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Doing The Minecraft Mod Shuffle

I had four whole days off, back to back, and what did I spend them doing?  Minecraft!  What sub-par nerdening is this?  I should have spent at least a little of that time in Unity.

But what makes this worse is that I ended up restarting my Minecraft game several times, so I didn't even make progress within the game... unless you count learning a bit about the mod mixes...

Mod Mix #1, "Not Quite Steampunk Adventurer":

On Tuesday, I first created what I eventually deemed a "steampunkish" mod-build:
Buildcraft, one of the original mods in automating mining and factorization, still going strong.Thermal Expansion, which provides ore processing and a nice universal energy interface, among other things.Applied Energistics, which primarily adds a really powerful means of item storage and transfer, among other things.Thaumcraft... I don't even know where I can stop or start with describing this mod!  Suffice to say, it does what other mods do in a more fantasy-appro…

Sufficiently Advanced Science Is Indistinguishable From Tragic

If I've learned anything from the last 5 days of dabbling with Minecraft, it's that putting together your own custom mod mix can be risky business.
This was mostly when working with Universal Electricity, as Calclavia is furiously attempting to keep several different mods running, and the result is apparently several mods with broken bits.  I've been using the latest versions marked "stable," and today marks the third time I had to start over because "stable" would seem to be a very relative term.
The first restart was because Resonant Induction's filter blocks were causing the game to crash, and somehow this happened in such a way as to break my saved game.  (I think Optifine might have been saving an autosave at that exact moment, but it's hard to say.)The second restart was because I liked Resonant Induction enough to try to use it, even without the filters working, but I found the game was crashing when I was knocking out gears in the gearwor…

Crafting Minecraft Mine #2.5: Tech Harder

So I did, indeed, start up a new game of Minecraft.  But it seems Resonant Induction, despite being rather cool, is still a tad too unstable to use, even if I avoided the "filter" blocks, so I ended up restarting again after tweaking the mix:
I re-added Minefactory Reloaded because it has some fun machine blocks and it doesn't really break anything.  I went ahead and added Nether Ores, by the same creator, while I was at it... it certainly makes invoking the wrath of zombie pigmen worth the risk.Also included is Minecraft Comes Alive because the idea of enhancing stock Minecraft villagers is a good one... even if I haven't found any villages since I started using it!  Using a preexisting seed would be an easy fix, but it's just more interesting having to do it the hard way.  I added Applied Energistics, which is a rather cool mod all about adding holographic storage and retrieval for all the crap you end up recovering in Minecraft.  Finally, a little something cal…

Crafting Minecraft Mine #2: A Tech Haul Text Wall

Following the unfortunate demise of my last Minecraft game, it was time to re-think a mod-mix that hopefully will be considerably more stable.  I ended up having to perform so much research as to what mod does what that I thought I'd jot that down here.

First Priority: Introduce a meaningful goal with Galacticraft.

I basically need Galacticraft because it's the most interesting goal I can think of in Minecraft, a game sadly lacking in goals by my measure.  However, it also is a very finicky mod, in terms of mod compatibility, for may reasons:
It implements its very own device powering system that no machine blocks in other mods use.  Fortunately, Galacticraft machine blocks can accept power from Buildcraft Minecraft Joules, Universal Electricity UE, and Industrial Craft 2 EU.  Note: NOT Thermal Expansion RF.It adds copper, tin, aluminum, and silicon ores to the overworld.  This wouldn't be much of a problem, except other mods (such as Thermal Expansion) add their own versio…

Resonant Induction Really Grinds My Gears... In A Good Way

From about 2pm yesterday until 8pm today, I've been dabbling with my latest custom mod mix for Minecraft 1.6.4, which is this time very much Universal Electricity focused.
Aside from the usual GUI enhancers and Somnia, the primary contenders in this mix were:
Calclavia Core - Of course: this is the base of the Universal Electricity system.Resonant Induction - This seems to be largely focused on increasingly more advanced methods of refining ores divided across 4 ages of technological progression.  It also includes some really cool things such as assembly lines.  I'll primarily be talking about just a few blocks out of this mod today.Atomic Science - A mod dedicated to generating more of those lovely universal electricity volts via the power of splitting the atom.  Build your own nuclear reactor!  Deal with nuclear meltdowns!  You maniac!ICBM - A mod dedicated to generating more destruction using those lovely universal electricity volts (and more than a little gunpowder), it cer…

Crafting Minecraft Mine

I'm sick with a bit of a cold and anticipating a major schedule change in a couple weeks that should facilitate a stronger separation of my time between home and work.  This was all the excuse I needed to procrastinate this weekend, although the cold robbed me of enough energy that I spent about 12 hours just laying down watching the entirety of the Yogscast Voltz series.
Episode 12 of the Yogscast Voltz series is undoubtedly the episode most worth watching.

Having learned that Tekkit has updated to Minecraft 1.6.4, I gave it a bit of a spin this weekend.  When I last used Tekkit, I ran into some kind of bug that prevented me from hearing any sounds, but that appears to have been resolved, so let the fun times begin!


Well, actually, after my first full day of playing with Tekkit, I think the fun times are over.   I accomplished building a Buildcraft Quarry powered by a combustion engine, a Galacticraft Coal Engine, a Thermal Expansion Pulverizer, a MineFactory Reloaded Sludge …