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Bouts Of One-More-Turnitus

Despite suffering some vestiges of last week's cold, I managed to drag myself into work every day.  However, having met that obligation is poor balm for the ailment of a life's cause going unfulfilled.

Sunday was spent in review of old blog entries here, oddly enough.  Do I just like to hear myself talk?  Nah, I was wondering at why my hits seemed to have gone up sharply...
This might be a bug, as the other stats have no reflection of this spike.
...and it is still quite the mystery.  Google Stats seems to have no idea what is generating these hits.  If I had to guess, maybe this latest cyber-attack generated some page impressions.  Regardless, this lead to me investigating why my most popular blog entries have consistently generated as much traffic as they had, crawler or not.

Oddly enough, it seems my entries about anime or featuring anime characters seem to perform the best.  Perhaps I missed my calling as an anime reviewer, perhaps anime is just more popular than PC gaming, or most likely it was because risque topics attracted horny Googlers.  

However, just as often I seem to be attracting PC gaming related hits, which is good because that is my primary focus.  Historically popular posts include my Space Engineers versus Empyrion post and this post about the best Minecraft mod that never quite got finished. 

Monday, during the day job I had come up with a good interface for my game to use.  I was going to be a bit more verbose than the average roguelike, to the point where fully half the screen would more resemble Zork.  So when I got home I laid out the basic design using Unity's IMGUI function set.   

Then I took a Factorio break and was hooked for the rest of the evening.
All four kinds of research potions are now on my Factorio research sushi bar.
On Tuesday, after work, I watched a new Halloween AVGN, and hit the sack early.  I was up too late the night before, and the consequence was that I felt too tired to be productive.  So, I wondered, what would happen to my evenings if I went to bed even earlier the day before?

On Wednesday's evening, I mostly undid what I did on Monday and remade it in Unity's UI system, because the IMGUI function set is too inefficient to be used as much as I needed to.  

The presidential debate actually rattled my nerves quite a bit this day, so I did not get as much work done as I wanted.  I ended up commenting on the relevant reddit threads, and that consumed the rest of the evening.  

At the time, I thought my experiment in sleeping earlier for more energy after work did not pan out - I was as aimless as ever!  However, considering this was the last good bit of work I did this week, perhaps I was mistaken.

Thursdays are my late day as well as my last day of the work week.  The nephew was waiting for me when I got home, an unannounced sleepover to hang out with his favorite uncle.  I had ambitious plans that would require every minute of my weekend... but, in the end, my plans are not worth being cruel to a child.  So we played a little bit of the usual games before he went to bed.

Distraught at my lost time, and having decided to buy this newly-released game anyway, I stayed up until 4am playing Civilization VI.  It's a great game, contender for best of the series.  However, it did me absolutely no good to desperately try to claim my free time by staying up so late, as it just ruined my sleeping schedule for the rest of the weekend, undoing any such progress I made during the week.

Friday was almost utterly consumed by the nephew.  Once again, nothing particularly new was played, although I got a chance to get some more Civilization VI in.  I also showed him Binding Of Isaac, since he was curious about that character after seeing him in a Minecraft mod.  Admittedly, he was not the only one having fun... but this interruption took my mounting efforts to build inertia towards a regular game development habit and smothered them in the crib.
They say all roads lead to Rome.  Thanks to the less-than-aggressive Civilization VI AI, a LOT of roads lead there in my current game.
Saturday (today) I had the morning and afternoon to myself, but I was listless and unfocused, bothered by how one of my weekdays was utterly taken from me, and feeling more than a little weird from the jetlag I created by staying up until the wee hours of Friday morning.  So I ended up browsing reddit and completing some basic chores until 1pm.

At that point, feeling for the first time I might have some time that is my own, my weekend mentally began.  Pity I had lost the last 40 hours to feeling otherwise.

I wanted to get to work on Unity, but I could not quite bring myself to it.  A familiar, irrational sense of entrapment.  It was probably the inner ape, afraid of change, the very reason why I was trying to do a little bit of Unity every single day until that randy simian would understand this change to my schedule would not threaten its banana supply.  Maybe if I played something, it would assure the subconscious I was doing this by choice?

So I set a timer to an hour and played some Civilization VI.  One hour became two  and two became three.  However, as long as the timer was running, it was a good system because I would have to consciously choose to throw another hour to One-More-Turnitus every time that timer went off.  Soon, I felt, I would feel satisfied enough to begin work in Unity...

...but the young nephew returned before I got that chance, once again without warning, at about 4:15pm, along with apologies from the responsible parties that, "They extended the shopping trip as long as possible."  Great.  Not counting the time I stayed up too late, my mental weekend time for two entire days was about 3 hours.

This is ridiculous.  I'm a bachelor.  I work full time.  Have my life choices not earned at least a whole day off to myself?  One day, no work, no babysitting, every week?  My family has not even deigned to ask if they can disrupt my time like this.  Probably because they knew the answer.  I am a dirt free baby sitting service to them, maybe costing them an apologetic fast food meal.  Considering my introverted nature, even two days off a week is not really enough to satisfy, and now I had none. 

And yet...!  And yet, despite this line of thought and being, there is no excuse to show cruelty to children.  None.  The young nephew was surely an innocent in all this.
The inner caveman just wants to be left alone so I can reinvent some wheels.
So we played games.  The great pains that went into stoking my creator's fire were all for naught, the sparks dying in the hearth of the soul.  The inner caveman, savage little ape that he was, was outraged over being disrespected by the useless squaws who irresponsibly interrupted his all-important man time with their unfettered whelps.  But me and the young nephew played computer games, and I am glad he seemed to enjoy himself.

When he left later that evening, there was no way to pick up the pieces of my shattered weekend.  It was simply too late to get anything done, and my mind was too frazzled to focus on much, so I kept playing the last game he requested, Factorio.  As far as being in a borderline state of psychotic despair goes, that is a pleasant enough way to spend it.

If the nephew is here next Thursday evening, I might have to find a way to be elsewhere for the weekend.  Let his grandma and mom explain to him why the uncle isn't around when he drops by without asking permission.

Overall, this week saw me attempt to adjust my sleeping schedule, going to bed a bit earlier so the work week went smoother and (theoretically) I would have more energy for my Unity indie game development endeavors when I got home again.  Then the weekend came, I was invaded once again, and foolishly let my schedule go again.

Considering I built something at all in Unity, I can feel I made some progress earlier in the week, and that's better than nothing.  However, the total amount of time spent tinkering with my creation (without factoring time spent pondering concepts) probably came to only about an hour throughout the entire week.   This simply will not do.
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