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Lives, Witchers, And Bores, Oh My!

Long time, no update.  This has been a miserable few months, but I finally got a chance to get a bit of quality gaming in.  Yesterday was spent giving the latest huge update of Starbound a spin, and the day before completing the first free roaming area in The Witcher 3.

Witchin' Around.

The Witcher 3 is about as good as PC action RPGs get.  It features a hand crafted, open-ended world with elaborate attention to detail, a host of richly explored characters that are well portrayed in game, and fairly slick gameplay mechanics.  About the only bad thing I can say about it is that the mouse-and-keyboard interface is a tad awkward, resulting in my jiggling the camera view as I frantically click the mouse to launch a barrage of fast attacks.

The ridiculous alpha male that is Geralt of Rivera, your central protagonist throughout the game, is a likable enough fellow for a leathery scarred wreck that can't stop it with the sass-mouth.  I can't really blame him for being a bit cynica…

Empyrion Vrs Space Engineers: A Different Kind Of Space Race

In my quest for more compelling virtual worlds, I have been watching Empyrion: Galactic Survival a lot this bizarro weekend, mostly via the Angry Joe Show twitch stream.  What I have concluded from my observations is Empyrion is following in Space Engineers' shadow, but it is nevertheless threatening the elder game due to a greater feature set (the modding scene notwithstanding).

Empyrion is made in Unity, whereas Space Engineers is built on a custom engine.  While this does put Empyrion at a disadvantage when it comes to conceptual flexibility, its developers nevertheless have a substantial advantage when it comes to adding features due to a savings of time spent that would have gone into developing their own engine.  Examples include:
Planets.  Empyrion already has planets and space to explore between them, whereas in Space Engineers planets are in the works but still awhile away (so you just have asteroid fields to scavenge).Enemies.  Space Engineers' survival mode boasts onl…

Motivate, Damn It

Though it seems I am trapped between perpetual life interruptions, I nevertheless feel like all paths of worthwhile free time investment lead to game development.   The primary reason being that I'm a nearly perpetually unsatisfied gamer.  The deeply-engrained gamer identity means that is what I'll do.  However, in virtually every game I play, I feel it ought to be better.  This ultimately comes down to a relatively selfish truth: I want the game to better suit what I want it to be.  Well, there's only one way to assure that's the case: make it myself.  Thus, undergoing game development is required.
But what to make?  Heck, I can hardly make up my mind here, but I keep returning to the idea of a virtual world.  If you look back at the games I've been playing, they are simply as close as I've been able to get to this concept without going through the perspiration of doing it myself. Minecraft, heavily modded, almost brings a purpose to the game, but each vetera…

Turn Skipped

Another week come and gone, whatever have I been up to in my free time?   Well, in this case, I would have to ask, "What free time?"  In addition to working a lot more hours than usual, my only two days off were almost completely consumed by entertaining the five-year-old nephew while he was in town.  As much as I needed that time, I just can't say no to an innocent kid who loves his uncle.  Better luck next weekend, me!

I guess I could talk about what he had me play: Nom Nom Galaxy and modded Minecraft.   Both excellent games in their own right, although the nephew was calling the shots how I was allowed to play them.
In Nom Nom Galaxy, you play on a cutaway side view as an intergalactic soup worker, constructing a factory, locating ingredients, and racing against an off-map opponent to ship the most soup!  It's a pretty novel formula and a very solid game.

We played the two player split screen mode, which is a pretty effective way to play it.  The young nephew is …