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On Track, For A Change

This week, I've managed to motivate myself to resume development in Unity, at least for half of my free time.  I bought the Rog Framework off the asset store, it wasn't quite as powerful as I wanted, but it was good to be able to dabble with a completed framework in Unity, quite educational seeing how it all fits together.

My main mission at the moment is to continue to reinforce the behavior of using Unity until it becomes habit, as it is a more productive use of my leisure time than just playing games.  If successful, perhaps I may yet see my aspiration to complete some games come to fruition before the reaper catches me.

That said, it's important for a gamer (or game developer) to play something, and sometimes I need to calm a mind excited by hard work on a project before bedtime.  To these ends, I currently find myself involved in Guild Wars 2, a MMORPG released in 2012 that still manages to be #2 on the list of top-rated released MMORPGs.

My history with Gu…

Is Minecraft Missing Morality?

Things were going so well over the past 11 blog entries, from X-Com 2 all the way up to the beating of Dangranronpa 2.  However, it seems I am once again back to being thoroughly dispossessed: 582 games purchased on Steam, more elsewhere, but nothing "worth" playing.  Most of my effort to find something to play has been spent on Minecraft.


It seems all the cool Minecraft geeks are playing skyblock scenarios.  These are modpacks which start you in the middle of a completely empty void, with barely more than a block of dirt, sapling, and a torch.  From this humble beginning, you leverage the Ex Nihilo mod to grind what little you have into all of the basic resources that you would normally find in the overworld of Minecraft. 

Although the skyblock scenario gives you the satisfaction of overcoming impossible-looking odds and survey a world you created from virtually nothing, skyblocks are not my cup of tea. 

Part of this is due to the lack of procedural generation. …

Can't Staycation

This is a week of much transition for me because I am being forced by circumstances to relocate.  I expected to be spending a lot of time moving, so I took a week off, but the actual amount of time needed for that turned out to be a bit less than expected.  This left some time to catch up on my leisurely pursuits a bit.

I Beat Danganronpa 2.

Earlier, I was concerned that the murder mystery focus was deviating too much from the main drive of the plot: you're trapped on an island for reasons unknown, who is responsible for that, and why are you being forced to kill your follow classmates?

I'm happy to say that the final chapter wraps up every loose end and brilliantly leverages the entire story to produce a resounding conclusion!

Fantastic game.  Currently #4 on the list of all Steam games for Windows sorted by highest rating (by users)... and not just ironically this time!  Anyway, I look forward to seeing the anime conclusion when it comes out next month, although I would prefe…