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Gaming Between Hope And Despair

Another week come and gone.  Good lord, full time work is eating me alive.

True to my word from the last entry, I finished watching a Let's Play of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and moved on to buying and playing Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Mikan takes a pointless fanservice tumble
To say that the Danganronpa series are merely Japanese visual novels would be a tad misleading... both games are near the top of the charts of visual novels on Steam, with Danganronpa 2 at #15 and the original Danganronpa at #2... and I'm pretty sure #1 (Nekopara Vol 2) has a boosted rating due to more people giving it a thumbs up ironically.

Danganronpa deserves its acclaim.  In addition to having a novel story that is a cross between Ace Attorney, And Then There Were None, and Lost, the developers took the time to add clever interactive game mechanics and brilliant graphic design (at least so long as you can stomach the anime aesthetic).  About the only down sides of the series are that the story is a tad overly surreal, the PSP imported graphics are sometimes a bit washed out, and playing it involves lots of reading... but visual novels in general have worse flaws than that.

Because much of the appeal of Danganronpa is discovering its twists and turns, I really can't talk much more about it without spoiling it.  Suffice to say, I find my purchase of Danganronpa 2 to be $30 very well spent, but your tastes may vary.

Aside from immersing myself in this visual novel, I did rather minor things:
  • Bought and played a bit of Battlezone 98 Redux.  It's a little too faithful of a remake of the 1998 RTS-played-from-inside: the interface and general game mechanics could have been improved a bit; you can't even access a full keymap from inside the game!  Also, it's a tad easy, as I've found that simply deploying howitzers and keeping them safe is an easy recipe to defeat any AI-controlled base.  But because this kind of game is so rare, I find it novel enough to be entertaining.
  • In FortressCraft Evolved, I tweaked my roof turret arrangement.  I kinda feel like I don't want to burn out from this game before there's significantly more to do.  But, as I said in the last entry, I am somewhat bored of my last mix of games that also included Stardew Valley and Dragon's Dogma.  Maybe they'll feel fresher after I'm done with Danganronpa 2.
  • I have been practicing Unity via doing some tutorials, targeting an hour a day, but not quite getting there due to 20% life's inconveniences and 80% procrastination.  Though I now know more than a rank amateur at using it, I am still mostly learning that I have a lot to learn.  However, since my ideas involve a lot of advanced game logic, and I believe it is better to start with an existing engine than to try to create my own, I am pretty sure there is no easier alternative.
It seems likely my free time activities will continue to move along at a crawl until such time as I can afford to have more.
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