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I'm Going To Need Some More Excuses

Construct 2 is bought.

For over a month, I have smothered my creativity, waiting for Construct 2 to go on a holiday sale.  For naught!  Instead, those limey developers went on holiday, all the while spamming my email address by accident.

Enough is enough!  Construct 2 is bought, a juicy $130 license that is actually fairly generous considering it encapsulates 100% of what the software is capable of (whereas competing products would hope to entice me into spending severalfold that for the same).   Knowing my luck, it will go on sale tomorrow.

Regardless, I no longer have any excuses.  GameMaker Studio is much easier than coding from an API.  Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is easier to use than GameMaker Studio.  Construct 2 is even easier than that.  It is so ridiculously easy to use that it is a little frustrating, because I immediately come into contact with any fault in progress being my own.

I guess I could make the excuse that Construct 2 is primarily limited to exporting products with a h…

As Dangerous As Usual

It's been a full week since the last entry, and I blame the holiday season.  I don't mean to a scrooge, but so much hustle and bustle is tough on introverts like myself!  Truth be told, not a whole lot happened since the last entry:

Still Playing: Elite: Dangerous

I am not sure how long I have been playing this game, but long enough to have nearly 1,500,000 credits of in-game assets to show for my spoils.  About half of that was earned from in-game bounties, as I have done quite a bit of pirate hunting.
ErosMadeKing doing a lot of what I did in my Cobra Mk III.
I am not exactly a goody two shoes of a bounty hunter, though, as about a quarter was earned off of the black market.  I was not actively attempting to trade illegal goods, it just so happens that anything I cargo scoop is marked "stolen," and I tend to find a lot of expensive cargo canisters floating around in deep space.

On the way up the ladder of available ships in the game, I have sampled five of them so…

Elite: Dangerous Lives Up To The Hype

Tis' the season, and Steam's Holiday sales are in full swing.  The Humble Bundle has been having a sale for a few days now, as well.  However, I have beyond too many games right now.  I bought one final game this season, full price, and that's Elite: Dangerous.  That's enough!

Elite: Dangerous is pretty damn good, but I have a hard time putting into words as to why.  It is not because I am particularly lacking in eloquence, but rather because the main appeal of the game is overwhelmingly tactile.

What do I mean by that?  Well, you may have heard game reviewers discussing a first person shooter game, saying that the guns need to have a good "kick" to them.  A combination of the animation, sound effects, and overall presentation that makes what's essentially a simple projectile spawner in to something that's fun to use.

In Elite: Dangerous, EVERYTHING has that kick.
The very MOVEMENT has a kick.  You move forward, and you will be treated to an overwhelmin…


I still have not quite got around to download libGDX and beginning my baby steps in a new IDE.  I know a bit about programming already, so jumping aboard Java wholeheartedly is not so very intimidating.  Understanding variable scopes and object orientation is the hardest part of getting used to that language, and I am pretty much past the greater bulk of that.  The intimidating bit is learning a whole new library.

I estimate that, if I worked really hard on getting into libGDX, I could catch up with what Construct 2 would allow me to do now (and surpass it) in in a time frame that could be as early as two months or as late as two years... and that later bit is when $130 for Scirra's game-making-made-easy software has a certain attraction.  I would not need to code my own pathfinding routines or tile engines, and so on, because those are already done.  However, I would have to settle for games that run in a browser environment...

One must walk before they can run, but am I holding …

In The Dark, Per Usual

"If this is not windy enough to knock out the power," I said, "I would be surprised."

Sometimes, I hate it when I'm right.  I was in the middle of a game of Cataclysm:Dark Days Ahead that likely would have consumed the rest of my weekend when a power outage ejected me rudely from a virtual simulation of a town without power and into a real one.

2 hours after lights out, I'm bored, the best thing to entertain me being an Android tablet, and most of its content is sitting uselessly on a cloud.  However, it so happens I do have this nifty blogging app installed on it, and it is as good of time as any to recap my weekend.  [When the power came back the next day, I added some pictures, links, ect.]

Well, despite wanting to mix things up more, the entire 4-day bizarro weekend was consumed by Cataclysm:Dark Days Ahead.

I mostly tried to create characters who had ninjitsu, as this was the most interesting-looking of four martial arts available in the game that are…

Unfathomable Shades Of Days Ahead

Though my last post was pretty much a rehash of what's been going on over the past few years, it was an important milestone in that I had reached a slightly higher level of perspective as pertains to my game development endeavors.

Moving forward, Construct 2 was looking like a good way to go because was it the only one I tried besides BYOND to include an interactive tile engine (the tiles in Game Maker being non-interactive) and the best automatic code completion mechanics of any of the engines mentioned here.   I have said it before and I will say it again: Construct 2 is a joy to work in.

Yet, when I asked a question on the official forums about dynamic map creating, loading, and saving, I got no answer.  This confirms my suspicions that this is one thing it cannot do and I am not entirely sure a Javascript extension could get around that given the HTML5 sandbox limitation.  This throws Construct 2 into being just as limited as any of the other choices in my eyes... but it'…

My Divergence Of Lost Purpose In PC Gaming

Being a computer gaming enthusiast for over three decades, I love my free time.  I would rather have free time than I would a wife, kids, wealth, fame, and other bothersome things that severely bottleneck a man's free time.  I am an evolutionary dead end of loving my free time... it's a shame I don't seem to know how to use it.

The problem, as I see it, is this: I'm primarily a gamer, and most games suck.  Of course, this is subjective, but when you have been gaming for as long as I have, you will have burned out from nearly every kind of popular genre there is.  For this reason, when I buy discount games off of Steam wish lists, it's usually a waste of money: most of them will go unplayed, particularly the clone genres whose core gameplay fundamentals I played to death long ago.  Ergo, I seem to not know how to spend my free time.

The main genre I can still enjoy is gloriously elaborate escapism simulators, whether they be massively multiplayer role-playing games…

Exploration Over

(Please pardon that this is the third repost of this entry.  I have been using an Android app to perform edits, and keep accidentally hitting the 'save as draft' button instead of the 'publish' one.Whose wise idea was it to make the 'save as draft' button look like a 3.5" disk?  I keep thinking "save changes" when I see that.)

Now Playing: Lots Of Stuff, Maybe...

In a few hours, the Steam "exploration sale" will be over, an event that went from November 26th to December 2nd.  I am fairly certain what they set out to "explore" was the depths of my wallet.  Since I already have so many games on Steam that I require a day planner and an abacus to get around to playing any of them, I kept my purchases pretty moderate this time around:

Goat Simulator - With the additional content provided by the "MMO expansion," this half-baked deliberately buggy silly game has become a fully-baked deliberately buggy silly game.

Sid Meier&#…