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Incoherence Intensifies

Sorry for the late update.  Truth be told, it's been a reasonably miserable week for me. 

Real Life: Running Interference:

The younger sister came down with the nephew and niece.  Bless them, but I just did not have time for them this weekend.  Poor little guy got barely two or three hours with his uncle, after I returned from work, before he had to go back up north.  It was spent in Minecraft and I also showed him a little Mechwarrior Online, which he thought was cool.  Heaven forbid the poor guy try playing it alone with a bunch of cranky strangers, though.

The younger brother decided to celebrate 4/20 day by taking up smoking weed using a vaporizer.  No need to call the cops, we live in one of the few states where you can openly buy recreational weed in stores.  It has still been a nightmare for me because I am not a smoker, I never wanted to live in a house with a smoker, but he's brought the habit into our home.

Even though vaporizers are supposed to generate no odor, and he has at least had the good manners to close his door, I am getting blasted with swamp gas from his room.  Probably not the vapor itself, it's probably waste material.  What a massive invasion to my personal quality of living.  I am putting serious thought to seeing if I can afford to move out.  In the meanwhile, I've reorganized the airflow of my room significantly seeing if I can cut down on the smell of dog shit, which I suspect was used by his supplier to fertilize the plant.

I attended a training class today on a day I was not normally scheduled to work.  So between that and the things that happened in the last few paragraphs, I have been facing a significant reduction to my all-too-important "me" time over the past week.  Despite that, I've managed to have some fun.

Dog Days Is Pretty Great:

On my favorite pony board, one of the posters brought up an anime called Dog Days, and I decided to give it a watch since it is on Crunchyroll.  It does not rate particularly well on Anime News Network: merely a "decent" score by most viewers, better for those who have watched it.  However, I will say that Dog Days is good fun.
The Dog Days heroines are a tad too young to be super sexy, but they're
certainly cute and fun to watch!  The dog princess is the one in pink.

I should do an entry that better covers the anime when I finish watching it, but let me give you the basic feature rundown:
  • Our main protagonist is a high school boy (what else) who is a terrific athlete.
  • He gets summoned to another dimension by a cute princess of a medieval fantasy race of beautiful people with dog ears and tails.  She tells him that she needs him to be her kingdom's designated hero to help win a war!  
  • Fortunately for him, in this dimension, war is fun!  The land protects its people from death, they just spend some time morphed into a little animal ball and unconscious.  All the kingdoms have made a spectator sport out of it.  Naturally, our athletic protagonist is only too happy to participate, and does quite well.
  • Everybody in this dimension turns out to be overwhelmingly friendly, even the royalty of the various kingdoms are childhood friends with each other, and there is no real threat to life and limb other than the occasional demon (which have largely been banished or sealed anyway).  Our summoned hero soon makes a lot of new friends.
  • This sets the stage for a light romance between our boy protagonist and a bevy of cute girls, both from his dimension and the new one, if only because it might make for a decent visual novel down the line.  In the anime, it would appear that he is mostly smitten with our dog princess, and why not: in addition to being a cute, magical-sword wielding princess, she's also a pop idol!  Yes, that's ridiculous.  Yes, that's awesome.  Also, it seems this dog girl rather enjoys a friendly petting and game of Frisbee; she's certainly an easy date.
Dang, what a feel-good anime.  Who would not want to take a vacation to the land of beautiful friendly fantasy people and their harmless-but-fun war games?   The whole war scenario thing scans like it was intended to be a Dynasty Warriors clone but, to my knowledge, this has not happened yet.

I have not yet finished watching Dog Days, although I am halfway through season 2 now.  Each season is 12 episodes long, season 3 just finished airing in Japan last season, I hope Crunchyroll secures the rights to broadcast this season soon, and I would probably not say no to a season 4.  This anime will probably not rate better than, "very good" with me due to lack of intensity and overly-gratuitous wish fulfillment, but it runs on some otherwise fantastic production values and overwhelmingly likable characters.  I bet Dog Days has more replay value than the more heavy-hitting series because it is just plain fun.

Mechwarrior Online: Honeymoon's Over:

Well, I have done my part in supporting Piranha Studios by dropping $60 on their game, and I would still attest that Mechwarrior Online has an excellent engine for big, stompy robots.  However, I find myself once again in the altoholic mindset that there's no one character mech (battle robot) I can find myself particularly interested in playing.  It is a mindset that is often indicative of the developers doing too good of a job of balancing the game.

The problem is that each mech is fundamentally unsatisfying for me to use.  I am snubbing the clan mechs on principle of being overpowered, even if Piranha Studios has done a fair job of balancing them.  That might not make much sense, but suffice to say it is a deeply engrained reaction for many Battletech fans.  The remaining "inner sphere" mechs have the advantage in that you can swap out the engine to change their role, but egads, engines are extremely expensive, a high-rating XL engine regularly costs more than entire mechs!

There is just no satisfying answer to what mech I should be using.  Because your long term goal is to buy more mechs, there's ultimately no reason for me to be playing at all.  What else can I say?  Being a remarkably finicky gamer leads to some quick resolutions sometimes.

Revisiting Warframe:

Who wouldn't want to be an intergalactic space ninja?   I spoke of this game before, and am running short on time, so if you need more details of what Warframe is, read that.

About the only thing of significance I have to say here is that the developing studio, Digital Extremes, has been doing a fantastic job pumping out new content for it.  Returning to Warframe now delivered a real slew of cool new places to go, things to do, and equipment to be sorely tempted to buy with real money.  I do not think this game has any end in sight, and now as good a time as ever to eviscerate space tyrants.


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