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Ravenous Minecraft: The Tweaking Continues

The Hunger Overhaul mod for Minecraft is no joke.  Though it makes about a dozen changes to make it harder to produce food and keep fed, the ones that matter the most involve scaling hunger shank restoration on how prepared the food was and greatly slowing the rate in which food can be produced.  While most mods add a grind to the end of the game, this one adds a grind right in front: it takes quite some time to generate sufficient food to be fed enough to seriously start mining and building!  The reward for putting up with this and doing well is a "well fed" buff that boosts your regeneration rate, which offsets some dependency on healing potions in later game.

Pam's Harvestcraft is an essential partner mod because there's simply not that many high-tier foods in stock Minecraft to keep fed.  (Especially if you use the Spice Of Life mod, which prevents you from just subsisting on a giant pile of the same food by granting diminishing returns eating the same things recently.)  Pam adds a great variety of crops to harvest, everything from apple trees to zuccinis!  Then it adds a bunch of cool recipes you can use to prepare all sorts of delicious sounding foods: soups, salads, cakes, ice cream, hamburgers, even tofu vegetarian alternatives for everything!

After a bit of experimentation, I decided that Thaumcraft was vitally needed now.  Slow production of crops combined with a wide variety meant I would need huge farms.  With huge patches of farmland to maintain, doing it all manually would be a perpetual chore, so automation was required.  Steve's Carts 2 can currently only farm vanilla crops, I decided to remove it and use Thaumcraft "arcane bores" for my mining needs.  I read that Minefactory Reloaded machine block farm are compatible, but I am going for a less technological theme.  This left Thaumcraft golems, who I tested and confirmed are definitely compatible with Pam's Harvestcraft crops (although one might have to harvest the fruit trees by some other method).

While food sources from other mods were not incompatible, they nevertheless provided an unacceptable impact to the balance.  The Mariculture mod had to go because it added a huge variety of fish and they were all fished up instantly, which undermined the need for a variety of foods in Spice Of Life (although you can configure "food groups") and the slower food growth rate in the Hunger Overhaul.  I decided to let Natura go because too many of its crops (such as cotton, raspberries, and blueberries) existed in another form in Pam's Harvestcraft and so that was thematically redundant.  (Without it, The Nether will be a overbearingly dreary... but I guess that's part of why it's basically Hell.)

Speaking of redundancy, I decided that combining Thaumcraft / Botania's "Baubles" page (for a necklace, ring, and belt) was too redundant with the Tinkers Construct "Armor Tab."   Even overlooking the oddness how having both would allow you to wear three rings, two belts, and two necklaces, it's simply too odd and cumbersome to have two tabs dedicated to equipping secondary equipment.  I find Thaumcraft and Botania more essential to my current mod pack than Tinkers Construct, so away it goes.  Besides, I am still not quite comfortable with how the Tinkers Construct method of tool creation completely circumvents the enchantment system with one of its own.  I had to let this otherwise awesome mod go.  This means I will be reliant on other mods for any ore doubling.

I booted up creative mode, played with the tools from Flaxbeard's Streamcraft, and decided that was all I had it installed for.  It's currently somewhat in beta, anyway, and has tendencies to lag out the servers and whatnot.  Removing this mod almost eliminates the last real touch of technology in this modpack...
Flower arranging and computers, together at last.
 ...almost.  I still do not want to let Applied Energistics 2 go because the power of its item storage and automatic item crafting methods are irreplaceable.  I can eventually make the crafting CPU able to automatically craft me a cheeseburger from raw materials: now, there's a major goal!  I have confirmed in creative mode that Botania plants can power Applied Energistics 2 networks, although the passive generation flowers put out so little energy that I revised my stance on them being exploitative to use to the point where I decided to let them expire after twenty days instead of two.

For adventure, I have a choice of ChocolateQuest's Dungeons, The Twilight Forest, and Mystcraft, in addition to the perils of vanilla Minecraft and the deadly things that Thaumcraft adds.  Every mob has a chance to come up Infernal: I decided to configure that 1:25 of mobs will be slightly infernal, 1:125 will be medium infernal, and 1:625 will be ultra infernal.

This looks like a pretty damn good modpack I have here, but I decided the game does feel a bit empty without the presence of Minecraft Comes Alive villagers (if only so I have someone to protect besides myself) so I decided to re-add that mod.  I have learned that Thaumcraft golems and MCA villagers can co-exist, the golems protecting them with gusto, so this gives the villagers a new lease on life. 

Looks like I've decided on my modpack for this week.  I think I will tweak my starting equipment to having the necessary blocks to quickly assemble a wall around a MCA village and set up torches to reduce casualties among them.  Reason being that, for several Minecraft days, I will be too busy setting up vast tracts of farmland just so I can prevent myself from starving, and this will leave me unable to protect the villagers from their natural tendency to go extinct.


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