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Primed For 2016 Procrastination

The holidays are often a hectic time, and the same goes to my own pursuits in digitally staving off boredom.  It doesn't help that I still have weeks of work ahead of me to organize this cluttered (but slowly becoming less so) house before we'll be able to get the floors replaced from that outstanding master bedroom toilet flood.
Better late than never.  Barely.
There has been much ado over the past couple weeks, but I am short on time so I'll break it down into simple bullets:
  • I bought Elite: Horizons, the stand-alone expansion to Elite: Dangerous, and find it a pretty minor iteration on the original.  I guess that's alright, because I am an old Elite series fan who is quite happy with the simulator getting a remake.  However, I wish Braben and company would pay better attention to the advances made by EVE Online and the X series, as to some extent a remake just isn't enough.

    As pertains to the Elite:Horizons expansion so far, driving around on planets in a buggy is merely a highly atmospheric diversion, as have found little gameplay incentive to doing it considering I can make far more game money in space.
  • I've decided to stop pussyfooting around with these babby developer IDEs with WYSIWYG editors.  So long, Unity, GameMaker, Construct 2, and Clickteam Fusion.  I'm going to teach myself to use LibGDX and that'll be that.

    The deciding factor for me is basically that my game designs are often too ambitious to settle for a pre-made engine.  I'm going to have my make my own, and if I end up raging that the engine is incapable of meeting my artistic needs then I only have myself to blame: if JAVA with C++ optimized rendering bits can't do it then I'm simply asking for too much.

    I had a longstanding concern that working this way may slow down my development speed.  However, I now wonder if WYSIWYG editors actually slow me down because I'm a pretty fast typist and my projects usually end up placing everything via code anyway.  It's not like I'm coding completely from scratch here; I'm using LibGDX, a powerful and heavily iterated API.  In fact, given that I am working in JAVA, I'm drawing from an incredibly large pool of potential APIs to help with nearly anything!
  • A friend bought me Helldivers, a glorious isometric perspective squad arcade shooter taking place on procedural generated planets.  I liked it so much that I bought all the DLC.
  • For the Steam sale, I also bought Chivalry Medieval Warfare, Grim Fandango Remastered, the Spiderweb Software Complete Pack (it's not really) and Pillars of Eternity.  All great games.  All things I can't be spending much time with if I expect to ever make anything in LibGDX.
So there you have it; this is the state of my life now that I've newly turned 39.

My full time work days are spent with part of my cognitive processes spent considering game design, and perhaps that's for the best because it's far better to work out what you're going to make before you try to explain it to a computer.

My home time is going to be spent largely recovering from perpetual disaster, it seems, but I hope to dedicate at least equal portion I spent on procrastination towards game development.

Success or failure, per usual, is up to me.
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