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The Original Throwdown Is Back

There's been a few Gauntlet remakes over the years, but September 22nd has seen the release of one that differs from most those in that it's actually quite good. Granted, Gauntlet (2014) not quite classic Gauntlet, there's no clavichord music to be found, and there has been a fundamental reinvention of every aspect of the original game mechanic; this is Gauntlet in name only, all resemblances being a respectful montage.
Gauntlet (2014) is closer to Diablo III but with even less RPG mechanics (and Diablo III was already a bit overly streamlined there).  Gauntlet (2014) has no allusions towards being anything other than an action game, so it eschews loot drops for just collecting gold that can be cashed in for cosmetic costume pieces and artifacts (two can be equipped at a time, potions are used to activate one for a temporary benefit).  Aside from that, Gauntlet (2014) is pure fast-paced hack-and-slash action, quite well executed.

The most important thing to know about Gaunt…

ArcheAge Consumes

My four-day weekend went by in a flash, as ArcheAge has me by the balls.

There are some strong technical reasons for this:
I invested about three times the price of a AAA title in acquiring this free-to-play game, which begets me to play it.  I am booked until December with VIP "Patron" status.Patrons get 5 "labor points" per minute logged out, 10 labor points per minute logged in.  Not playing for 3 days straight will give me 4,320 labor points out of the maximum 5,000.  So I absolutely must play this game if I do not want to waste labor points.Patrons also earn 5 "loyalty tokens" every day they log in.  Those are able to be cashed in for nifty things, so I absolutely have a reason to at least try to log in every day.I am level 33 out of the current maximum 50 already, primarily because this is one game my altaholicism can not derail: I can learn all the skillsets on one character, although only 3 can be active at any one time.The racial benefits of the f…

ArcheAge Comes To America

ArcheAge releases today, although those who purchased founders packs had the last four days to get a head start.  I was one of them, but decided to work for three out of four of those days, so I missed a lot of the excitement.  Most of the excitement was apparently in the form of service outages.  I witnessed a few such problems, and heard plenty about the rest.
Things have indeed been rocky during the four day head start between Sep 12th and Sep 15th:
There were a server outages, as to be expected.  DDOSing is something script kiddies will do on any Internet hotspot where they think it will be noticeable, and official blame has been put at the feet of such attackers.  By and large, however, the servers were up.There were too few servers at release, resulting in queues that would, at times, take over two hours to let more players in.  Without queuing, most people would be facing impenetrable servers.  Trion Worlds later introduced a grace period for players who were disconnected or ha…

The Ups And Downs Of My Shiny New Digital Dollhouse

This next entry will bear a lot of similarities to a comment I just left on RPS, but I realized it was basically what I was up to this weekend when I wasn't Hack N Slashing or Space Running.  (I have actually had fun this week, which is sort of a bummer considering the acts of desperation the weeks before had very nearly lead me to doing something truly productive.)

Apparently I am at 41 hours played in Sims 4 now, a number that surprises me considering I don’t consider myself all that much of a Sims fan. In general, I’ve been enjoying it, even if it is lacking in a whole lot to do without the massive slew of content that the predecessor had.
Yet, Sims 3 needed a successor because Sims 3 was not merely long in the tooth: it was on its death bed.

There are people who can not get past The Sims 3′s launcher on a fresh installation, and there are no solutions for them: thanks for the money, suckers.  My personal experiences were just that my saved games would inevitably corrupt.


Decent Enough PC Gaming To Be Had

Through the mercy of Steam sales, some good gaming has come my way on this, the eve of the Archeage release reckoning.

Space Run is hella great.

We are all quick to lambaste bad games and drag on for years about how awful they are, but when a game simply goes fine with no hitches, it risks running under the radar.  Of course, if you're a space cargo transporter, maybe being under the radar is a good thing, but I think Space Run deserved to make a bigger splash than it did.
This is because here is a fundamental reinvention of the tower defense concept that:
Worked and worked well.Is both fun and genuinely challenging.Is presented extremely well. There it is; what more can be said?  A description? Space Run is a game where you go from point A to point B, fighting off enemies and asteroids, while building various offensive, defensive, and utility modules onto the hexagonal grid of your space barge. 
Bam; done.  An wonderfully simple, elegant description for a wonderfully simple, elegan…

Feeding The Universe, Manipulating Virtual People

This bizarro weekend, I've attempt to instil a bit of meaning into my procrastination by purchasing Nom Nom Galaxy and The Sims 4.  The former surprised me by being available for half-off on Steam, while the later surprised me by being released somewhere other than Steam.  My motivation to purchase both games was somewhat motivated by my desire to build something in a sandbox and have it mean something outside of the act of simply building.
It's probably Minecraft's fault.  This game is excellent at the building aspect but, like a flighty modern artist, Notch challenges the viewers to come up with their own meaning for his work.  Then I installed mods onto Minecraft that made building more powerful than ever, and this underscored the lack of purpose to build all the more.

Nom Nom Galaxy.

Nom Nom Galaxy's provides purpose to the sandbox by turning the whole thing into a soup making competition.  Where I was complaining about how the Minecraft villagers do not really ea…