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Can Haz Unlimited Cheeseburgers?

Despite the fact I piped in a carefully balanced mix of Minecraft mods, I still find myself grasping a bit for overall purpose to play the game.  Yes, I can go out there and kick the ass of all the big monsters in the game, but then you're sitting there with nether star in hand, a bunch of cool swag cluttering up your chests, and you are left to wonder why.  It has been suggested I could go bring some other players in, and show off my swag to them, but this additional perspective does not change the true nature of all the elements involved.

So I decided that the mission is to make a cheeseburger.  Well, to be more specific:
  • I want Pam's Harvestcraft Delighted Meals that consist of a deluxe cheeseburger (hamburger (skillet + raw beef + toast) + cheese + lettuce + tomato), fries (bakeware + potatoes + salt), and a smoothie (juicer + compatible fruit/berry + snow).
  • I want to automatically produce the components that go into them (bread, raw beef, milk, lettuce, tomato, potato, salt, smoothie-related-fruit-or-berry, and snow) in a self-sustaining manner (crops will be re-planted, livestock repopulated) via a combination of stock Minecraft blocks, Botania flower power, and Thaumcraft magic (probably mostly golems).
  • I want the ability to produce the entire meal automatically via first digitizing the components into an Applied Energistics 2 matter to energy system, powered in a self-sustaining manner (probably by Botania energy generating flora) and then ordering it to construct the meal for me automatically.  I simply order the Delighted Meal, and it crafts all the base components for me, and then the meal itself.  This ability is what makes this mod so invaluable.
  • To up the challenge, the Botania passive generation flowers (the ones that require nothing to generate mana) will be configured to wither after awhile, I will be running the Hunger Overall which (among other things) greatly slows the growth rate of crops, Infernal Mobs (which makes mobs considerably more dangerous), and have introduced the additional goal of keeping a Minecraft Comes Alive village alive (useless louts).
If I can accomplish this goal, I will have "won" the modpack and be ready for the next one.
I spent most of last night revamping the layout of my crop garden/farm.  The result looks reasonably gorgeous, if I say so myself.
I have been playing the mod pack for about a week and a half now, and I am partway there:
  • I recovered all the necessary components to produce the Delighted Meals, and have produced several manually.
  • I also recovered all the necessary imprints from fallen skystones to build an Applied Energistics 2 network.  It currently consists of an ME controller, an ME Drive, and a crafting terminal, there is no crafting CPU yet.
  • I built enough Botania power generating flowers to keep the Applied Energistics 2 powered when I need it. 
  • I researched all of the Thaumcraft I need for basic golems to harvest and replant fields.  Although I have found, in practice, if I have them work four fields they do not always re-plant things where they found them.  As I am planning on having them harvest four fields at once (4x4 surrounding their chests) it is probable that my neatly-organized fields will be scrambled!  (The main Pam's Harvester alternative is Minefactory Reloaded planter blocks, which plant with a configurable grid, but that is a completely different modpack configuration than this "fantasy" mix I am using.)
  • Oh well, they're still a lot more useful than the Minecraft Comes Alive villagers were when I tried to hire them to harvest even something as basic as vanilla Minecraft crops.  They mostly just wandered around town at random and maybe coincidentally stumble across a crop from time to time.  Their safety is assured, by the way: I walled the village completely off and lit any possible place a mob can spawn.
It is easy to get distracted by flights of fancy in Minecraft (it is part of the game's open-ended appeal) but I nevertheless seem to be making reasonable progress.
Thaumcraft golems are surprisingly cute when they work.
 I flaked out a little bit, though:
  • I turned off the Infernal Mobs because, frankly, I was tired of getting killed by punk ass monsters.  The biggest problem was that I also have already-dangerous monsters being introduced from Thaumcraft, Twilight Forest, and ChocolateQuest Dungeons, and when these mobs go "Infernal" the result is insufferably lethal.  Come to think of it, this mod can be configured to define which mobs are affected by it... perhaps I'll re-enable it and turn it on for vanilla Minecraft zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers, which are so massively prolific that they become blasé without mixing things up a bit.
  • I turned off the withering of passive generation flowers in Botania because it's not like it's impossible for me to simply keep rebuilding them, it's just a chore I might as well avoid.  Also, the passive generation flowers do not put out much mana at all, although it adds up over time... I think I will have to re-enable this and switch over to other kinds of generating flora to consider the challenge "won."
Am I satisfied with the overall purpose I have defined for myself in Minecraft?  Honestly, time would probably be better spent bashing my head against a game development IDE, trying to create something of my own rather than cobbling together a foolish errand from this mod-twisted version of Notch's vision.  But, as far as moderate creative fulfilment is concerned, this task is a lot easier than that... I am content, for now.


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