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Gear, Junk, And Garbage

Another week gone, full time job inclusive, and that means barely a dent in my Fallout 4 DLC-complete survival mode replay.  Fallout 4 is a big, big game, and all this survival mode death retread does not make it go any faster.

My character is now level 28, and I have settled my decision on which of the major firearm perks to specialize in first.
  • My character is leaning hard on the Luck attribute since I thought the perks there were the most fun.
  • High luck means a greater reliance on critical hits to succeed in combat.
  • Critical hits recharge from each time you hit in V.A.T.S. mode.  
  • Pistols have the most efficient use of action points to generate the most hits in V.A.T.S mode.
So it seems my character's build had already decided that the Gunslinger Perk is what I should take.  This perk has an added benefit that it can boost range, something no other weapon perk does, which also addresses one of the biggest problems with dedicating a character to pistols.

Another form of Fallout 4 progress, perhaps bigger than my character's, has to do with my continuing to unlock and improve my settlements.
  • I have added GreyGarden and the Taffington Boathouse to the outer range of my settlements, and this extends the "safe" range to operate in Survival Mode to about 33% of the upper left of the entire Commonwealth map.  
  • I have earned level 2 of the Cap Collector perk and level 2 Local Leader perk, and this allows me to get the "Emporium" level trading stations that are the best player-built stores in the game.
  • I just unlocked enough Gun Nut perk ranks to install rocket turrets at my settlements.  My settlers no longer need concern themselves about safety.
Furthering my settlements' agenda, my next big step is to drag all the scrap out of the city blocks south of the Corvega factory.

In that endeavor, I have lost as much progress stumbling over mines as I have bugs locking up the game.  It was quite a frustrating three hours spent clearing the Cambridge Polymer Labs, twice, only to have the game lock up both times when I fought some bloatflies on the way back to GreyGarden.  Survival mode makes no exit saves when the game crashes.

Aside from that, hauling scrap just got a lot easier thanks in part to having outfitted Codsworth with storage-boosted Sentry Bot legs, an unexpected benefit of the Automatron DLC.  Good thing I didn't bother investing in the Strong Back perk, as it turns out you hardly need it when you have a robot capable of carrying 450 lbs of junk even in Survival Mode.

I spent most of Friday taking a vacation from Fallout 4 and instead playing the newly-released Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor.  The less said about that game the better... not because it is a bad game so much as it is a surreal experience best played completely unprepared.
My first playthrough did not go well.  I got to the final, toughest leg of the first (only?) major quest and it did not work due to a bug.  A patch was released which might have fixed it, but it broke several things with my save game, including all progress made on that quest.

So I think the best thing to do is restart playing the game entirely.  It should be easier now that I know a spaceport janitor's routine.  I heard that the city was procedural generated in some distant past developer log, in which case I wonder if I will end up with a different spaceport layout?  If so, that would make a replay that much more interesting.


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