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A Zero Sum Hedonism Hangover

I sort of feel as though the last few weekends have been a disaster.  Minecraft and SimCity are both sandboxes that permit to try to create something of worth within them but, though I was able to motivate myself to invest a considerable amount of hours into them both, the net result has not been enough.
 Since the last entry:
  • Indeed, I was forced to start over in Minecraft, and that fact that it wasn't my own indecisiveness that was at fault makes me trust this platform all the less.  (It's not exactly Minecraft's fault; I can't blame Notch for a heavily modified game.)

    Still, I played a new game long enough to build an Archemedes' Ships airship.  It took bloody forever to collect all the cotton I needed to build it from Natura plants.  I'm halfway glad I built it, because it is really cool to fly around, but I found  my destination (a village to pointlessly lord over) a mere 300 blocks away.  Now, I have nowhere else worthwhile to fly.  (At least with Galacticraft, you have some things to do once you get to the moon.)
  • SimCity panned out early.  I built almost everything, so all that's really left to do is to build it better.  Given that I'm no novice gamer, my second city was probably already within 10% of maximum efficiency, so I've already a pretty good idea what perfection looks like in this game.  This game sorely needs a campaign mode, because then I'd have a longer set of goals.

    There is one thing left to build, and that's a great work.   I retooled my first city ("Geldfounded") to produce all the alloy, metals, and televisions needed to build a Arcology, without needing to import anything, but now all that's left is a massive grind.  The great works building process involves filling 3 resource display bars with tithed resources, and stage 2 just involves keeping the workers flowing. 

    It takes an excruciatingly long time for me to do solo because it's balanced for three or more players to do.  Currently, the alloys are done, the metals mostly done, and the TVs are not even close.  I don't even care anymore.  In a case of insult to injury, I will actually be required to provide it with power and waste collection when it's done getting built.
  • Rented Scribblenauts Unmasked from Gamefly.  The disc didn't read in three attempts, and its surface looks pristine, so I think it was just a bad burn from the factory.  I didn't really want to play this game that much, anyway, it's Scribblenauts Unlimited with a DC Universe makeover, right?
  • I have a three game plan with GameFly right now, and game #2 was Wii Party U

    I was hoping it'd play a bit like a Mario Party game, which is a pleasant fusion of a board game and zany mini games.  I probably should have researched it, because it actually plays nothing like a Mario Party game, despite the title. 

    Wii Party U is just a collection of mini-games, most of them designed to be played during parties.  The craftsmanship of each minigame is good enough, but the actual activities are droll and monotonous outside of a party atmosphere.  I enjoyed Game & Wario's activities are much better for solo play.
  • Game #3 was New Super Luigi U.  It certainly is a marvelously designed 2D platformer game... feels largely like an evolution of the original Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo, and that's pretty high praise. 

    Unfortunately, I have a really hard time bringing myself to care about doing well in any platformer game anymore.  I've hung on to it if only because, so far, it's been the best game I've had to play on the system.
My completed Minecraft airship, complete with some lightning-dissipating cobblestone
tiles up top. Nevermind the tree in the background.  It holds four large chests and a bed.
I've also got dozens of games from previous Steam sales just gathering dust, and I simply don't feel like playing any of them.  I'm back to where I was at the end of October.  If I were simply frustrated that I felt my free time was not well-invested, that would be a minor enough thing: stop whining and play something.  Instead, I am letting it depress me, in a "Surely there's more to life than going to work and playing games?" sort of way.  This depression drowns any motivation I have to play anything.

I know that there's there's only one way out of this pit, and that's to do something with my free time that I consider productive enough that I actually feel justified to enjoy myself afterward.  Just as soon as I figure out exactly what that is, I'll be good to go.  I'm sort of hoping to achieve the creation of some intellectual artifact, probably a game, but I don't seem to know what I'm doing there.  (Or, more accurately, "I don't know what I want to do there."  I can spin game design just fine, but I can't decide on what to commit to.)


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