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A Jaded Look At Recent Steam Releases, April 30th, 2014 Edition

Lately, I've been feeling less like a gamer on the most diverse gaming platform out there (the personal computer) and more like a health nut partaking of a few good foods because everything else is bad for me.

Currently, The Geldon Diet looks something like this:
Minecraft - First-person 3D survival simulation with the easy creative potential of block-based construction and massive community support.FTL - Top-down 2D space survival simulation with a really solid, fluid design and procedural happenstance.Don't Starve - Isometric 2D survival simulator with a gorgeously stylized presentation, rich in Victorian references and supernatural gallows humor. Klei Entertainment really should have included the trailer with Don't Starve, as it provides a lot of necessary backstory. Do I have a bit of a hangup on procedurally generated survival simulations?  Absolutely, but not without my reasons.  Still, while diversifying between all three games helps their longevity, everything wears…

This Stalled Game Designer Needs A Jump

I think perhaps the last entry was a bit of a mistake.  It took me over eight hours to write and then edit my impressions of recent Steam releases into to a semblance of readability.  But this was a pointless endeavor because it's too damn long to read anyway.

Besides, would you really learn anything from "a jaded look at recent Steam releases" that you didn't know already?  After all, most of the games on the market are probably things you have no interest in playing, that's the reality you face every day anyway, so it's little surprise that I feel the same.

Looking back, I can think of only two real benefits to continuing that feature:
To pick out the few things that might actually be worth playing.To make fun of the ridiculous extent some games go through to be not worth playing. At least the result should be a lot shorter, because I can just skip the rest of the titles that fit neither category.  Maybe mention they happened by title, if that.

In the meanwh…

A Jaded Look At Recent Steam Releases: April 22nd, 2014 Edition

Perhaps the last entry I did like this generated a bit of a positive vibe in the general flow of the Internet, because this has actually been a pretty interesting week-and-a-half for Steam.   I flatter myself; more likely, developers have begun to wrap up their post-Christmas sales endeavors and hesitantly shove them to market in hopes some customers' wallets have recovered and are ready for splurging.

Lets see if I can do this a little better than last time: that's me, always moving forward from the comfort of my armchair.   This time, I'm not trying to slam something out late in a work night, and I think I will try to do a bit of preliminary sorting into tiers.  Lets call them:
Interesting Tier - Hey, I might actually want to play this game.  You know, if I had time to play anything between binging on Minecraft, Don't Starve, and other games whose nerd quotient is acceptable for me.Semi-Interesting Tier - Almost interesting, at least a step above pablum, keep trying.M…