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Tripping Over Memories Lame

Superman had his kryptonite.  Birdman (like Superman) needed to be recharged by the power of the sun.  Even the Green Lantern had the color yellow... up until it was retconed out for being a silly weakness.   Me, my weakness is being forced to socialize during my free time.  I need my "me" time like a desert maroon needs his water.

It has been almost a week now since I cut off the lead interruption to my solitude, and I feel little different.  A little more self-actualized and confident.   I almost feel as though my sense of humor might be returning.

At the same time, though, I feel a bit weird because I had grown so used to being put down regularly that I am not used to being on my own person again.  I am not sure if I will ever be able to shift gears back to being the individual I once was... I am older now.

Perhaps I had almost grown to like the constant socialization on some level... but, how should I put this?  There is so much more "me that likes to be alone"…

Sagecraft And Shadowrun

My endeavoring to be a better writer on this blog is getting off to a slow start.  Fortunately, I know the way: a few essential steps to writing anything of significant pull.  They go something like this:
First, think of something worth writing about.  The better the idea, the less work you have to do to make it interesting.  Talking about my day-to-day activities is a tough subject to work with, but it's certainly easy to find material for.  Moping about why I can't keep any friends is better, but not by much.Freewrite, outline, bang your head against the keyboard, or whatever else it takes for you to slam out a rough draft as soon as possible.  Don't dwell on it, that would only prevent you from finishing, and your rough draft is soon to become irrelevant anyway.Got what you wanted to say down?  Good.  Now, read it aloud.  This is important because it will sound different aloud than it does in your head.  If it sounds bad, it won't track well with your readers, either…

Post-Mope Boredom Diffusion

In hindsight, effort towards writing it better or not, I don't think moping was a good idea.  Besides, I'm pretty sure a significant amount of negativity I'd seen was probably reflected back from myself.  That's often the way things.  It's a bitter medicine, I should probably swallow it.

So here's a little status report to push that ugliness to page two.  I just finished buyingway too many games, so when this latest paycheck came in, and I don't want to repeat that mistake.  I immediately dumped it on getting a couple more drives.  Then I bought another game because I'm thick that way.

Hardware Upgrade: A RAID 10 Looms Near
This is something I need to do.  Why?  As everything else I seem to do in life, the reasoning is overly complicated.
I have some dated-but-still-effective productivity software to load on my computer, but all of this software has a limited number of activations.  Thanks to hard drive failures of the past, I have already used up some of…

The Steam Summer Sale 2013 Comes To A Close

It was an unusually busy work week for me.   As I sit here writing this blog entry, I somewhat feel as though I am just trying to recover from 26 hours of work in 4 days... yeah, I know, "What a panzy, haven't you ever heard of a full time job, and what about overtime?"  Well, hypothetical smart aleck, before the recession hit, I worked a full-time schedule for almost a decade, and I can tell you this: being a substitute with a random work schedule is a little tougher because you never get used to it.  (Or maybe I'm just getting older.)
Anyway, not to complain, because I'm glad for the opportunity to work... partly because I'm spending my money too quickly.  Much of that goes to eating out... little wonder I'm not losing any weight despite exercising so much at work.  I also bought myself some affordable computer speakers on my last paycheck, which turned out to be a downgrade in bass resonance capacity but an overall upgrade in fidelity and sense of ster…

Perhaps Gaming Is In The Cards For Me, After All

Hold on to your wallets, boys and girls: the Steam Summer Getaway Sale is running from July 11th through July 22nd.
I just got my paycheck not too long ago, and have budgeted $100 towards entertainment expenses.  Just 5 days into the Steam Sale sale, I've blown through $88.44 of that, part of that being the $18.42 I spent on Phoenix Wright for the iPad, but the remainder going to Steam:
Castle Crashers - Initially an XBox Arcade game, this is basically a side-scrolling beat em' up in the style of Final Fight 2 or Golden Axe, except with medieval knights and a whole lot of tongue-in-cheek (at times toilet-ish) humor.  Great fun, all things considered.Dust: An Elysian Tail - Haven't played it yet, but from what I hear it's a very well-done indy game that involves a lot of fighting.  Hope you don't mind anthropomorphic animal worlds, because this is one!Total War: Shogun 2 - I call myself a PC gamer, and indeed I have played more than most, but I've yet to play a T…

Objecting Favorably: Escapism Squared

Not too long ago, one of my customers mentioned an interesting thing to me.  He said, "I get bored of gaming from time to time, then I go read a bunch of books.  Then, when I get bored of books, I go back to gaming again, and it's interesting once more."

This may reflect why it is that I have not been having a particularly good time in computer gaming since at least the end of last year, where I bought a ton of games on Steam sales and promptly found myself unable to play the majority of them.

I have Dark Souls:Prepare To Die Edition here, purchased at about that time, going pretty much completely without play and, considering how well it was reviewed, that's a real shame.  Other monolithic titles, such as Frozen Synapse and Dishonored I put down before I was a quarter way through them.  L.A. Noire has gone completely unplayed after my Steam purchase for a full year now.

Earlier, I talked about how I liked Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon but felt it likely I'd wan…

Being A Blockhead, Per Usual

Another week has come and gone, but what can I say about the time between now and last week?  Well...
I suppose some things of significance have happened:
An aunt moved a trailer home out of our back yard, and this eases my mind somewhat considering it spent most of its time empty while she was out of the country.   Independence Day has come and gone without the neighbors accidentally burning the house down in their firework-related revelry, and that's always a good thing.  It's been about 236 years since the United States broke off of British rule, and we're still burning a lot of money on fireworks every year.  Here I thought we were in recession.Pain.  Both in the form of an exposed nerve ending on the left side of my tooth and a nasty headache-like feeling that's been coming and going from the back opposite side of my neck.  I'll be seeing a dentist about the former, and am hoping the other just needs some time to heal.Looks like Seagate is going to accept my ha…