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It Never Changes

Another week gone, and my deluge of Fallout 4 playing continues largely unabated.  Though my character is now level 31, I cannot say my exploits over the last week of Fallout 4 have been particularly exciting: I wandered a little south of Greygarden and added Oberland Station to my settlements.  Great, more mouths to feed.  I built a mostly-empty cube of a 4 floor building there, rocket turrets ringing a roof garden.I did generic improvements at my existing settlements.  Just about any settlement can be improved with more elevated rocket turrets and a trader emporium.I cleared out the Federal Ration Stockpile and Beantown Brewery.  The Raiders staying in these locations were tied together by a blackmailing scheme gone wrong.  Fortunately, I have found bullets solve all Raider problems.I keep getting dragged back north by requests to defend my settlements.  These are usually good fights... and I can't complain when the loot comes to me! Above all, I've been scavenging.  I have…

Gear, Junk, And Garbage

Another week gone, full time job inclusive, and that means barely a dent in my Fallout 4 DLC-complete survival mode replay.  Fallout 4 is a big, big game, and all this survival mode death retread does not make it go any faster.

My character is now level 28, and I have settled my decision on which of the major firearm perks to specialize in first.
My character is leaning hard on the Luck attribute since I thought the perks there were the most fun.High luck means a greater reliance on critical hits to succeed in combat.Critical hits recharge from each time you hit in V.A.T.S. mode.  Pistols have the most efficient use of action points to generate the most hits in V.A.T.S mode. So it seems my character's build had already decided that the Gunslinger Perk is what I should take.  This perk has an added benefit that it can boost range, something no other weapon perk does, which also addresses one of the biggest problems with dedicating a character to pistols.

Another form of Fallout 4 pr…

Apocolyptical Compromise

The niece and nephew have their own roof now, so I was able to have most of the weekend to myself.  Following last blog entry's trend, it went to Fallout 4.

I have settled my cognitive dissonance about how to build my character through compromise.  The point of contention was simple:
Should I prioritize taking perks that make playing my character more fun?Should I instead prioritize perks that make my character more capable of overcoming the challenges in the game? This could not be resolved conclusively on one side or another; ideally a character needs to be both fun AND capable of overcoming the challenges in the game.

So I did both.  Every time I gained an odd-numbered level, I chose a fun investment for my perk point.  The even-numbered level perk point were spent towards better overcoming the challenges in the game.  Although this bad for my efficiency in achieving either aims, it has nevertheless proven highly satisfactory for resolving what was essentially a psychological ha…

Catch 111

Looks like I will be well and properly stuck in Fallout 4 for awhile.  Because, as far as really good single player virtual worlds go, it's clearly among the best...
...just as soon as I decide which character I am going to stick with.  After all, this is what I mentioned in the last entry: I believe that if only I can find a great character build I can bring some fun back into Fallout 4's combat system.

Having spent about a week on this, I now believe that it is impossible to have a character that can get all the perks I wanted by level 20.  My assessment of what each attribute unlocks came to the following conclusions about what I wanted:
Strength - The basic point investment of this factors into melee damage and carrying capacity.
Minimum investment: 3.  The "Armorer" (3) crafting perk allows you to glue pockets to the inside of your armor, boosting your carrying capacity.  Aside from that, having armor modded as far as possible is the quickest path to overall power…