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Primed For 2016 Procrastination

The holidays are often a hectic time, and the same goes to my own pursuits in digitally staving off boredom.  It doesn't help that I still have weeks of work ahead of me to organize this cluttered (but slowly becoming less so) house before we'll be able to get the floors replaced from that outstanding master bedroom toilet flood.
There has been much ado over the past couple weeks, but I am short on time so I'll break it down into simple bullets:
I bought Elite: Horizons, the stand-alone expansion to Elite: Dangerous, and find it a pretty minor iteration on the original.  I guess that's alright, because I am an old Elite series fan who is quite happy with the simulator getting a remake.  However, I wish Braben and company would pay better attention to the advances made by EVE Online and the X series, as to some extent a remake just isn't enough.

As pertains to the Elite:Horizonsexpansion so far, driving around on planets in a buggy is merely a highly atmospheric diver…

Merciless Poseidon

Sometimes, when disasters come, they come in deluges.  The reservoir tank of the upstairs master bedroom set off a chain of events that has thoroughly impacted the sanctity of the time I'd rather spend digitally staving off boredom.

In fact, things have been overpoweringly damp in general around here, triggering landslides, record rainfall, and even a tornado which (despite inflicting no injuries) has made national news out of sheer rarity.

Given what I've been through, to tickity tackity away on my lovely computer's mechanical keyboard is heavenly, despite the fact that the room was otherwise stripped of furniture by the flood damage mitigation company.

It was equally divine to be able to boot up Elite: Dangerous and do a simple asteroid mining run.  I would say that, despite having an end game that generally lacks of worthwhile activities, Elite: Dangerous is among the better games I have for simple escapism, the atmospheric feel taking me out of my tragic present-day ci…