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Some Rain Must Fall

I haven't been getting nearly as much "me" time as my introverted self really needs to function, but there is a potential clearing up ahead of this little family crisis we've been going through lately.  I did get a fair amount of cleaning done, at least, so I guess agitation is good for something.
Still kicking, but I don't have much to say.  I somewhat abandoned the idea of a Minecraft cheeseburger farm because I decided that I'd rather put together a kingdom of Ancient Warfare villagers.  Didn't really get enough time to do that.  Dabbled with a half-dozen Steam games, but not for all that long.

I will say that Crypt of the NecroDancer is rather good.  But it has the unfortunate consequence of hurting sleep quality by training my reflexes to move to the music.  I think about the music when trying to sleep and end up having minor involuntary limb movements that disrupt sleep.  This game is so fly that you dance in bed later!

My Bizarro weekend is over, b…

Sometimes, The Miracle Is Just To Be Here

Due to a family crisis, I was too busy being worried to accomplish much in the way of "digitally staving off boredom."  I was afraid.  I was anxious.  But I was not bored, it seems.
I did get a very basic impression of two Wii U games before I decided I was too anxious to really enjoy the Wii U right now and sent them back to GameFly.

The first was Hyrule Warriors, which is basically a cross between the Dynasty Warriors series and the Legend of Zelda series.  In practice, it is essentially the former painted in the style of the latter: you pick one of many ridiculously good fighters to control, then go to town on a battlefield full of soldiers, but everything in now a Legend of Zelda person, place, or thing.  Well, almost everything: this game was made by Team Ninja, so insert a bit of Dead Or Alive style cheesecake and artistic talent into the mix.  Consequently, Hyrule Warriors is, at times, just a tad too pop culture Japanese. 

Though the game was fun, I actually ended up…

Virtual Cheesebuggerage Continues

Welcome back, you rare few single digit visitors, to the 21,597,958th most popular site on the Internet.  Nobody wants to hear about Minecraft, it seems, but dammit, that's what I'm doing.  Well, I don't blame them, why read about Minecraft when you could watch a stream of people playing it?

Anyway, another Bizarro weekend has come and gone, and during that time I've learned a little in my self-appointed quest for automated cheeseburger production in my current Minecraft modpack, and it goes like this:

AE2: How To Make A Crafting CPU.

Applied Energistics 2 is mostly a mod about storing items in Minecraft, which can be rather a chore without assistance.  However, an important additional functionality is the Crafting CPU, the most powerful means of automatically crafting of any mod I know.  Using it to make cheeseburger meals is a bit like bringing a gunship to a knife fight, but why settle for anything less?

Crafting CPUs can be constructed by building square blocks of an…

Can Haz Unlimited Cheeseburgers?

Despite the fact I piped in a carefully balanced mix of Minecraft mods, I still find myself grasping a bit for overall purpose to play the game.  Yes, I can go out there and kick the ass of all the big monsters in the game, but then you're sitting there with nether star in hand, a bunch of cool swag cluttering up your chests, and you are left to wonder why.  It has been suggested I could go bring some other players in, and show off my swag to them, but this additional perspective does not change the true nature of all the elements involved.

So I decided that the mission is to make a cheeseburger.  Well, to be more specific:
I want Pam's Harvestcraft Delighted Meals that consist of a deluxe cheeseburger (hamburger (skillet + raw beef + toast) + cheese + lettuce + tomato), fries (bakeware + potatoes + salt), and a smoothie (juicer + compatible fruit/berry + snow). I want to automatically produce the components that go into them (bread, raw beef, milk, lettuce, tomato, potato, sa…