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Invested Gambits And Infested Planets

As much as I enjoy my time off, I was naive indeed to believe I would get Thanksgiving weekend to myself, as I am about to be up to my ears in familial obligation.  Sometimes, my introverted nature makes me think I want to live in a fallout bunker and lock the entry hatch. 
However, as much as I fear I am not making adequate time to slake the thirst of my unexpressed creativity, I already made some pretty good progress this week by realizing something I should have realized long, long ago.

What was the problem?  Well, if you look over the past few game development entries, you will see me quibbling extensively over wanting three things in a game engine:
Ease of use - How quick easy it is to translate my ideas into the game.  In the long run, ease of use is secondary to simply exerting sufficient will to make it happen... but it is still a real time saver.Flexibility - The accuracy in which I can realize my ideas in the game.  In terms of choosing an engine, flexibility is important on…

Game Engines And Gamy Indies

Following my discovery that the YoYo Compiler (YYC) is not a reliable magic bullet for game performance, I stand by what I said earlier during my original game engine benchmark:
...many people (myself included) would be willing to humor a tougher learning curve [on GameMaker Studio] if it means getting performance power severalfold that of the alternatives Well, that did not happen, so I am abandoning GameMaker once again.  Actually, GameMaker Studio's overall performance power is not bad, and I have no doubt it has the flexibility for me to figure out a way to realize my projects on it.  What causes my muse to abandon the studio, citing a refusal to work under these conditions, is that its GUI keeps getting in the way.  The way it presents events and room editing just feels so awkward!  I really don't feel like humoring that without the added incentive of severalfold power.
As I wanted power without having a fancy GUIs getting in the way, I considered going without a full g…

Walking The Dog With The YoYo Compiler

So, I finally got a chance to play with the YoYo Compiler (YYC) now that it is officially bundled as a part of the GameMaker Studio engine.  If I understand it correctly, the primary goal of the compiler is to circumvent the need for just in time compiling by compiling things ahead of time, resulting in applications that are significantly faster because they are that much closer to running native to that platform.   However, having run some tests on my Windows 7 platform, the results are somewhat mystifying in their inconsistency.
My benchmark showed no noticeable improvement whether or not I was using the compiler.  This benchmark simply generates projectiles and makes them bounce if they come in contact with the edge of the screen or each other (which increases the workload exponentially as more and more collisions need to be calculated).  Maybe the reason why the YYC did so little for this benchmark is because collision operations were already fully optimized by the running executab…

Predisposition: Indecision

Though I try to be a good and reliable fellow, it seems I am quite flighty in matters of creative process.  YoYo Games is now five days late in releasing the update that would allow me to freely utilize the enhanced "YoYo compiler" for Windows that will soon be provided with my existing copy of GameMaker Studio Pro, and this has caused me some pause as to whether or not I should really utterly commit my independent development endeavors to that platform.
Yet, when I research my alternatives, I am not so certain there is a better choice.
I have already decided I want to start with an already-complete game engine integrated with a development environment, and this narrows down my choices considerably, throwing out otherwise-viable options like LÖVE, MonkeyX, and Cocos2D.  My reason is simple enough: it takes a lot more time coding what those IDE often have not.  For example, a basic tile engine and pathfinding.I am probably going to utilize some degree of procedural generation,…

Birdshot And Balderdash

I am pretty much over the cold I was suffering last week, but it is surely a sign it was the real thing when I am still experiencing some croupiness even now.  This week, the notable things to happen in the Geldosphere can be summed up under three bullet points:

1. Trion's re-release of ArcheAge continues to disappoint.

Yesterday (November 4th, 2014), the final continent was released to the players and went catastrophically wrong.  Oh, the servers came up alright... a little late, but they came up.  Then everybody zerged over to the new continent and every single piece of land was instantly claimed with scripts.
As usual, Trion's policy on this is to sit on their hands, but I don't think it's collusion, I think they just know they're helpless against the hackers.  They are using an older version of the game and are relying on XLGames to port them versions that have fixed these hacks.  (Honestly, I am not aware if XLGames ever fixed these bugs, and I have my doubts b…