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My Feckless Youth Returns

Oh, the games I played this weekend!

I played Kingdom, the best of the lot, even if it is a recklessly ambiguously named title.  This particular Kingdom is a product of a developer called "Noio," and is the pixel game equivalent to the greatest artistic masterpieces ever to make a human being feel utterly helpless in the face of remorseless forest spirits. 
At times, Kingdom's atmosphere is so moving that it makes me want to compose poetry.  Later, as my kingdom is inevitably ground under a deluge of monsters, I want to compose a pithy limerick.  "There once was a King from Fuchdischit."

I’ve played Rebel Galaxy, not that PS2 game you’re thinking of, but rather a lovely arcade odyssey in open ended space capital ship broadside actions.  Some people are calling Rebel Galaxy the closest thing to Freelancer we have had since the original. 
Well, I think nostalgia might have caused some people to extrapolate the resemblance a bit.  For example, I seem to recall …

The Grinds Just Keep Coming

Though the weekend passed quickly between two games, PlanetBase and WildStar, I cannot say that my jaded gamer's cognitive dissonance has been utterly resolved in either case.

Free Pass To Nexus

The launch of free to play for WildStar has brought me back to the virtual confines of planet Nexus.
Aside from a couple days of server backup, I returned to a game quite happy to see me, my account now garnished with lovely veteran rewards such as a free flux hoverboard for all of my characters. However, how happy have I been to see WildStar again?