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Layover In Tamriel

532 hours.  That is how much time Steam recorded I had played the original Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim, and in all that time I never finished the main quest line!  Much of that time was spent rerolling my characters, as I bored with one build and moved on to the next.  Alduin, that pesky world-ending dragon, lives!

Back in 2013, I started what I hoped would be my last character with the intent to kick Skyrim's ass and put Alduin down for good.  It started out strong enough, with a great many barbs at Bethesda's expense at how the Radiant AI was repeatedly crapping itself for our amusement.

I ended up sidetracked, because that's what Skyrim does best.  I decided my quest log was too long and decided to complete a few to par it down to a more manageable size.  I finished the Dragonborn expansion, made it about half way through the Dawnguard expansion, and perhaps a quarter of the way through the original quest I had set about to finish in the first place!

Finally, I was distrac…

Bouts Of One-More-Turnitus

Despite suffering some vestiges of last week's cold, I managed to drag myself into work every day.  However, having met that obligation is poor balm for the ailment of a life's cause going unfulfilled.

Sunday was spent in review of old blog entries here, oddly enough.  Do I just like to hear myself talk?  Nah, I was wondering at why my hits seemed to have gone up sharply...
...and it is still quite the mystery.  Google Stats seems to have no idea what is generating these hits.  If I had to guess, maybe this latest cyber-attack generated some page impressions.  Regardless, this lead to me investigating why my most popular blog entries have consistently generated as much traffic as they had, crawler or not.

Oddly enough, it seems my entries about anime or featuring anime characters seem to perform the best.  Perhaps I missed my calling as an anime reviewer, perhaps anime is just more popular than PC gaming, or most likely it was because risque topics attracted horny Googlers.  

Blame It On The Cold

What the Hell happened to the last week?  Well, I got a potent but garden-variety head cold and went to work three out of five days anyway, blowing through more than my share of the supply of disposable snotrags, as nature intended.  A lot of this week was spent in bed, mostly recuperating, partly watching the usual YouTube gaming-related channels on a tablet.

Somehow, I managed to get some work done in Unity, performing some very basic coding required to see if I can create a system that loads and unloads chunks of an infinitely extensible map in a manner similar to Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead or (for that matter) Minecraft.   Turns out I can, and it's not even particularly hard.

As usual, the real problem is deciding what the game is that I think I want to make.  Without direction, my idle hands went for the usual forms of procrastination, and the nephew stayed home this weekend so I was completely at my own mercy.
I mostly played Rimworld this week, where three settlements met t…

For No Man, Certainly Not This One

A real middling week, I accomplished little, but it was better than accomplishing nothing.

Sunday and Monday evening, I was mostly settling into my newly-installed Samsung EVO 850.  Currently, I find myself nonplussed: was going from "regular speed and unreliable-but-RAID-secured" to just "remarkably fast and reliable" worth $300?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  It just works, and works well.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were for Rimworld.  It is a massive time sink, but undoubtedly a great game.  The worst I could say of it is that it perhaps borrows overmuch from Dwarf Fortress, as much of what it does is something I think I could find simulated to greater detail and more epic scope in the original.  But what features Rimworld does uniquely are all excellent additions.

Part of Wednesday and much of Thursday evening was spent dabbling with Unity, experimenting with getting it to run C# scripts with multithreading.  The conclusion of my experiments were that I was wasting m…

Haste Makes Waste

This week was a wash.  Not a play of Fallout 4 to be had.  I think writing the last entry convinced me it wasn't really what I wished it was. Instead, I took an extra day off blew it all playing Rimworld.   I set the difficulty rather low and ended up with five colonists, two of which who refused to do manual labor, and another two who were slowed by missing limbs replaced by low-grade cybernetic prosthesis.  Suffice to say, work on the colony was not being done at a satisfactory pace.
It's just as well I wasted a sick day, as my actual weekend was hijacked.  The majority of one day was spent entertaining the nephew.  The other day was spent backing up everything so I could go fully SSD on my desktop storage at last with a Samsung EVO 850.  Between that and the usual errands, the gaps that remained translated to zero gaming time over the weekend proper (other than what the nephew wanted to play, which was pretty much the same thing as last month).  
I did get to hang out on t…