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Dang It

It's been a weird weekend, the kind of which you just look back and try to pick up the pieces of where all the time went.
It started when I returned from work, exhausted.  Before turning in, I decided to eat half a Dove Easter bunny (and that's not a euphemism).  Next thing I know, I am up until 4am posting in a political thread.  I had to cop out at the end because, take it from me: hardly anyone is ever convinced of anything on the Internet.  Anyway, there's six to eight hours of my life I am never getting back

The rest of the weekend was a rather unsatisfying whirlwind tour of the games I've been playing lately.

In FortressCraft Evolved, while my friend worked on routing more power into the research machine, I embarked upon a project to automate transforming ore into its derivatives.  Once I was done, I had machines to assure that there was always going to be 10 research pods, 10 PCB circuit boards, 10 coiled wires, 10 wires, 100 plates, and 100 bars of every type o…

Another Weekend Gone To Fortresscraft

Can't believe I let Fortresscraft Evolved consume another whole weekend.
Well, I was certainly occupied, but there's not much to the game.  Essentially three and a half economies: ore, energy, research,  and alien biology.   
1. You build miners, conveyors, and smelters to process the ore.  Smelted bars are used, at least in part, to craft everything.
2. You build power generators, batteries, and laser transmitters to power your machines.
3. You build research assemblers and labs to unlock new machines.  This consumes both energy and ore.
3.5. Ore collection and power generation ticks off the wildlife (giant hubs) so you build turrets to kill them.  Collecting parts of dead mobs can be used to craft souped up parts, so there's the remaining half economy.
As the game progresses, you go deeper for better ore that builds better parts, which means higher demand for ore and power, but cooler and more powerful machines to play with.
In my opinion not enough; this is not the game I wan…

Attack of the evolved fortress... crafts?

Now playing: Fortresscraft Evolved.
As has ever been the case, the game I want to play isn't out yet, but it seems about 20 hours of my weekend went to revisiting Fortresscraft Evolved, an ambitious Unity-made project that combines much of the appeal of Minecraft and Factorio into a geeky fusion that is a bit rough around the edges yet still made by somebody admittedly a lot better at using Unity than me. After those 20 hours, I conclude it's a game of many interesting parts being used to a muddled end.
Yes, you can build ore miners, connect those ore miners to conveyor belts, have the collected ore automatically smelted, the smelted bars routed into machines that further refine them into wires, plates, spools of wires, and circuit boards.  Yes, you can produce energy from coal and use a network of batteries and lasers to beam power directly to the appropriate machine blocks. 
But to what ends?  Downward, ever downward, to increasingly hostile depths containing yet another ty…


Working full time sure puts the pinch on the time I'd like to spend gaming, and this leaves even less time to blog.  Still, I would like to put out at least a weekly digest of what I've been up to lately.

Gaming: Dragon's Dogma

A week ago, I picked up the PC version of this Capcom-made open world RPG after reading an article on Rock Paper Shotgun about how charmingly oblivious the players' NPC followers are.  Since buying it, I've been steadily plugging in hours every evening after work.  Now, having put that and weekend into the game I am about level 25 with moderate ranks in each of the three basic vocations.
What sets this game apart from the other open-world RPGs like it?  The answer is a bit strange because Dragon's Dogma is, at heart, a hybrid.  They tried to borrow a bit of Monster Hunter's epic monster battles, item crafting, and class balance, Dark Souls' art style and movement, and a smidgen of the Elder Scroll's world scope.  More than any…