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Ancient Warfare - What Is It Good For?

The Ancient Warfare mod for Minecraft threw me for a loop.  I was looking for "villagers" that would perform useful tasks while simultaneously resolving the glut of food with a need to eat, thereby turning Minecraft into a bit of 4X game you can play from the inside.  Millenaire wasn't quite there, partly because recent updates to Forge had broken its compatibility with Minecraft 1.7.10, and Minecolony's development is not quite fast enough to keep up with the state of mods in general (they probably need to make a core API).
In comes Ancient Warfare, which does indeed provide workers and soldiers who need to eat, you can even order around a little army of them to defeat your enemies.  It has working waterwheels and windmills, something I thought was awesome in Resonant Induction.  It has a warehouse with a built-in sorting system, as well as courier NPCs that can move things from building to building, and crafting NPCs that can create things for you automatically - w…

Ravenous Minecraft: The Tweaking Continues

The Hunger Overhaul mod for Minecraft is no joke.  Though it makes about a dozen changes to make it harder to produce food and keep fed, the ones that matter the most involve scaling hunger shank restoration on how prepared the food was and greatly slowing the rate in which food can be produced.  While most mods add a grind to the end of the game, this one adds a grind right in front: it takes quite some time to generate sufficient food to be fed enough to seriously start mining and building!  The reward for putting up with this and doing well is a "well fed" buff that boosts your regeneration rate, which offsets some dependency on healing potions in later game.

Pam's Harvestcraft is an essential partner mod because there's simply not that many high-tier foods in stock Minecraft to keep fed.  (Especially if you use the Spice Of Life mod, which prevents you from just subsisting on a giant pile of the same food by granting diminishing returns eating the same things rece…

Minecraft Tweaking Or Minecraft Tweaked?

My Minecraft "Fantasy Modpack Ultimate Version" settled when I realized I should look through the configuration files of the various mods and see what I could modify in order to establish balance.
I could turn off Applied Energistic 2's ore doubling on the grinder (configured at percentage chance of producing double dusts per ore), and I did, because it's just too tempting to waste a lot of time just spinning that wooden crank.  This pretty much eliminates the only reason not take this mod other than the fact it's a technological theme that clashes with magical mods.I could establish how much ore doubling that Tinkers' Construct smelter did, right down to the individual types of ore.  However, I decided to leave it disabled because I already had plenty of tools, I didn't like how it circumvents the enchantment system, and I did not want the world bloat of oreberry bushes and various metals whose only purpose was to be smelted and mixed.  Pity, though, it w…

Geldon's Minecraft Fantasy Mod Mix V1, May 2015, 1.7.10

Egads, I am ever done with kids for awhile.  The nephew dominated my free time for five days straight, during which time I largely forgot who I was.  What a cruel thing to do to a craven introvert.  Maybe The Thinker didn't wear any pants so nobody would put a child on his lap.

Anyway, in my attempts to piece together the frayed threads of my broken thread of solitude, I picked up anime in one hand and Minecraft in the other.  The anime thread immediately slipped out of my hands, I haven't watched a single episode of anything for a week, but I am not quite ready to cancel my Crunchyroll and Funimation subscriptions quite yet.  This leaves Minecraft, which I basically cobbled together my own personal modpack because Technic doesn't do enough and Feed The Beast does too much.

When I design my personal Minecraft modpack, I basically shoot for as little redundancy as possible in order to avoid balance conflicts.  Each set of mods should preform some essential function.  So my m…

To Worship Minecraft

This week, whilst still being ravaged by second hand psychoactive fumes, I was anticipating a visit from my young nephew and so attempted to get back into Minecraft once again.

It turns out to be a fairly awkward time to do that, because Minecraft is at version 1.8.4, but the bigger mods have yet to really make the transition to this version.  The basics are here, such as Forge (the most popular mod framework), Not Enough Items (which provides in-game reference to items and crafting recipes), and Inventory Tweaks (which does what it says on the tin).   But if you want to do any serious overhaul mods, such as Applied Energistics or Thaumcraft, you will need to play Minecraft version 1.7.10, probably via the Feed The Beast launcher.

I ended up trying a few new mods from that latest Feed The Beast packs and, of those, Botania got the most time from me.

Botania is basically weaponized flower arrangement: 
Some flowers ("Generating Flora") gather magical energy via means unique to…