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Digging Too Deep

This weekend, my primary focus was the same as the last two: space mining and some other entertainment to break up the monotony.  
That may change because I finally reached my penultimate goal in Elite:Dangerous of earning access to an Imperial Clipper, basically the sleekest ship in the game.   Oh, she's not the biggest and best ship in the game, that honor belongs to the Anaconda, a ship whose hull costs about seven times as much.  In fact, the Python costs only twice as much as a clipper and outperforms it in every way (except speed) while fitting snugly on a smaller docking pad.   So the only thing "penultimate" about the Imperial Clipper is that it is arguably the best looking ship in the game, and has a slightly higher cruising speed to show for it.
Perhaps more importantly, it's the last one I plan to grind long enough to get.  From here on out, the diminishing returns for grinding exceed my comfort level.   If I bother to play at all, it'll just be for a…

Prospective Pursuits

Despite claiming to be burned out from Elite: Dangerous, what little free time I have managed to focus towards a particular end has mostly been spent engaging in the most boring activity it can offer: mining.

Mining has been made a bit less boring than it used to be because of the addition of collector limpets.  These handy little robots will elegantly fly out, grab any asteroid debris or cargo containers they can find, and drop them off in your cargo scoop.  The fully upgraded limpet controllers expand limpet lifespan to a full twelve minutes... unless you have targeted something to pick up, in which case launching a limpet does only retrieves that and then it self-destructs.  Prior to the implementation of the collector limpets, you had to collect all the debris manually by ramming it with your open cargo scoop, which was challenging enough but overly monotonous.

The other half of what makes mining worthwhile is picking the right target.  I had originally thought mining in Elite:Dan…

Where Elite:Dangerous Burns Out

This week, I mostly played Elite: Dangerous.  (Granted, I worked a full time schedule, so I didn't have a whole lot of time to play anything.)  Yet, I find myself a bit disappointed in what I have to look forward to in the latter half of the game.

The main problem comes down to weapon balance.  If I compare the damage per second as measured by the players on an April 2015 forum thread with the actual cost of the weapons and the difficulty of mounting them on ships, what arrive at is the conclusions that the power balance tapers off heavily in the latter part of the game.
The reason is because of how damage scales relative to price in the weapons.  For example, a class 1 ("small") gimble-mounted beam laser would cost around 75,000 credits and do 8.7 DPS, but a class 3 ("large") gimble-mounted beam laser costs around 2,400,000 credits and does 24 DPS.   So you end up paying 32 times the cost of the weapon for less than 3 times the damage.

If I look at the weapon …

When Your Heart Isn't Here

I've had so much family drama occur that home that I have largely been busy picking up the pieces in my free time.  Rearranging furniture.  Cleaning.  The problem is that home does not really feel like home anymore.  When I was not trying to rectify this, what was I doing with my free time?  Not a whole lot.
I upgraded my old video card (a GeForce 650 Ti Boost) to two new cards (both GeForce GTX 970) running in SLI because Witcher 3 was running a tad too slow and I wanted something I would not have to upgrade for 5 years or so.    The result?  Yes, my computer can now run every game ridiculously well... provided it doesn't lean on my (AMD FX-8120) CPU very hard.  
For example, Minecraft is a rather CPU intensive  app, and it was all I played in May.  Meaning, based on the games I typically play, I probably should have upgraded the CPU, instead.  Well, it'll take me half the year to pay off these video cards first, but there will probably be some good mods for Minecraft 1…