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Under The Tale, But Above All Expectations

Quite some time since the last update.  Well, truth be told, my view count is so low that I've been rather discouraged from bothering.  Not that I ought to be doing this for popularity, so much as it seems as though I must have been doing it wrong.  Foremost, perhaps, that there's no specific audience being written to here, it's just been me rambling about how I wasted my free time. Well, I just finished Undertale, a worthier-than-usual mention.  On the surface, it resembles a 8-bit RPG from the NES era, which makes sense considering its creator, Toby Fox, has had extensive experience in both creating 8-bit music and doing this style of graphic art, for example in a ROM hack of the cult classic SNES title, Earthbound.  Indeed, I would call Undertale a game of the same vein, but this would mean little to you if you were unfamiliar with the haunting kitschy sentiments of Earthbound.  So let me try explaining what's so special about Undertale again... 
Well, imagine a sc…

Fair Enough Complacency

Not much ado as of late.  I've upped my work hours in hopes of building confidence in my self-sufficiency, whilst playing games that are such surefire entertainment sources that they lack the intrigue of a potentially bad game.
Witcher 3 has been spoken of enough already in the prior entry.  Good RPG content continues to be good.  I chip away at it like a mouse going at an unguarded cake, simultaneously exalting in the rich caloric feast whilst despairing at the hopelessness of the prospect of possibly consuming the whole thing in one convenient sitting.  Though I could easily find fault in Witcher 3 as I could anything else in life, the game is pleasing enough to the palate, but it's so huge I can't help but wonder if I've better uses for that time. As fate would have it, Hand Of Fate went on sale, and I snapped it up with full expectations that an unlimited adventure generator poising as a card game could hope to have.  It is sublime enough, designed for convenient h…