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Last weekend, predictably, went to X-Com 2.  While I generally revile clones, there's something to be said for the value of making incremental progress on a deserving idea.

X-Com 2 builds on the first game on just about every front, ratcheting up the tension with tweaked game mechanics, refreshing all of the enemies and equipment, and providing a new setting:

You lost the war of the first game; aliens have conquered Earth.  Humanity's subjugation is in the form of an uneasy utopia of open alien benevolence in the form of a global police state.In X-Com 2, 20 years after your defeat at the end of the original, the X-Com initiative is resurrected as an underground rebellion.  You are cast as leading humanity's second chance.
If you played the first game, what more needs to be said?  This sequel was a safe gamble that the Firaxis team had plenty of talent to pull off.

Some would argue that all games are about meaningful decision making, but I would say some games are better at it …

Audible Discontent

Been awhile.  What to blog about?  What have I been up to lately?  Mostly doing that Udemy Unity course, but there were a few other things.  For this entry, lets talk about a botched PC hardware experiment.

I bought a Sound Blaster Zx because, in the prior paycheck, I succumbed to the lure of the Razer CES 2016 Appreciation event and bought Razer Kraken Forged headphones and I was hoping to get a rich sound source to go with it. 

In theory, having high quality headphones married to high quality sound hardware would mean I would get a superior experience over a set of 5.1 headphones with their integrated USB sound.  In practice, I have found disappointing little improvement over simply using a Corsair Vengence 1500 headset with its integrated USB sound.

Part of the problem is that Creative still doesn't know how to write good drivers.  When I tried to install the drivers I downloaded from the web, they couldn't find the hardware.  Fortunately, the CD drivers worked.  Unfortu…