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Anticipating X And Ex-Anticipation

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It's 9 days until X Rebirth is released, and when a game that incredible is just around the corner, the sense of anticipation makes it difficult for me to want to play anything else.

I did reinstall X3: Albion Prelude with some pretense to complete the campaign.  This campaign is actually a sort of storyline that leads into to X Rebirth, so could potentially be enriching groundwork for me to enjoy the game when it comes out.  However, I'm noticing that the Albion prelude campaign is actually rather merciless...

Picking up from a two-year-old saved game, I was at a step of the Albion Prelude campaign that involved getting 3 lasertowers.  However, these are hard to get your hands on because there's only a few lasertower factories in the game and they're usually sold out because producing just one takes about hour and a half of game time (which is real time but can be sped up by as much as six times).  Apparently, the-me-of-many-months-ago decided to start grinding credits to build my own station complex to create those lasertowers, but got distracted and was now cruising around in a Panther light carrier with about 100,000,000 credits worth of assets slushing around, none of them invested in a station complex.   About that point, a bug (which has since been quashed) had caused my framerate to fall so far that the game was impossible to play, so I was forced to abandon it.

Now, having restored this game into the present and re-familiarized myself with the controls, I decided to push the campaign along by diving in and snagging a few lasertowers before they sold out.  Then, for the next step of the campaign, Albion Prelude demanded 200 computer components, which are even harder to obtain.  Reading a walkthrough, it looks like 50 microchips are next...

Whether the intent here is to encourage the player to make their own space station to create these things is unclear, but it seems to me that this may be the best course of action.  Unfortunately, this campaign may take hundreds of hours to complete, and it just doesn't sit right with me to dump that much free time for so little return investment of merely having a few more stations in this game.
X3 supports complexes made up of hundreds of stations, but it would
take you a very long time to produce that many.
As for other games, My Animal Crossing: New Leaf addiction has gone on impressively long but, now that the game is nearly completely played out, I'm about ready to throw my village to the wolves.  I haven't bothered playing Pokemon Y much, I'm genuinely past caring about such a simple combat mechanism.  Rune Factory 4... well, I suppose I could play that, but it seems sort of monotonous to go through this routine for the fourth time now.   I did receive a copy of Infinite Space (not related to the PC game of a similar name) from GameFly, but I'm not feeling particularly interested in playing it...

Game Development Progress: Promising thoughts back at the foot of the drawing board.

Having had it occur to me that I should just think outside the box, ditching the idea of working in tiles when it comes to GameMaker, suddenly it seems like I can do pretty much any concept I can imagine with relative ease via free-floating objects and simply leave the measurement of distance to the coordinates of where these objects are placed.

That said, I need to re-institute the habit of actually making the time to do development.  I'm serious in my intent to do this, but my habits to the contrary are stubborn things, many decades engrained.  Still, I suspect that this could change well inside a week if I get good and established.

Boring Real Life Update: Another annoyingly obvious thing discovered sitting under my nose.

I think I figured out why I seem to be squandering the copious amounts of free time this part time schedule affords me: it's because I've been waiting to feel disengaged from work, but it turns out that's never going to happen.

The reason is because this part-time schedule of mine is spaced so evenly over the entire work week.  With a standard 5-day work (or school) schedule, on Monday you buckle down for the long haul and then on Friday evening you're allowed to relax for the next couple of days.  However, my work schedule has Mondays and Fridays of extremely little significance, and the result is that I feel like I'm mildly buckling down for work at all times regardless of the day of the week!

This is not necessarily a disadvantageous thing for me because getting deeply involved in game development is such a massive mental preoccupation that it could be quite disruptive to my creative flow to have to stop it cold turkey to focus completely on work for too many days in a row.  Also, since this schedule makes me feel about the same on any given day of the week, is it possible that it lowers the bar to learn new techniques for self-motivation?

This is all speculation; I really can't tell if I'm better off with this thinly-spread work schedule or not.  However, I now suspect that I need to consciously devise some kind of mental strategy if I am going to succeed in my goal of producing creative artifacts in my spare time, because the habits I subconsciously adopted from 25 years of cruising through 5-day work weeks no longer apply to my present situation.

On a final, unrelated, and significantly less significant note, I'm a little frustrated to notice that the last DVD of my Hayate The Combat Butler season 1 set is going to be largely unobtainable.  Discs 1-7 were available for a mere $8 apiece, but the 8th disc that would complete the collection is available at only one place on the Internet for a whopping $200!  (I suppose I could try shopping eBay for illegitimate bootlegs, but I really don't want to support piracy.)   That price gap is sort of amazing... did Bandai drop the ball, or is someone deliberately cornering the market on this last disc?

I'll probably continue to support the Hayate brand via manga purchases, but that's pretty much it for DVDs available in region 1.  Season 2 is great, but the only region 1 release I've seen of it is a single collectors edition blue-ray disc that contains only one episode and costs $40.  Fat chance!  Looks like streaming is the only way to go these days: thank God for Crunchyroll (or, should that avenue of legitimate perusal of favorite anime fail, Internet fandub communities).


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