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No Man's Hype

No Man's Sky has literally been on the top of my Steam wish list for over a year.  Now less than two weeks from release, my preorder is good to go.
To those who are late in coming onto this hype train, lets start with what No Man's Sky is.  It is a game that lets you explore a vast, procedurally generated universe.  You will have your own ship, and the game supports seamless transitions between that and the planet's surface.

Need to know more?  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth a thousand words a frame, so I'll simply post up the official four trailers released for the game thus far.  Although these are Playstation 4 trailers, note that No Man's Skywill also be released for the PC, albeit possibly at a slightly later release date of August 12th (which I feel is mighty convenient to any company looking to leverage hype to sell consoles or score a few sales ahead of zero day piracy).
Trailer 1: Explore, showcasing biome varia…

Procrastinating By The Numbers

Writing this at about 3/4th the way through my two day weekend, it seems relatively cut and dry what I'll be up to.

1. Playing Starbound.

Starbound is now on version 1.0, officially out of early release, which started back some time back when the glaciers retreated or possibly December 4th, 2013.

Reflecting back on my experiences in those early days and comparing it with what I have played now, Starbound has improved by neither leaps nor bounds.  It's the same general engine it was back then, and the main gist of the gameplay remains the same, too.

Instead, it has improved by breadth and details.
For example:
There's a lot more to explore.  Biomes.  Dungeons.  Villages and encampments.  Pre-made adventure maps tied in with quests.  Nifty little segments of mystery doled out by the procedural generation engine.Speaking of quests, there's a great big quest hub that you find early on into the game.  A great meeting point for players on multiplayer servers and a nice place to…

Failing Survival Mode

In the spirit of re-experiencing another foremost example of a released virtual world game, I decided to give Fallout 4 another spin, this time with the newly-released survival mode.   I wrote a bit about my adventures.

I awoke in a sleeping bag in Concord, next to the dead raider I had found there earlier.  I had learned (cheated: I read it off the wiki) there might be a Railway Rifle to be found far to the southeast, and I always wanted one of those.   I set off immediately, ignoring a mild thirst.  Following the roads, I avoided a ghoul infestation near an abandoned rail station and met a convoy lead by Lucas, an armor dealer.  I traded almost everything I had, including our wedding rings, for a "champion" piece of left arm armor that would boost my strength and endurance.  I decided to opt for a "safety in numbers" approach and joined their convoy, just so long as we were going in the same direction, selling anything I found along the way to Lucas.  That worked …

Rocks and Hard Places

Committed as I am to trying to put out an entry a week, this is a particularly problematic week for me.  On the upshot, it's not too often I'll get to blog from such a strange mindset.
I am on the tail end of a typical two-week-long cold bug.   Most of the symptoms are gone, but I still feel tired, floaty, and generally weird.I just returned a few days ago after being away for almost a month, slumming it at hotels, while my house was being renovated.The house feels pretty alien now.  There's new floors in over half of it, and it will probably be months before all the furniture and clutter is restored to where it belongs.  (I want to throw out most of the clutter, but it's not mine to discard.)Because I am investigating seeing if I can afford to also replace another bit of floor, I have opted to leave my tiny 10x10' room temporarily crammed with more junk than I feel comfortable residing with.  However, since my computer is here, here I reside nonetheless.The cats ar…

Mocked From The Pedestal

A mysterious week lost to the cold bug; despite having taken an extra 3 days of sick leave, I was too busy reacting to cold symptoms to accomplish much of anything.
I will say that it was surprisingly easy to surpass my old Guild Wars 2 Engineer's level with my Mesmer.   When I started getting back into the game, the Engineer was in his early 30s and the Mesmer at least 10 levels his junior underclassmen.  After maybe 20 hours mostly spent faffing about the starting areas "completing" them, the Mesmer is now in his mid-30s and showing no sign of slowing.
I find myself ashamed more than happy about this: the number of levels strike me as a measure of the amount of time I wasted chasing carrots in an MMORPG when I could have been pushing the boundaries of what virtual worlds are.
I can tell you what virtual worlds are not: they're not a damn theme park. 
The activity in Guild Wars 2 is almost entirely to the ends of earning prizes from turning in the tickets you earne…