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Back From The Pit: It Was Gloomy Down There

The nice thing about being that bummed out is that, unless one has a self-perpetuating spiral of depression set up to take them deeper, one is quite likely to bounce back in fairly short order.

Though I was worried that I was working my supervisor's last nerve last Saturday, on Tuesday it appeared as though things were business as usual.   Was I more worried about my job performance than anyone else?  As the son of an accomplished worrywart, I would say that's quite probable.  In any case, I remember being told I'll have at least another couple months before they consider whether or not my probationary employment was a success or not, so the axe should not be descending quite yet.

Going anonymous on my favorite forum hangout remains as good a move now as it was over a year ago.  It discourages people from picking fights with me, because who wants to fight somebody without a front?  It obscures me from seeming to flood the forum if I'm posting more than anyone else.  Mo…

Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue

Neither gaming nor game development have been occurring, as of late.

Work has been stressing me out a bit.  I worry my immediate supervisor might have chalked me up for incompetent.  If that's the case, the axe may not be lurking far behind.   I really like working there, but we'll see what fate has in store.   The worst possibility is it could be I genuinely am incompetent... but this reasoning sort of flies in the face that people generally operate at around the same level, none of my job duties are that incredible, and I do commit myself to them completely.  I'm probably putting out the wrong signals.  Of course, this whole situation could just be me making myself a casualty of my own over-thinking... well, it doesn't sit right with me to deliberately try and think less.

My Internet forum procrastination habits have overflowed to such a radical extent that this happened again last night.  I really can't stand being dragged into arguments I want nothing to do wit…

An Altercation With Physics

Though I was planning on spending these days immersed in becoming comfortable with Unity, I have been confronted with the gravity of an issue that sidetracked me significantly.

The gravity in question would be 9.81 meters per second exerted directly downward on a wall shelf and everything atop it.  It collapsed, sending hundreds of objects (mostly books, DVDs, and a few silly figurines) crashing down on top of my computer desk and spilling well beyond.

My computer monitors were directly underneath the shelf but, mercifully, they survived.  Nevertheless, how can I expect to do any game development in such a cluttered personal Hell as this?!

First step: fix my shelves.  I decided to get rid of the rid of the flimsy, cheap shelf rail solution installed by the previous owners and replaced them with reasonably-affordable shelf rod brackets, similar to what's pictured here.  No closet rod here, I'm actually using the hook for routing wires or hanging things from.

However, the relent…

A Certain Unified Purpose

Thanks to the winter downpour this year, I'm sitting at the tail end of having six days off, back to back, relatively guilt-free.  With this deluge of time, I accomplished a lot in terms of taking some steps towards making my own games as a hobby. 

To put the last few entries together:
I ironed out some decent guidelines for what I wanted to make in a game.I decided GameMaker wasn't going to cut the mustard for my game concept and looked down the various game development tools I had available.I narrowed down my choices to the C# programming language and Unity. As of now, I think I've established that I'll be using Unity.

Yet, it takes a poor craftsman to blame his tools.  Take a look at ph00t's 3089, and here's an example of a game that is incredibly open-ended, procedurally generated, first person 3D, with fortress-building elements, and it's developed in the oft-wrongfully-maligned JAVA language (or more precisely, jMonkeyEngine, a 3D engine that runs on …

Making Games Is More Convenient Than Ever (But Still Hard)

Following an investigation of last entry's roundup of interesting game engines and APIs, I eventually decided to go for broke.
 I've basically narrowed it down to two platforms:
C# - (That's C Sharp, not C number sign, but I'm not going to go pecking around for the ASCII code for that.)  Probably using the free Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise IDE.

Sure, I said there'd be no "option 3" of programming my own engine, but I have to say that the idea of C# has entranced me.  Like JAVA, it's an interpreted language that does its own garbage collection, but has many unique advantages of its own.

Where other languages make me think of mechanical linguistics, C# makes me think of a symphony.  C is on the violins.  JAVA is on the violas.  A dozen other interesting language paradigms make up the other instruments in the orchestra.  What a romantic envisioning.

Souring this romance is the knowledge that C# is very much married to the .NET framework.  If this is a…

Before The Single Step, There Must Be Ground

I'm back on the independent game developer wagon... sort of!  In truth, after nailing the most important aspects of the game I wanted to develop, I now knew that I wanted to make a sort of an RPG with a simulated environment, with the geeky satisfaction to be found in a roguelike, Dwarf-Fortress-like game, and even city management simulators to some extent.  (Basically, the kinds of games I've been playing lately.)  This may have resolved a great deal of the cognitive dissonance I had for months now that has been preventing me from getting to work: I feel as though I actually know what I want to make!

On top of that, it turns out I had come up with a rather effective concept in the past that I partially developed on BYOND before giving up because of platform limitations.

So, knowing exactly what I wanted to make, I tried to create that in GameMaker, and immediately ran smack-dab into a core limitation that caused me to question my use of this platform again.

The trouble?  Game…