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Life In The Slow Lane

Though I figure I owe this blog an update, I have accomplished very little since the last entry:

Watching: Dated gaming pundit videos.

I watched some old videos from JonTron, Angry Video Game Nerd, The Spoony Experiment, and Zero Punctuation.
I guess I was on a real negative gamer retrospective bent, as each of these series mostly lampoon what has gone horribly wrong with video games.  It should also be noted that, in each case, the creators of these videos have developed a fictional personality, which is a kinda cool and creative.

Playing: The same old, plus another old samey.

More Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.  My current survivor in this post-apocalyptic zombie open-world roguelike, "Johnny," is doing quite well with his "slow and steady wins the race" approach.  He largely hangs around a reasonably-safe farm biome and never goes anywhere too dangerous.  I have "skill rust" turned off, and he has the "fast learner" perk, so he is racking up skill…

To Find Purchase In Clouds

Once again, I sit at the foot of four days off, and find my impetus to action unable to generate forward movement for all the stumbling over mental bric-a-brac I am doing.  Perhaps a cluttered mind is a critically thinking adult's legacy, because critical thinking is about rethinking ideas and never being so certain of the validity of your current understanding of them as to put them away completely.  However, I tire of this clutter.

It begins with an identity crisis.  I think myself an electronic gamer, but I do not approach gaming with the zeal I did when I was younger.  Why?  Many aspects of the human mind are a block box, even to the individual observing their own, so it is hard to say.   However, I feel reasonably certain that this is because I have already played the more popular genres of games to death, to resurrection, and to death again.
If people can play genres to death, then why have genres of games?  A large part of that is because investors are more willing to inves…

Get A Life? Got Twelve, Thanks.

With blog hits apparently trailing off to the single-digits, I have reverted back to this layout again.  Google stats indicated this one gets more hits, but I am not sure if that is genuine traffic or if it just attracts more crawlers.  Well, this layout certainly seems more technically advanced, I will give it that.

So why did I change to the other template to begin with?  Well, my main problem with this layout was the additional technical overhead.  If you are using a generation 1 iPad or similarly slow device, it can take quite a lot of time to pull up the page, and it may even crash or become unresponsive.  I am also unable to eliminate that obnoxious right margin that can take up half the page or more at a modern desktop resolution, and not for lack of trying.

Aside from this, what have I been up to this bizarro weekend?  Not a whole lot.

I think I must have pushed myself too hard to game development last weekend.  I was so exhausted that I decided it might be a good idea to ju…

Reality Continues To Be Broken

Through I strove mightily towards game development this bizarro weekend, I gave up on the last day because frankly my lack of progress was sort of depressing.

After a day of wracking my brains, I finally figured out a starting point for a larger project in GameMaker:
Create the rooms that will be needed for the game. Create rudimentary buttons to navigate between the rooms.Now, at my leisure, code whatever feature of whatever room I might be interested in coding in a given session. No problem; that breaks it down into relatively digestible steps.  Breaking things down like that is among the most common advice on motivation you are likely to hear, because trivial steps are easy.
So, what went wrong?

I started my first run at the project ("Epic Space Game Mk 0") by realizing I wanted most of it to take place in the same room with clever uses of views, because that way I can continually simulate more than switching between rooms.  Unfortunately, the overhead behind this approach…

Nutritious, Malicious Crow

Having recently run out of excuses, I've really been putting the screws to myself to get to work on developing something. The current status goes something like this:
Though I shelled out for both Construct 2 and Clickteam Fusion 2.5, it seems to me that these pieces of software are intended for a different audience than me: people with decent visual skills but weak programming skills.  I am pretty much the opposite of that.I installed libGDX last weekend and found it to be pretty powerful and effective programming API, but it would seem to be overkill in an important fundamental: I don't actually want to have to code my own engine.  My short visit with libGDX immediately brought into focus that, while a custom engine is capable of much greater fidelity and efficiency towards a given game design, the available generic game engines have been programmed by those who may know more about engine programming than I ever will!

So, despite all the waffling I have been doing over the…

To Boldly Fail

I have been doing some thinking on what has been stalling me in my game development, and I believe I may have come closer to the truth than I was before.
It is not truly a lack of motivation because, if I were not motivated, I probably would not be bagging on so much about how much I want to do this.It is not so much the effort because it does not seem to matter how simple or complicated my means of creating is, I seem to have the same hangup.It has been suggested to me that I might be afraid of success.  A fair guess, but it does not ring true with me.  I think I would be alright with being successful, even if the added responsibilities might be annoying. An important clue here is, when I was dabbling with BYOND, I had some pretty-close-to-finished games, and I found myself refusing to finish them.  I could see how to finish them, it would not have been a whole lot of effort, but my muse walked out in a huff and my motivation died.Another important clue is how I encounter major cognit…

Nesting Syndrome

How time flies.  It seems like only yesterday I was plotting to do some indie game development, largely thwarted by being out of time before I have to go back to work... and here I am today, not quite a week later, feeling like I am in the same position.

After a couple of days on-and-off dabbling with Construct 2, the easiest-to-use game development software that exists, I have deduced that making games is still hard.  I had to take a break as soon as I wrapped my head around how nested loops look.  I mean, take a look at this:
That's how they are done in Construct 2.  What's wrong with it?

Nothing's wrong with it.  That's two loops being run in the same statement, one loop inside the other, in the same codeblock.  The statement on the right only gets run when all the conditions on the left are met, and an iteration of both for loops are considered a condition.  It is a wacky way of doing things if you are used to the code blocks in C.  However, I've seen it popula…