  (Maybe I should go back to Kingdoms of Amalur - oh, crap, it's another one!  Oh hey, coincidentally Steam has Dungeon Siege III for 75% off, maybe that will give me an alternat- CRAP.)
I really did not plan this.  The games looked distinct, they each have distinct themes (Marvel heroes, Dungeons & Dragons, space ninjas) and they each have features that the other two do not.  Thus, it did not even occur to me to consider they all were third person action RPGs, let alone that they all borrowed from Diablo in some fashion or another (though in Marvel Heroes' case it was obvious).  One such game would have been fine but...

I picked up Marvel Heroes a few days ago because I found it very addicting, so I bought a "Founder's Pack." While Marvel Heroes was still in closed beta, I decided to give Neverwinter a serious try and, fearing it was a limited time offer, shelled out for a "Founder's Pack" for that, too. Then, just for a lark, I tried Warframe, and found I really liked it (but thus far I've avoided spending money on it... ironic considering I think it's the most enjoyable of the three).  So it all just sort of fell together I ended up investing time and/or money into three loosely identical games at once.

What's the matter with me these days?  

I realize that I don't even watch TV anymore, that's been going on for over a year now, and the reason is unfathomable to me.  Is it because I procrastinate so hard I can't even make the time to do that?  Is it because I've learned that, if I want to watch some series on TV, it's just a lot easier to find episodes on the Internet, or NetFlix, or whatever, without commercial interruption?  Maybe it's because I'm such an eccentric that what's on TV simply is not to my taste.  

In any case, what ends up happening is I spend time on forums, arguing with high-school-to-college-age nerds, to the point that I was sick of it long ago.  I suspect I keep coming back because it's my holding pattern, the easiest thing to get myself to do.  At least it's an activity far enough removed from playing yet another third person action RPG!

Bad, deeply-ingrained habits; failure to take into consideration the greater context of how I choose to invest my fleeting free time.  It's just as well that work has picked up a bit lately, as I sure don't seem to be all that good at managing my own time.  I need to sit back, take stock of what I should be doing, and do it.  Only trouble is, on some level, I've been trying to do that for years, and somehow it's just been burrowing me deeper.

I'd probably feel better about my situation if I actually got to the gym.  It's a fair bet that a significant amount of this has nothing to do with how badly I've been wasting my time, and everything to do with how I feel about it.


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